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Dating scammer gen carter Ham


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Name: gen carter Ham



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2014-05-09, 13:46:41
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Bax, please forward my message to the gene.
BG General Carter I am convinced that this is a very honest person and would never have thought to ask for money! He's a great person with authority from armyata USA. But I cheated two years of the gene profile. Two years candles for life and health. I fell in love. Adore. Now watch the video and suffering .... I am happy if the gene. contact me. October. Please forward my message / and / writing. Invite.THANK!
2014-05-09, 14:14:08
anonymous from Bulgaria  
BG пропуснах да премахна името си. направете го вие моля..
2014-05-09, 19:25:10
~Bax! from United States  
Скъпи приятели, на мейла, който сте написали не е вярно!
Това е масово изпращане на спам, за да подвежда някой, който ще отговори.
Моля, не комуникира с тези на Гана или Нигерия хора.
Връзките I включени доклади показват последните при същите престъпници.

Dear friend, The email you posted is not true!
It is a spam mass mailing to trick anyone who will answer.
Please do not communicate with those Ghana or Nigeria people.
The links I included show past reports on the same criminals.

Received: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 04:59:18 -0700 (PDT) Classification: Generic


WARNING!!!! Scam Emails are shown as received. Links in email are shown for information only and may lead to fraudulent websites. You are advised not to visit these links

ВНИМАНИЕ!! Scam имейли са показани като получи. Връзки в имейл, са показани само за информация и могат да доведат до измамнически уеб сайтове. Не се препоръчва да посетите тези връзки

Office at: Ban Ki-moon.
Internal audit, monitoring,
Consulting and Investigations Division

Please be careful with the links in the above email - ScamSearch strongly suggests that you do not click on any links in the above message

Моля, бъдете внимателни с линковете в горния имейл - ScamSearch категорично показва, че вие не кликвайте върху връзки в горното съобщение

This image was also posted here:
Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa
Dating scammer Linda Scott from Lagos, Nigeria

2014-05-09, 19:30:16
Bax from United States  
Когато търсите за отговори тук най-добре е, че сте включили цялата информация, включително имена и това, което някога друго, което са получили.
2014-05-09, 20:57:58
? ? ?  
I'm Mr. John Kweku, and this is my Kofi Annan Office in Accra,Ghana. So as you see on the picture below waiting for a call Tel: +233-547556863 inculding mail message. Please write me cannot wait, it is so boring to wait as monkey in me Office. (LOL)

2014-05-10, 02:21:42
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Bach played this profile gene. It facebook me and Google. I am afraid of custom ..... Let me remove my profile facebook and Google. I tried, but it is not.

2014-05-10, 12:39:33
Bax from United States  
2014-05-10, 02:21:42

Ако вече сте кликнали или отвори някоя връзка от тези хора.
Сега трябва да проверите компютъра си за вируси в системата.
Както виждате, те имат много стръв-снимки и ви изпрати грешен един.
Ако те казват, че са Митница ... това е поредната лъжа!

If you have already clicked or opened any link from those people.
You must now check your computer for virus in the system.
As you see, they have many bait-pics and sent you the wrong one.
If they say they are Customs Office... it's another lie!
2014-05-14, 14:11:24
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Bach, another rogue ;

Подател:     MANAGING DIRECTOR <>     добави в адреси
До:     undisclosed-recipients:;    
Относно:     YOUR HELP NEEDED    
Дата:     Понеделник, 2014, Май 12 16:37:03 EEST    

Address: Shop 335 Overport City, 430 Peter
Mokaba Rd, Overport, Kwazulu Natal, 4091,
South Africa City of Durban
Attn: Dear Friend,
My name is Mr. Riaan Stassen.
I am the CEO CAPITEC BANK OF SA LTD Overport Kwazulu Natal Area City of Durban,

I have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit you and I. As MANAGING DIRECTOR/CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CAPITEC BANK, it is my duty to send in financial report to my Head office in the Headquarters at the end of each fiscal year.

In the course of last year 2013 Business Report. I discovered that the branch in which I am the manager made 30.550 Million United State. Dollars ($ 30,550,000.00) which my head office are not aware of and will never be aware of it. I have placed this funds on what we call escrow account with no beneficiary. As an officer of this bank I cannot be directly involved or connected to this money,

So my aim of contacting you is to assist me receive this money in your bank account and get 30% of the total funds as Commission. There are practically no risks involved, the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, it will be a simple bank to bank transfer, and all I need from you is to stand claim as the original depositor of these funds with my branch.

So that my head office can order the immediate transfer to your designated bank account under few working days. If you accept to work with me I will appreciate it very much as you are the first and only person I am contacting for this transaction. I know this might be a bit heavy for you but please trust me.

In the banking circle this happens every time so if we can be of one accord, we should act swiftly on this. Please I would like you to keep this transaction confidential and as a top secret as you may wish to know that I am a bank official. Furthermore furnish me with the following details to my alternative email address: (

You’re Name in Full:
Address in Full:
Age/Marital Status:
Direct Telephone Number for easy communication:

Thanks for your understanding, co-operation and trust I awaits your urgent reply so that we can proceed immediately.


Mr. Riaan Stassen.
For your information. Useful I am or not!? Please delete my name on the front letter. Thank you!
2014-05-16, 02:55:14
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Bach's real? ...

1.Yahoo чат: www.carter
Seattle Washington 98116
f you find you need to remove. October
2014-05-16, 21:00:52
anonymous from United States  
For your information. Useful I am or not!?

Yes! Very much so...

Although I have never had direct financial business in South Africa,
I understand the logistics of and have worked finance and accounting.
I have no doubt! Criminals use this man's identity.

Riaan Stassen
Former Chief Executive Officer of Capitec
Born 12-08-1953 in Calitzdorp South Africa
Riaan Stassen was the Chief Executive Officer for Capitec Bank Holdings Limited. He is also a registered charted Accountant of South Africa.

This man would have been arrested long ago for such actions!
He is not the criminal and has recently retired.

Riaan Stassen/Capitec Bank/Next of Kin Scam.#3453 by ChrisSmith Sun May 25, 2008 5:25 am


2nd of May, 2014 by Admin

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Domain Creation Date 02 Dec 1996
Domain Age 17 years, 135 days
Domain Expiration Date 01 Dec 2017

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it's sending spam mail. please stop - 2011-09-08
I get a lot of spam and scam attempts from this IP - 2013-08-12


Proxy trace to
38 hops / 29.6 seconds
1. Unknown
11. - #16
17. - #38. ~6,091 miles traveled

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For your information. Useful I am or not!?

Yes! Very useful.
2014-05-22, 04:36:29
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Benjamin T Debrah
на 49 години - мъж - Ghana
извън линия

Friday 1 November 15:33 Hello kalunka2 todorova,

I am Mr. Benjamin T Debrah a citizen of Ghana. I have in my bank the existence of a big amount of money that belongs to a customer, Mr Peter B todorova. who happen to have the same name as yours. The fund is now without any claim because Mr Peter died in a deadly earthquake in China in 2008. I want your cooperation so as to make the bank send you the fund as the beneficiary and next of kin to the fund.

This transaction will be of a great mutual assistance to us. Send me your reply of interest so that I will give you the details.Strictly send it to my private email account: to send you details of this transaction.
At the receipt of your reply,

I will give you details of the transaction. I look forward to hearing from you. And also send you a copy of the Deposit certificate.

Best Regard's

Mr. Benjamin T Debrah

Подател:     Независим режисьор <>     добави в адреси
До:     неразкрити-получатели:;    
Относно:     Имам нужда от вашата Assist / Помощ    
Дата:     Сряда, 2014, Май 21 12:47:07 EEST    

Скъпи приятели,
Аз наистина съм щастлив да бъда в контакт с вас, въпреки че това средство за комуникация (интернет) е грубо злоупотребява от някои хора, които правят трудно за друг път с истинска борба да съответства и да обменят мнения без скептицизъм.
Аз съм г-н Shauket. Fakie момента на одита и Unit акаунт мениджър в Absa BANK LIMITED Южна Африка, както ще видите, преглежда ми цел на контакт с вас е да си сътрудничат с мен, за да прехвърли сумата от ($ 17,3 милиона долара) Seventeen милиона триста хиляди долара във вашата лична или фирмена банкова сметка във вашата страна на произход с инвестиционно предназначение.

По принцип вие стоите като моя бенефициент / на близките до фонда аз отивам да инвестира тези пари във вашата страна чрез вашата помощ и съдействие, с което ще бъде моя Investment заместник / помощник-директор. Моля, ако сте заинтересовани и готови да получат парите в банковата си сметка, да ми изпратите вашите данни за алтернативен моя имейл адрес: (absabank.director @

Ти си име, фамилия:
Пълен адрес:
Възраст / Семейно положение:
Директен телефон за лесна комуникация:

Благодаря за вашето разбиране, сътрудничество и доверие, че ви очаква спешен отговор, така че ние може да се отправи незабавно.

С уважение

Г-н Shauket. Fakie
Bah, I'm pretty good and I hope to draw from South Africa - Ghana and will send ... more .. okay? It had a lot of my writing e-mails, but I block them. I did not know it was useful.
2014-05-22, 04:40:44
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Hide my name in the letter / address / please. missed ...
2014-05-22, 19:12:32
DOC from United States  
Edited Repost: 2014-05-09, 14:11:37 anonymous from Bulgaria

BG Бах, току що получих това съобщение има срок 72 часа. момент;Подател: UNITED NATION <> добави в адреси
Дата: Петък, 2014, Май 9 20:49:54 EEST

Подател: UNITED NATION <> добави в адреси
Дата: Петък, 2014, Май 9 20:49:54 EEST

От офиса на: Бан Ки-мун.
Вътрешен одит, мониторинг,
Консултинг и разследвания дивизия


Уважаеми Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx,

Моето име е г-н Джон Александър под обединена нация Бан Ки-мун, секретар на организацията на обединените нации. Това е удоволствие да се свържем с вас. Ние сме много наясно, че много чужденци са инвестирали много пари в Африка сделки в безнадеждно мечтае да има нито един от тях се превърне в реалност.

На обединените нации в сътрудничество със Световната банка след проведена среща с правителството на Гана; Ние се споразумяха с правителството на Гана че САЩ $1,000,000.00 (един милиона САЩ долара само) ще се обърне към вас чрез вашата банкова сметка в България от KTT прехвърля като обезщетение плащане чрез обединените нации Гана.

Това обезщетение плащане е бил одобрен и вие сте длъжни да ме с обзаведени по-долу подробности така че можем да продължим с процеса, тъй като ние работим с времева рамка за да сте сигурни също имаш си трансфер към вашата зона за банкова сметка.

Необходима информация са определени по-долу:

1) пълен адрес
2) вашият контакт телефонен и факс номер
3) професия
4) копие от всеки валиден ИД за вашата идентификация
5) вашето име на банката
6) Вашият адрес на банката
7) сметка име и номер на сметка
8) ABA/маршрута число
9) Суифт или сортиране код/IBAN

Моля, имайте предвид, че настоящото известие на иск ще само последните за 72 часа, след което средствата ще бъдат маркирани Непотърсени законопроекта, ако в случай, че ние не чувам от вас в рамките на определения срок, за повече запитване наричат +233-279-788-390

Искрено ваш,

Mr. John Kweku
Kofi Annan Office
Greater Accra.
Tel: +233-547556863 this true? To give you the data you want? I'm waiting to hear. There within 72 hours.
2014-05-25, 05:41:37
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Подател:     Barry Seth via WAYN <>     добави в адреси
До:     .bg>    
Относно:     Barry sent you a friend request    
Дата:     Неделя, 2014, Май 25 12:05:04 EEST    

WAYN Alert
Hi Kal

Barry         Barry Seth would like to add you to his friends list


You have 18 other friend requests pending. View them

The WAYN Team

To stop receiving email Подател:     David Benson <>     добави в адреси
Относно:     Good Morning..More About me!!!!    
Дата:     Събота, 2014, Май 24 12:27:16 EEST    

Thanks for the email and I am glad you did write, I am gonna tell you a little about me.. I really don't know how this is to work.. But errmmmm I will give it a try... I am very new to this online dating thingy..

I suppose you know my name.. lol. I was born to a loving couple, the home of a German man and a British woman. My father was on an international job in England where he met my mom. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist, sometimes she says she sees same in me,lol. During my father's global movement,Its just me and mom most of the time.I did most of my studying in the England but my father died after a brief illness and we were left alone,But my mom was strong for us (my sister and I) and thats why she remains one of my best women. I met my late wife in Paris. she was a fashion model.She was a good and lovely woman until things change to worse, I have a daughter she is 5 years of age her name is Karen.

I was married to my ex for 15years and divorce her 4years ago Ex hurt me so much and she made me go through so much emotional trauma,i give her whatever she needs and whatever she ask for i let her live free like a bird she just changed all of a sudden due to the kind of friend she mingle with bad company smokes,come home late being drunk,taking drugs flex around with men, then one day i caught her sleeping with a man in my house she pleaded and i forgive her the second time i caught her sleeping with my best friend, I was rushed to the hospital and i was unconscious for 3 days, could you believe that she didn't come to see me. After i get out of the Hospital i found out that she has stole lot of my money so we finally divorced i lost my 2house,2cars with my Truck she make me have bad credit and bankrupt she empty all my account and stole $950,000,000 I lost all my fortune to her everything that i have work for all my life i lost it all to her, I never get to hear from her she doesn't even look back on her two son,she died last year doctor confirm that she died of Hard drugs.since i divorce i have been single i have not be with another woman

I see all my past as one of the challenges we face in life as human being.. i have forget all my past and i will never let if affect my present life and my next relationship.. the bible said we should not live by past if we do we be going back. so don't think of your past forget it all and think forward and lets face the fact,reality and the future.. the best way to love each other is to love like you have never been hurt.... am God fearing man and i believe in God i will never hurt anyone.... I believe that the bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before.We all have to go through rain before see the Rainbow,I believe that things in our past happen for a reason, and that in order to grow, we as humans must learn life lessons from the good, the bad, whatever type of experience we have....and move on. Because these lessons help us become better people,I believe everything happen for a Reason and God always know why.. The past makes us of who we are today what doesn't kill you make you more stronger

I am a global contractor. I do basically rig constructions and renovations, road constructions and renovations, over water bridges. We have worked in many countries across the globe. The present project here is my last on the field and I shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think I really have gotten to this height cos I embraced work for so long trying to get over my wife, that I worked this hard, but I think I now realize I can move on.

I have told you how my typical dream day would be like, I just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we cant make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo,LOL.

I am a total package , I only need someone who understands the value of a good smile.

I cant wait to hear back from you. Please send me some pictures of you..

Bach has photos, and more and more than before, but can not be cut. I think it's the same person with different names. This useful or not? ..
2014-05-25, 14:59:26
Bax from United States  
I think it's the same person with different names.

You are very much correct to wonder and check and be suspicious and safe! All may be one.

You have 18 other friend requests pending. View them

Dating sites send out spam like this...

eHarmony You've got 2 matches! Fri, 5/23/14
Adult FriendFinder ♥ (me), 15 hotties near (home) want to meet you! Fri, 5/23/14
Anastasia Single Team 8 Exotic and Refined Russian Women are Wait Thu, 5/22/14
Mate1 Notices You have 20 new messages from

Your post is useful for showing how someone speaks of self, to begins an online friendship.
(But) It reads like mass-mail copies, to wait for answers in their mail box. Same as others.
It shows no intent to commit fraud. I viewed the WAYN info, it is normal for a social network.

Hi, I'm Barry Seth I'm 46 years old male, currently in London, England

Hi, I'm David Benson, I'm 53 years old male, currently in London, England

This is very funny! Maybe they are comedians! We can report them for stupidity.

I lost all my fortune to her everything that i have work for all my life i lost it all to her

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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