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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2009-05-05, 20:38:17   (updated: 2009-05-05, 21:01:54)
anonymous from United States  
Live Jesus Christ

Dear women I have been Scammed Emotionally, I loved this man and would of went anywhere with him. He recently contacted me after a Year he is having me followed too right now I guess I am his only of hopes of getting money. Mike A Johnson Asked for $500.00 for what?
What's the 500.00$ for? I want to make sure your really Mike A Johnson in Nigeria What's your job? that you told me you did. See if your hoping I'LL slip you are a Dumb Scammer.
Mike just Email me or stop playng games. You already know I won't i tire out; Your men don't know what theyre doing. but you and the guys who follow will. I just want to talk to you.
Your not afraid to talk to a man who wants to bring you down ones your on American Soil are you.
Your afraid of a little women Mike? Actually Did you take me for a idot.Did you hope you'd have control and keep me Quiet 'DOn't Go to the Police Ever. C'
What Did you really want the Ipod for not Mary What Did you really want to send the Lap tops Mike to sale were they hot? Did you really inherit money or just one of the lies your people saying hoping some innocent women falls for it
Let's be honest too Mike You lied about wanting to marry me after you knew I couldn't give you the money You hate me because a women made a fool of you. Do all wwomen give you what you want?
If you Did Every thing Else Why Were you afraid of me revealing your Secret? Against the Bible Staeling other and cheating other is A mortal Sin to Mike
Are Your people really In the American Embassy Or Did you warn some body to intercede that letter Isent to help you?

I just want to talk to you and see you. I'ts been so long
Your friend C.R. Do you remember me
2009-05-05, 21:29:47
anonymous from United States  

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Dating scammer Anna Romanova

2009-05-05, 21:32:21
anonymous from United States  
2009-05-06, 06:44:47
anonymous from Germany  
bin eine nette also ran.

2009-05-06, 17:11:48
anonymous from United States  
2009-05-07, 01:44:12
Starred     from     Abogado De Justicia <>
dato     21. apr. 2009 17.13
subject     Health Condition Of Mrs Augusta Hermina Sies
sendt af
signeret af
skjul detaljer 21. apr..
    Follow up message
Abogado De Justicia
Dear Client,
I am in receipt of your mail and let me first start by informing you that,My client has instructed that you use the funds for charity works and that she wants the lives of the less privilege to be touched.

At the moment, Lady Augusta Hermina Sies is still very sick and unable to speak very much. All my client need now is your prayers and well wishes to get well from the sickness.I will require the following information below to process the release of the funds and notification to the bank.

1. Full name:
2. Country of Residence & Mailing Address:
3. Mobile Phone number:
4. Date of Birth

I would immediately notify you once the bank has approved the funds.
Sr Daniel Juan(Abogado De Justicia)
Phone Number: 0034-687-665-538
2009-05-07, 12:47:39
anonymous from Jordan  
hi, I think i'm being scammed by sarah anderson , she sent me a wink on, so I responded. she says she's from maryland - united states and that she has arrived in nigeria 4 days ago, and now wants to come to jordan so she can meet me. I felt something was off because the way she looks she doesn't need a dating site, and after only 5 minutes of talking she became jealus because she learned I am registed in many dating sties talking to other girls which was wierd, since I heard of some of the scam stories specially from nigeria I became skeptical, I know sooner or later she will ask for my money, her e-mail is, so watch out! she has not yet asked for moeny though but I think it will be very soon. what do you think?

2009-05-07, 18:07:23

This is to officially inform you that (ATM Cash Card Number
62805120033800XXXXX) has been accredited with your favor.Your Cash Card
Personal Identification Number is 8009XXX.The ATM Card Value is $900,000
thousand USD. You are advised to contact my Secetary for delivery as soon
as possible:
Mrs. Laura C. Carlson

with the following informations

2009-05-07, 21:38:28
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from Jordan

That is most definitely a scammer.
There are no white woman from the US on line in Nigeria at all.
Please do not waste anymore of your time on this scammer.
The photo is stolen and You are very likely talking to a man.
There are no woman from Nigeria, Ghana, Gold Coast, Senegal,
West Africa that are on line white or black they are all scammers.
The He / She isn't jealous of, You being posted on other sites.
The, He / She doesn't want, You to find out there are other postings
of the photo's, You got to trap someone else.
Never tell the scammer about this site.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
End any contact, You may still have immediately.
The, He / She will continue to collect information from, You if, You
keep connected. Be ready to be scammed again as the scammer
most likely will try to scam, You again using a new e mail address
another set of stolen photo's and another fake name.
Remember everything about the story, Your being told is made up
and is used to manipulate, You into sending money.
Just because, You haven't been asked yet means nothing.
Its a scammer and, You need to stop everything now.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-05-08, 17:02:04 from Cincinnati, United States  
Hi its Alla from Ohio. I want to tell you something new about James Wilson Man on this picture are a victim of scammers from Lagos, Nigeria. His pictures were stolen and scamer, his name is Emeka, used this photos for the purposes to scam womens for money on '' and 'My' If some body know something about this man from this picture, please, help me find him, im realy fall in love with him.Sorry, with his picture, but nothing i can do with my feelings. I want to find him. Stupid??!!

2009-05-08, 22:55:39   (updated: 2009-05-08, 22:56:51)
Fred from Germany  
2009-05-09, 16:43:20
i recently ran across someone on & this female's pic was so beautiful & don't get me wrong, i was captivated by her at first; we started off talking & getting to know one another. she said she was studying nursing in New York living with her aunt & suddenly she had to go back to Accra, Ghana to be with her 'mum' after a few conversations on Yahoo, she mentioned that she wanted to hear my voice & asked me to send her funds so she can buy a phone card, so i agreed & sent $40 USD by western union, like a a couple of days later i get a call from Ghana & she did'nt appear to sound like the person that she said she was online & that's when i grew suspicious. another red flag was when i would ask certain questions she would give one-word sentences, misspelled words, for example, 'i had to go to the 'phone booty' to call you my for someone to claim to graduate from nursing school & using bogus english would i want someone like that giving me a physical exam? the last straw for me was when she asked me to send her more money to keep her internet on. i told her no & he/she got furious & to this day i'm still getting calls from over there. Gentleman, this person goes by the name of Mary & the address is is a pic that this person was using & i mean what a low-life piece of scum!!!! i don't wish bad on anyone but i do believe in Karma; when you do dirt to others, dirt will come back to out for this person............peace

2009-05-09, 20:28:32   (updated: 2009-05-09, 20:30:13)
@ Anonymous from Jordan
2009-05-14, 10:04:38
anonymous from United States  
Does anyone know a or a the first one is from Russia and the second one is from uk. If so please let me know, online dating sucks!!
2009-05-14, 22:06:51
anonymous from United States  
what do you do when you are talking to some one but dont know if they are scammers yet. i didnt send any money but been talking to this person
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