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Dating scammer Josh Kelly


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Name: Josh Kelly


only the phone


Other Comments:
This man telling about himself that he is buying antiques in Nigeria. Is a big scammer. getting often sick and getting different exidents and always need money, a woman to help him.

He cheated on me and unfortunately I spent a lot of money by sending them through the Western Union. Very unfortunately, cause still have economical problems because of him. By that time I knew nothing about the Nigeria scammers.

The man is saying that he lives in Miami but originally is from Manchester. He is divorced. He says that he is rich but need money JUST NOW because of the problems he is getting through.

Attention! He can send a false check in order to cash money. I know him from the Cupidbay. He is not an owner of a house in Miami, just telling lies, gives wrong adresses, speaking about partners, lawyers, all false.

The phone above is his phone nr in Nigeria. That is all I have. There is no need to say how depressed and stupid I feel. Just want to warn other people. He has an ID on yahoo joshkelly1960, see also the e mail.

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2009-10-04, 01:27:41
ABBA from Sweden  
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ALSO lol

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See , the man is 'international' and even joining the military service , the location of the last one I am a bit unsure about lol
2009-10-04, 01:29:14   (updated: 2009-10-04, 01:30:30)
wanwan from Japan  
By the way

@2009-10-03, 16:29:47


For a few days ago
I saw a terrible country hick like you on ''Dating scammer Andre Gareth'' thread.
That beefhead said '' English is international and you must speak English on Delphi.
Because Delphi is on US website.'' LOL !

Then I have found another country hick on this thread,it is you !
I suspect you !
You have the same logic & dogma .
And you also are special country hick on Delphi.

Get smart !

I give you my '' friendly '' advice.
Go to supermarket and must buy a''terrestrial globe''.
You can see many countries on the earth.
By the way did you go to school ?
Did you learn ''geography'' or slept at that time?

Never force others to speak English !

Be international !

I give you an '' appropriate alias '',

You are a SPAMMER

2009-10-04, 07:02:27
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
TO anonymous

I must give you an answer on this,
It is not correct that if you speak an foreign languge that
you are an scammer....

We need moore languages to be international,like the scammers truly are,
they are like chamelonts changing shapes after their environment.

It is important to see the scammlish behaviours that scammers has...

So for you , you dont have to be worried at all here at 'Josh Kelly ' thread..
ABBA is an excellent contributor here and you can ask for ABBA for help if you need...

So dont make youreself to be an fool, to say such things,we are not idiots eventhough we speak an foreign language...

Be like ' la Papa'(The Pope) he speaks 9 languages fluend,think about that...

// Miss Marple///

2009-10-04, 12:02:43
ABBA from Sweden  
From Sweden, in charge lol Scandinavian regards to my friends .Tack Miss Marple :-)

What do you think Agent? I am still learning hmmmmmmm.

2009-10-04, 15:42:36
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Good choice in a Dress here's a Date for, Your Kitty.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-10-04, 23:53:38
ABBA from Sweden  
Appreciate lol
2009-10-05, 09:21:38
Well I guess I really hit a nerve and I am so hurt to think all I ask to speak english. I can't beleive that you think I am a country hick of which I am not. All I ever did was come here for help and then I get slammed with this crap. You all need to look at how you have treated me and all I wanted was help
2009-10-05, 10:35:41
ABBA from Sweden  
Obviously is that the way you asked for help was very unpleasant, cause the victims here have the same feelings after being scammed whether they speak english or not.

I , personaly know nobody here who will not give an advice when one realy need. You ve been adviced to go to Google as well for translating if what was said makes you unshure. But I want to tell you that nobody is HIDING information about the 'Josh Kelly'.

It takes time to learn things as well. A frustrated victim, picks up everything useful for him or her. We are not representating police men here, we are victims. And as time goes by we learn what to do.

A FRUSTRATED SCAMMER is picking up information here as well, cause many of them are reading this site. They are and will always be controll freaks. Many of them are in fact anonymous. Or putting some country flag here that means NOTHING.

For myself and only for myself I am happy when I can make them confused, happy when administrators are deleating them from web sites, so the scammers are 'disturbed' in their dirty job. And finely; I am happy to live a life and to help other people in the way I can.

But one need to put some work. We still dont have the final answer. There are no patents and tasks without solution, you know. And a lot of people knows now about the scammers and for those who doesnt know, we INFORM in every possible way.
2009-10-05, 11:52:01
from Sweden  
To Anonymous..

Hit a nerve???? what exactly are you meaning about that??

So where is youre question anyway..i scroll back here and cant see any question of yours in the latest month what i can see in this

Obviously you cant understand ENGLISH ...ore any information in english either..??


i quote:

'who ever you are you should speak in english or you must be a scammer acting like a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was asking for some help concerning Josh Kelly as it is important ...'

isnt these youre words??? is this the kind of way you are asking for help and talking to people????

We are no psyciatrists ore doctors and not god himself...just victims...and if you have other problems that we cant assist you with..i suggest you can get help from the nearest ore youre local health-care ...


2009-10-05, 12:52:34
wanwan from Japan  
@A terrible country hick 2009-10-05, 09:21:38

Boring !

Go away !


Go to supermarket and must buy a''terrestrial globe'' ?????

Be international !

Can you read this poster in English ?
See below,SPAMMER !
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Andre Gareth
Dating scammer Daniela Munteanu
Dating scammer Vincent Johnson
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2009-10-05, 14:55:53
wanwan from Japan  
@ A country hick & a SPAMMER 2009-10-05, 09:21:38


Well I guess my words '' A country hick '' hit a nerve with you ,LOL !!

We don't need you,go go gone !
Good bye forever !

2009-10-05, 15:41:06   (updated: 2009-10-05, 15:46:32)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Please, My Friend stop attacking the Anonymous person.
She is a victims who has not been helped and was sidetracked
asking for English only here.
I believe She needs to be given a chance to ask for help and receive that help.
This is a very hard thing for a woman to deal with.
This site can be a cold confusing place to new people here.
All, I am asking is that all the misunderstandings being set aside.
Allow Her to ask about Josh Kelly and get help.
I see no malice or any other indication She was any more than a
confused person who did not understand this site.
To ABBA Thank You for clarifying the language issue.
I also know that the person has not asked once for help.
Let Us all take a step back and allow Her the ability to get help.
Thank You everyone for, Your listening to what, I am saying.
There was a similar event on this site where another person
did not understand what was going on and was labeled as a scammer.
That Person now is a contributor to this site.
so please reserve judgment on this until we all can see what help is
asked for.

Thank You all for, Your patients.
Anonymous take advantage of this opportunity to ask Your Questions.
Please set aside any offense You may feel now because of the attacks
on, You.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

We are all victims here and, I am sorry for any more pain, You may received
over misunderstandings here.

2009-10-05, 23:28:32
ABBA from Sweden  
You have a point, Agent. I remember how it was in the beginning. Lets see.
2009-10-06, 02:17:19
wanwan from Japan  
2009-10-06, 02:47:15
ABBA from Sweden  
Wan wan, my friend, I just did.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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