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Dating scammer Josh Kelly


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Name: Josh Kelly


only the phone


Other Comments:
This man telling about himself that he is buying antiques in Nigeria. Is a big scammer. getting often sick and getting different exidents and always need money, a woman to help him.

He cheated on me and unfortunately I spent a lot of money by sending them through the Western Union. Very unfortunately, cause still have economical problems because of him. By that time I knew nothing about the Nigeria scammers.

The man is saying that he lives in Miami but originally is from Manchester. He is divorced. He says that he is rich but need money JUST NOW because of the problems he is getting through.

Attention! He can send a false check in order to cash money. I know him from the Cupidbay. He is not an owner of a house in Miami, just telling lies, gives wrong adresses, speaking about partners, lawyers, all false.

The phone above is his phone nr in Nigeria. That is all I have. There is no need to say how depressed and stupid I feel. Just want to warn other people. He has an ID on yahoo joshkelly1960, see also the e mail.

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2009-10-06, 07:02:31
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
@All Delphians

I havent been so long here at this site,and trying my best to do things in my way I can,
I know this is not my thread,but i have felt so hurt and offended by people,when they say in a bad way to SPEAK ENGLISH!!when im only trying to help victims in the language i have been raised into,i can read and write english(not perfect) but i least try...and there is many things to learn about scammers and their actions...and how things work out here...

I know i have might said something no good words from my mouth,and i cant deny that is an reaction because i am victim in the end anyway...

Maybe is may way to shout out my loss i feel so badly every day,every hour,every minute and every second,and even in my dreams...

I know i havent lost money,that many others have ..and i am so sorry for them,because the damage is probably bigger for them to handle...

And to trust people here is hard,as well people do not maybe trust is an hard balance to deal with...

maybe this anonymous is wanting help ore not..
and it is not my purpose to offend and hurt people here...

Thank you ,that you took youre time to read regards Miss Marple

2009-10-06, 08:40:34
OJAS from United States  
In a public forum like this, a thread is started by an author, with an IMPLIED invitation for other contributors, regardless of their language strength.

Some non-English threads have been started for those extremely uncomfortable with English. They can have much better discussions in those threads. Another reason they use those threads, is to make scammers' lives difficult.

Everyone except scammers are welcome in any thread, newbies from anywhere, should feel free to join any thread, anytime!
2009-10-06, 09:06:28
ABBA from Sweden  
Good points here as well, Ojas.

To miss marple now.....yes it is unpleasant to suspect innocent people . As you shure know thats the back side of being scammed. And as we all know there are a lot of scammers here as well who are reading what we write here.

My experience showing me is that I recognize scammers much better now, which I believe are a majority when a strange message appears. This is my strictly opinion. BUT for those who are innocent I learned from somebody here to be careful in whats in my head unleast I dont have something to go after that approves that the person is innocent.

Its not always easy, I agree. And sometimes it is also fun to adress some well choosen words to a scammer, yeahhhhhhhhhh. Contributers are people and we are learning it all. For those who are innocent is always good to keep in mind that we are VICTIMS and as victims we feel compassion, for those who are scammers I say, GO WITH THE WIND!! Concidering the scammer doesnt know swedish, I ve been very polite lol
2009-10-06, 10:02:32
anonymous from United States  
Thank you agent 86 for the understanding comments and to the people who at least didn't call me a hick. My question was has anybody been talking to Josh Kelly lately as he told my friend that he needs money for a computer. I am very worried about my friend as I know she has been giving him a lot of money and I just don't know how to help her. I sure hope I have cleared up all the mess I guess I started I just don't know which way to turn
2009-10-06, 10:17:09
ABBA from Sweden  
Unfortunately, its going to be very difficult to persuate your friend that Josh Kelly is a scammer. because he knows how to talk. The best thing for your friend is to read what people are writing here about him unleast she doesnt want to keep a false dream alife.

tell her that people have lost money, houses, health and if she has children they will certainly suffer of this story as well. It can cost a life as well....

print out the things if she doesnt want to go here and read and just insist to show here. But that is also about all you can do. because people also need to accept help.

He probably has a better computer then your friend has by herself.
2009-10-06, 13:07:20
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
I did my research and read everything here. This confirmed to me that a scammer had got to me. Is there another way to find out who these scammer are? I was sent music, maybe this could link some of them together, my scammer seesmed to like Soul, R&B and Country (A bit of a mix) but it could link some of these scammers together. He (Johnson_Dam) kept sending me 'Keisha Cole', if that gives anyone an idea of the type of things they send in mp3 format. It might be worth asking if he's sent music? The story that's been spun is very similar to what the scammer told me. He also told me that his laptop cost him $2500! So, I think this is the type of thing they are buying with the money apart from other things no doubt. Obviously by telling me this alone, the scammer is being funded to keep up what they are doing by the money that is being sent and clearly is not just doing this to one person, but many at the same time.

I hope this might help to pin this one down a bit more.

2009-10-06, 13:39:17
OJAS from United States  
2009-10-07, 00:10:14
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-10-06, 10:02:32
anonymous from United States

Thanks for, Your posting.
I am very sorry about, Your friend.
That is by far the most difficult thing to do concerning scams.
Many people have asked for help for their friends.
Sadly in nearly every case the friend does not listen.
A Womans friend that was mentally impaired was faced with helping,
Her friend.
In that case it all worked out OK only because they intervened directly.
They literally took the womans ability away to send money.
Then made, Her sit down and learn the truth.
Unfortunately with regular people that kind of intervention is not possible.
I, Myself ended up Homeless because, I did not listen when friends
tried to Warn, Me.
Your friend has fallen for the smooth talking lies.
The link that OJAS provided is very good and if, You could get,
Your friend to look at it who knows it might help.
I know this is frustrating and that is one of the things the scammers count on.
They know by changing their information a little each time.
It becomes harder to find a 100% match in information.
Please keep trying with, Your friend to get, Her to listen.
Your friend as it stands now is going to be Hurt very deeply at a minimum.
The scammer will not stop not even if, Your friend loses everything.
The scammer will still ask for more.
I can only wish, You the best and hope, You can reach, Her somehow.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-10-11, 05:32:39
anonymous from Canada  
hello, This lady is interesting she send a letter and, I don't know if she is foe real?
this is the letter she send me?
I open my e-mail and get your letter. I'm happy. For I was a
new feeling. I never thought that I would communicate with someone on
the Internet. I came right after work, and I was hoping that you are
me write.
I would like to tell more about themselves. I am from a village
Ivanovka. It a small village in the Kirov region. I finished school,
then Medical College and now I nurse in my village. In our little
village men and I did not find that with whoever wanted to be. sonic,
But recently we have Internet cafes have opened, and I learned that
the way to get acquainted. I decided to try.
sonic, I ask you, what would you correct me if I say that wrong.
Because I studied English in school and in college. But say that I am
bad with spelling. But I speak better. I will tell more about
themselves. I am 28 years old and I live with my mother. Father now
live in another city with another woman, and I never saw. Only in the
old photos. Perhaps you wonder why I decided communicate with you? You
like me, I do not even know how to accurately say. I saw you, and I
decided to learn more about you. sonic, As you me that it attracts.
Tell me what you look for in women? How it should look like? What
be able to do? How do you represent your lives together? I will wait
your sincere reply tomorrow.
I send you photos, which I have at my place. Already miss, and I hope
you answer me as soon as received a letter.

2009-10-11, 08:11:41
OJAS from United States  
Canada, Keep an open mind and a closed wallet.
For a start On the top banner of this page, enter the search words Kirov nurse.
2009-10-11, 22:25:56
ABBA from Sweden  
Closed wallet and not so opened mind. Sorry.
2009-10-18, 10:43:06
well I was just wondering if anyone has been chating with Josh Kelly lately? he called me using someone else number and I feel very sorry for that person. You know it's one ting to steal money but when you use there number that has gone really a whole other way.
2009-10-18, 10:43:07
well I was just wondering if anyone has been chating with Josh Kelly lately? he called me using someone else number and I feel very sorry for that person. You know it's one ting to steal money but when you use there number that has gone really a whole other way.
2009-10-19, 03:43:20
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-10-18, 10:43:07

You guessed pretty close to how Josh Kelly contacted, You.
Problem is, He did not have to steal anyone else's number to
call, You, He just used another one of many numbers, He already had.
Please listen to, Me scammers have many e mail addresses also.
It is nearly impossible to block them.
As long as, He has, Your information, He will never stop contacting, You.
My scammer waited 8 month's before contacting, Me again and just acted
like no time had passed and asked why, I was upset. LOL
Of course, I never responded in any way at all.
If, You make the mistake of talking to them or answering a e mail.
That is the worst thing, You could do.
They immediately think, They have a chance of scamming, You again.
The only way to permanently stop any contact is to change all, Your information.

I hope, You stay safe and please never respond to any scammer.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-10-19, 08:49:12
OJAS from United States  
ABBA 2009-10-11, 22:25:56

I meant to say, give benefit of doubt that the other person could be real with genuine interest, and available. I am a strong advocate of homework, ... (much harder than a visit to Western Union)! If you let your heart over-rule your mind, a painful lesson may lie ahead.

My journey in scam space has taught me a few lessons.

When a model wanted visa money, it was easy for me. I was broke, in debt, I simply said I would start saving money for visa (+ plane fare ''she'' didn't even ask! lol!)

But another one wanted 800 euro, for an emergency surgery to her mom. I then rushed to my friends asking for loans to save the life of my ''future mother-in-law''

I simply was thinking with my heart.

With a few friends around me in his house, one of them signed a blank-check, for me to fill any amount, gave it to me, but under one cone condition ...

So he sat me at his computer, I had to learn 2 verbs, google, scam

When I searched ''her'' ... there she was on my friend's computer.
... So was my another ''girlfriend'', then yet another ...

How did all my ''girlfriends'' get on to my friend's computer?

You could imagine how I must have felt ...

... I was extremely lucky to be poor ... Poverty rather than wisdom saved me ...
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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