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About the Delphi VCL (Visual Component Library)


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Best components for handling ZIP files

The adhoc solution would be to use an external program e.g. pkzip.exe and call it with tricky code involving WinExec() or ShellExecute(), combined with signal handler to wait for the termination of the pkzip execution.

The preferred way is to use a native ZIP component to have full control over the zipping process.
Here is a list of components that I have made experience with:

- TZipMaster freeware VCL by Eric W. Engler (
This is a Pascal component that interfaces to a DLL (written in C, I believe). The source code for the component comes with it, not the code for the DLL.
Supports sfx (self-extracting archives)
For Delphi 2-5 and C++Builder.

- Delphi Zip, public domain and contains full sourcecode. Requires a DLL to be distributed.
Can create self-extractors (executable Zip files), which you can freely distribute.
Check it out at:

- VCLZip, native shareware component no DLLs involved. This is probably the best choice if you're willing to pay a modest registration fee.

- Abbrevia tool from TurboPower, expensive..

- XCeed, for Delphi 2-5. expensive

- ZipTV at
They support a lot more compression formats and are said to work very well.

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