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How to take care of your Ford Festiva and make it run 500,000 miles.


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A nightmare in a Ford Festiva

So you have read that Ford's Festiva model is one of the deadliest vehicles out there, next to the Mustang? Certainly for different reasons than the Mustang.

Here is my personal nightmare in my Ford Festiva:

I was driving in Festiva on a highway back home, after skiing. I'm doing about 45 mph because there is quite some snow on the highway. Suddenly my Festiva sinks about 30 feet deep into the ground. Turns out I was driving on a lot of snow but the Festiva's low weight had made me stay on top of it.
I'm sinking into the snow about 30 feet by my estimate, hard to say, my Festiva doesn't haven an altitude meter and I had left the GPS at home. So I am surrounded by snow. Yes, the snow closes over me as water would
and approximately 30 feet of snow press on my Festiva's roof - it is completely dark in the car, as there is snow everywhere.
So I call 911 and they said they were going to look for me. After a while I hear a noise and I wondered
if that was another car landing "on top" of me
or if it was a big power tool digging for me.

Then I hear a cracking noise. Seems like the roof is giving in? I see no damage from the inside (and cannot get outside :-)

30 feet of snow is a lot of pressure on a Festiva's thin roof.

Note: The Ford Festiva is designed by Mazda and manufactured by Kia. It sold internationally as Mazda 121 or Kia Pride.

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