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Dating scammer Sergeant Dylan Daniel


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Name: Sergeant Dylan Daniel


Abidjan, Costa de Marfil

Other Comments:
Ofrece matrimonio, y el supuesto envío de un paquete con presentes para la futura esposa, a través de XBE Delivery Limited, que cuando el paquete llega a destino final, el destinatario tiene que pagar a través de WESTERN UNION a BOSA CHINEDU DURU, porque el paquete a sido abierto por agentes de aduana del país destinatario, y hay que cancelar un seguro, utiliza las imagenes del Sargento GARY STEIN.


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2013-04-12, 00:41:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from Bolivia  

2013-04-12, 09:07:18
Miss Marple from United States  

Real ID:Gary Stein

Scam reports with photos on Gary Stein

2013-04-12, 09:12:51
Bax from United States  
From Bolivia
Other comments:
Give marriage, and the alleged shipment of a package with presents to the bride, through XBE Delivery Limited, when the packet reaches the final destination, the recipient has to pay through Western Union to BOSA Chinedu Duru, because the package was opened by customs agents of the recipient country, and you have to cancel insurance, using the images of Sgt Gary Stein.

Marine Sgt. Gary Stein Gets 'Other Than Honorable' Discharge Over ›
Apr 25, 2012 – A conservative Marine who started an armed forces tea party Web page has been given an 'other than honorable' discharge for misconduct ... 4 images

2013-10-15, 13:55:30   (updated: 2013-10-15, 14:20:34)
anonymous from Canada  
Hola, este mensaje es exactamente el mismo que hace un mes recibí con las mismas ilustraciones solo que el personaje es diferente, como puedo saber yo que se trata o no de una estafa... Como puedo yo estar segura de ello. pues hasta hoy me he negado totalmente a enviar dinero para pagar la mitad de los impuestos de aduana para poder recibir el paquete, y que el resto del dinero por concepto de impuestos de aduana debo pagarlo cuando reciba el paquete. Exactamente es lo mismo , supuestos regalos prematrimoniales...
2013-10-18, 17:47:25   (updated: 2013-10-18, 17:50:10)
Bax from United States  
anonymous from Canada,

Ustedes han visto el informe aquí. Se trata de una estafa ilegal!
Esto también puede implicar como participante criminal.

You have seen the report here. It is an illegal scam!
This can also implicate you as a criminal participant.

See this link of Canadian import procedures...
2013-10-21, 02:23:38
This Dylan Daniel is now appearing as a different guy with a contract assignment to Cote D'Ivoire and asks that you pay $350 for the package and not to tell Western Union who you're sending it too. the gifts are from him and his mother. this is the picture he's now using

2013-10-21, 21:18:54
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-10-27, 01:59:31
The contact in Cote D'Ivoire is Lawal Husein who asks you to send him money through Western Union.
2013-11-02, 15:44:23
anonymous from Canada  

2013-11-02, 15:45:21
anonymous from Canada  

2014-02-23, 22:20:23
anonymous from Colombia  
Hola hace días conocí este sujeto en una página llamado cupido, se hace llamar dylan Daniel, donde dice q su fecha de nacimiento es el 15 de abril 1978, promete amor, matrimonio y unos presentes como cosas de oro, un móvil, computadora portátil y una rosa como símbolo de su amor, donde dice que hay que pagar una cantidad de dinero para poder recibirlo , siempre dice que está en negocios en África y envía fotos de ese actor brian Smith. Es un estafador total me di cuenta de esto gracias a logre saber que las fotos no eran reales.por favor necesito saber donde lo puedo denunciar debido a que el logro obtener mi número de celular, dirección de mi casa y barrio. Esto me tiene muy preocupada. Por favor ayudeme. Gracias.
2014-02-24, 20:25:57
Bax from United States  
2014-02-23, 22:20:23 anonymous from Colombia

por favor necesito saber donde lo puedo denunciar debido a que el logro obtener mi número de celular, dirección de mi casa y barrio. Esto me tiene muy preocupada. Por favor ayudeme. Gracias.

Please I need to know where I report because the achievement get my cell number, my home address and neighborhood. This has me very worried. Please help me. Thank you.

Miss. Marple,

I've seen you reply to this type of plea before and feel that your advice is much smoother
and more appreciated. May you offer direction here? And, should I continue in your assistance?
2014-04-05, 19:25:47
Good evening my love.

I arrived here in Africa safely, and am still in my office unite for now, this afternoon i went to the delivery office, and the package has been sent to you, and delivery will be made in your country in 48hours time, am happy and glad in heart you love and will receive with pure heart and happiness, its so little to offer, yet you cherish and love it so much, am much honor and glad in heart, thank you so much for been strong, believing in us and keep more faith, till this moment of time.

The name of the delivery Courier company is XBE Delivery Limited, phone: +22555583133 i send with the full details you gave to me and i also gave the company your email, so they can contact with you, once the parcel reach your destination, and also you will have to pay for local charges for the package, and the amount is 550usd,,,,, once you confirm with the gift i send to you i packaged the money inside the teddy beer cos i don't want the local charges to be higher because they will charge you more if they know that their is money inside the parcel, please notify with me when the parcel get to you address, so that i will have rest of mind and be happy, the sender's name is: Dylan Daniel., track number:EZ 800-225-5345.

As I told you before,

My life has never felt so much love this way before, I'm really deeply in love with you, i thank God so much for bringing you to me, making us both understand, love and care for each other always, darling i really love you and cherish you so much, down below are some of the items you will be expecting..........

1. Big Teddy Bear

2. A gold wrist watch and neck-less

3. D & G perfume

4. A set of make-ups

5. A rose flower [very important to me,because its from my heart to you my love]

6.Apple Laptop

7. I pad mobile and
8. $100,000 (you will use the money to secure and furnish a new apartment pending my arrival OK) cos i intend spending my up-coming three months vacation with you in your country, so that we will have more time ti plan for our future of family Ok ?

Also, when you do open the package, ensure you do kiss the rose flower inside it, because its the most gift of my honor to you, and it will make my heart happy and full of smiles, thank you so much and take care always, the delivery might stay for 48hours, that depends take care and have a lovely moment of time, i love you so... much

With Love
Dylan Daniel.

2014-04-05, 19:28:28
anonymous from Japan  
2014-03-18 23:13 GMT+09:00 Dylan Daniel <>:


Its so much love and moment to share with you, Today, i went out from my office so early, About [9:15am] the company send me an approval document to show that my consignment has been signed and ready for processes and clearance, wow i feel so much happiness today, because every of my heart desire has finally coming to true and my heart feels so much love and happiness, honey thank you so much for making up my day and bring favor,happiness,hope and love into my life,

Tomorrow, i will be going to the Airport, to get my ticket for coming to Africa, because i want to follow up with the company so that every processes would be made so fast and easily for my one month contract assignment in Africa, so i can move over to your country before 28 of March to share a happy moment with you and be with you together for our future, yes honey you will be always be in my life and your love i shall cherish till the moment of my life, you have giving me much than i expect from love, i never knew that life could be so sweet and Cheerios, i feel like am the happiest man on earth to have you in my life.

Today its been so much busy, because i went to the DHL, to receive the document send to me by the companies and also gathering all documents need by the clearance of the contract money, in other to follow up with their processes and make an easy transaction so i can be Able to make up everything in life for you and our future family, i always think about you and always have you in my mind, every moment of the day, i keep on praying that God keeps you alive an healthy so that we can be together and share true love within each other,

Honey don't laugh at me , you know i am a very shy person, because when i will first meet you, i will shy so much, but i really love you so much, and my life will feel so much happiness, you make my life full of smiles and inspirations, my life feels so much complete now, i really will love you till death do us apart, tomorrow, when i confirm my ticket, i will let you know so that you will know everything about me, because i will be departing same tomorrow, so that i can Arrive before Sunday and get ready to follow everything with the company next week Monday to follow up with every processes, am coming in your Country to meet with you, i don't know what to buy for you my love , am so confused and don't know what you may like, but i want to promise you, when i come over to your country, i will take you a day shopping, so that you can make your choices, and be happy always, honey please always save your heart for me, i truly love you so much my darling , take care honey,

With Much Love

2014-04-05, 19:31:08
2014-03-16 0:44 GMT+09:00 Dylan Daniel <>:


Today I already finished in the office just Arrived a moment ago to my Quarters, i take my shower already and read to prepare lunch, i am confused on what to prepare for lunch, because of am thinking about you, i don't feel hungry this moment, but i want to take care of myself for you and be healthy, because i know you always care about me so much and also you take care of yourself for me always, i am thinking on looking at your pictures, after then i go to bed to rest after eating, but maybe i will take some juice and fruits, my life feels so much complete, and i will share my everyday life and feelings with you always.

How is your health hope you are healthy?, you are the best thing that matters to me in life, i want a good home for us together, i want us happy and full of smiles till the rest of our lives, after i speak with my lawyer in (Cote d'ivoire), this morning, i feel so tied, i want to go over to the beach to see around, and swim a little, but its so much cold, i feel cold,but just now am at home, looking at your pictures, i feel warm inside me now, i really feel so much happy and want to make up life with you, every moment of the day i keep on praying to God that make us come together as family and also know each other, sometimes now i wonder life without you what it would be to my life, you filled my life with happiness, smile,love and togetherness, i really thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my life, every moment of the day, i keep on smiling, feeling happy, because you are on my heart now and forever.

Yes honey i will be will have internet acess there in Africa. Ans when i arrive (Cote d'ivoire) i will have to take another flight after my contract Assignment to England to visit with my Mum so that we can talk together as she is suffering from cancer of the breast, after i finish with my business contract,then after seeing my Mum i come over to your country so we can make up a happy and good family together, i am so much happy with you, because i know you are going to make a good mum for our kids in the future , my life feels so much save with you and i want to spend every moment of my life with you and be with you forever, i have never been this happy in my life before, i easily smile, laugh, happy and full of inspirations always, ohh thank you so much my darling , you are really an Angel in my life, i really appreciate you so much, and promise to make up life and everything with you forever.

I will always let you know everything about my business contract, and always pray that every transaction is made successful and perfectly, i will be awaiting to hear from the company to know if my consignment have been signed, so i can move over to Africa for the processes and claim of the contract money transaction, i hope everything comes fast, so i can move over to your country to meet with you, so we can stay together as family and love each other forever, take care my darling, always remember to take care of yourself for me and be a good woman , i love you so much my honey.

I wish you a relaxing and blessed weekend.

My deepest Love to you,


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