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Dating scammer Gen. John Miller


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Name: Gen. John Miller


Accra, Ghana

Other Comments:
He chatted me and courted me then he asked for money for the 'school fee and lesson fee and laptop of his son'. he said that i can send money through this account: alfred okpoko, country: accra ghana through western union.

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2019-02-10, 09:46:57
anonymous from United States  
Hello, I would rather not say my name. He been also been getting money out of me. First I thought I could trust him. He also has ask me to send 600.00 as I did like a dam fool. He said he was going to open me a bank account with his bank. He was supposed to send me a debit card, but I never got it. He left me broke for a month. Left me in a bind. I had some bad panic attack and seizure. Because I got into this relationship with him. My family has kick me out of the house. Of course I can not go back, so now I am staying with some friends until I get a place of my own. He has been very mean to me. He has been begging me to get him iTunes cards for him. Now he wants me to send money for him to get back home. I have been trying to break off the relationship with him. He so demanding that I don’t. So I have been doing some investigation on him. He doesn’t like me to investigate him. I would like to report him and find away to get my money back from him.

2019-02-24, 00:06:34   (updated: 2019-02-24, 00:16:33)
This clown tried it with me. He said his name is mark miller and he’s in the US army and currently stationed in Afghanistan and he could be going home soon on. He said his wife died during childbirth and left him to cater for the baby alone. At first being a human I thought that he was an admirable human being for his sacrifice to serve his country while leaving his only child. I even thanked him for his service SMH.
Am glad my antanae went up when he mentioned that his son goes to school in Africa because the mother was apparently from Ghana. His son’s pic on his instagram was a pure white boy not mixed as it would be the case if the wife was from Africa= mixed baby.
I just saw he has only 10 followers and all of them are asians. Nothing wrong with that. Just doesn’t add up how he wouldn’t have any American friends or at some military friends following him on instagram. I laughed so hard when I see these photos here. They are the same one he had on his page.

Hope some how his ass gets caught.
2019-08-04, 03:57:26
anonymous from Tauranga, New Zealand  
Alexander Rapheal Miller than person is a scammer he is saying that he is from the military and saying he is a cornel is 49 years old. Working in Syria and is not able to contact due to security threats on the mission please be aware.
His English literature is not brilliant. Please be aware

2019-08-04, 04:00:37
anonymous from Tauranga, New Zealand  
This person that was said to be in Tauranga that is the person that has been scammed
2019-08-22, 11:23:03
anonymous from Colombia  
Hi. Someone is using the same picture saying he is a soldier serving the US in Kabul. He identified himself as Alexander Daniels and tries to chat with me in spanish while clearly is using a translation service. SCAMMER ALERT!

2019-09-23, 05:59:58
anonymous from Venezuela  
Hola Soy Venezolana y a mi como muchas de ustedes también me escribió, por Pinterest aun no me ha pedido dinero , pero me manda fotos de el supuestamente y me dice que el es un medico anestesiologo y trabaja hace 10 años con la Cruz Roja Americana , en Kabul , Pakistan , que es viudo hace 5 años y que sus padres también fallecieron y necesita una mujer que quiera junta a el construir un hogar y darle amor de madre a su hijo John , que aun no me ha dicho en que ciudad esta , pero esta en una escuela militar, me dijo que tomara un avión y fuera a su casa en Texas, pero le dije que no podia hacer eso que si quería conocerme tendría que venir a Venezuela y dijo okey, pronto voy por ti, estamos platicando hace un mes. su nombre es BLUNT SMITH aqui les dejo sus fotos y la de su supuesto hijo, todo es una gran mentira. aparece en muchas redes sociales con esas fotos y con diferentes nombreS.
2019-10-23, 00:37:09
anonymous from United States  
He got me to
2019-10-23, 00:41:02
anonymous from United States  
2020-06-10, 10:15:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
A girlfriend has come clean after months of communicating with a dirty African scammer posing as a US soldier based in Syria, pretending to be white she was aware of Scammers and Africans, but when he passed on his friends bank details it was clearly a scam but went ahead. £2750 over 4 months. Beware of a Ayale Collins Agoba on the bank details if posing as white
2020-06-24, 17:38:34
Highly energetic blog, I enjoyed that a lot.
Will there be a part 2?
2020-06-27, 16:22:27
anonymous from United States  
John Miller is a scammer of $1.5 million on Caroline she is disabled due to her car accident he’s been asking for money every single month of two $1000 checks and then $900 every month for five years John Miller is considered a very serious criminal he never paid child support on Caroline’s baby her son looks just like him John Miller and their son Renie Miller Ronnie has a birthmark on the right side of his face his eyebrows look just like John Miller and he has not paid child support for 18 years he’s not just getting me pregnant he’s getting other girls pregnant as well there’s a baby in Dubai that’s due in four months and John has been sleeping around with multiple women in Afghanistan And he’s been sleeping around with other women down in Dubai John Miller need to be captured and be put in jail for the money he’s been taken from people and to make a point of it his wife is also involved in the money scamming she needs to be arrested as well I try to communicate with John when he’s at home I have his address where he lives and I have his phone number which is 212-787-4416 His address is in New York and that address is 833 Sanders Avenue Schenectady NY 12302-1133 I’ve been in love with John Miller for many of years since 1984 September 2 he proposed to me in the ring is still on my finger all the sudden he doesn’t communicate with me and I don’t understand why it doesn’t make sense after so many years he’s been talking to me and now he don’t I know he was married I just don’t understand why he has to hide and not tell his wife the truth about all this I really would like to talk to him on the phone he owes me 1.5 Million dollars I don’t want to see him go to jail but somebody has to do something about the scamming that he’s doing to all the other girls and he’s getting other girls pregnant according to what I’ve been hearing from other people on chat I’ve known John Miller for a long time in USA Fort Louis army base just to let you know that John does have serious problems with his family I really would like to talk to him on the phone and not get me in trouble but I think it’s best like my friends tell me to turn him in and get our money back or he can talk to me and find out why he’s not communicating with me after so many months he’s been retired from the army for two years now and he needs to start communicating with me and I’ve been trying to talk to him and all I do is talk to machine and I know he’s by the machine because he’s switching on and off and I can hear over the background he needs to be arrested and charges need to be filed on his wife and him she’s involved in this she needs to be in serious trouble as well
2020-06-27, 16:49:36
anonymous from United States  
I rather not give you my name just to let you know John Miller took $1.5 million demanding to get the money and he will get me the money back to me as soon as he gets out of the army come back to Washington but he did not do that he went straight to New York I know his address it’s 833 Sanders Ave Schenectady NY 12302-1133 and the phone number is 212-787-4416 and the cell phone is 929-382-9992 right Mr. down the second time when are you going to arrest John Miller for scam and all this money he did not just scam me he scammed others as well he has not been arrested yet and I’d like to know why you need to pay the $1.5 million or he needs to be sentenced to jail I will not let him get away with this he needs to be arrested and by the way John Miller‘s wife needs to be arrested as well she is involved
2020-06-27, 16:51:59
anonymous from United States  
2020-06-27, 17:03:45
anonymous from United States  
John.Miller is a scammer His address Is :
833 Sanders Ave.
Schenectady NY
(212) 787-4416
(929) 382-9992
If John Miller communicates with me it would be a lot easier
On him he said he was going to communicate with me when
He gets home and I don’t know what his problem is but I
No he needs to come up with $1.5 million that he owes me
Action needs to be taken as soon as possible !!??
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