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Help with InterBase, Borland's open source database.


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InterBase, Exceptions and large databases


An application that works against InterBase may work fine until the
database grows beyond a certain limit. Then the server fails with
an exception in "ibserver.exe".


Consider this first:

  • check the db for validity (admin tool)
  • do a reindex. The problem may go away

    It could also be that your DB is simply too big. InterBase databases
    are limited to 4GB. To determine YOUR limit, multiply the number of
    database pages with the page size. You may have to set the page size
    to the possible max value of 8KB (during db creation).

    If your database gets bigger than the 4Gigs, then you have to use
    multiple files - InterBase allows huge databases by spanning multiple
    files and even multiple filesystems.

    For your existing DB, the statement "ALTER DATABASE" does the trick.

    Read file IB6.doc where it explains all about this.

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