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Letters by dating scammer Oskana Zagaynova at


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Her email addresses are:

Her street address is:
Petrova's street
Cheboksary 426036
Russian Federation.

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2006-08-16, 15:07:36
anonymous from United States  
none of her pics are consistent, anyone know about oksanalove agency ?
2006-08-17, 12:58:26
anonymous from United States  

Here is one letter that I am getting right now that sounds very similir

Hello mine are new the friend Bill!! It Ekaterina. How your affairs? It
is very pleasant for me to receive from you a fast reply. I had no
opportunity to write to you the answer so soon because I have been
very much borrowed last days. And as I have no direct access to the
Internet and I use services of Internet - cafe. All this is very new
to me also I wanted to tell to you motives of my letter to you, well
and certainly it is little bit more about itself. I heard about your
country much and much I know about it. And as I have knowledge of the
English language, I studied it at university and as at school.
Certainly I understand that this knowledge not big, but I hope that
you understand all that I write for you and for us there will be no
problem of a language barrier. But it is not the main reason why I
have written to you Bill, the most important reason of my letter to
you, that I at present make the visa in your country. I understand
that it can seem strange, but I long time worked without holiday and
now I have dared to give myself a gift and to present myself trip
abroad for holiday. My colleague has advised me to move to travel
agency and to choose there a route for holiday and the country where I
would wish to visit. And I have chosen your country because I heard
about it interesting and beautiful much. I have already filled in all
necessary documents for the tourist visa and the passport Also has
granted all sum for this purpose. NOW I about impatience wait for the
answer from embassy which is in Moscow. To me have told that my
documents pass there necessary check. To me have told in agency that
the answer will be ready in current from 7 till 14 days. It has very
much pleased me, that I can soon see other country and will get
acquainted to other culture and customs. I like to learn all new, new
people and this travel, I think, it will be especially interesting to
me. And I think that it will be interesting will get acquainted to the
person from this country before my departure. I understand that before
reception of my documents there is not a lot of time, but probably we
can interest each other for these days, and then we can see really
each other. I can seem naive, but I think that it very interestingly
to meet the person in other country whom you know only under letters.
I about impatience wait for this trip because I many forces would
spend what to reach it And now I am very tired from work and
loneliness. I once again hope that to you clearly all that I write for
you, and yes I have absolutely overlooked to tell to you little bit
more about myself. And so-
To me of 33 years, my growth 5 ' 8, and my
weight about 53 kg. My birthday it on June, 15. I have Russian
nationality, I of Christians and believe in the god. And you believe
in the god? In family I have no brothers or sisters, I was not for the
husband and I have no children. My friends speak that I very sociable
and sensual. The some people name me very romantic, but I think it not
to me to speak. As I have already told I very much I love all new, it
is very interesting to me dialogue with new people, studying of cities
new to me and another is much. I love visiting theatre, I like to
prepare I peep. I live in beautiful city kazan. whether I do not
know you heard about it, but my city settles down about 800 kms from
Moscow. I read from books that in your city there is no a lot of snow,
it is the truth? And in my city opposite in the winter very coldly,
but very beautifully it is especial. We have an opportunity of skiing,
skates and simply to walk on fresh air on a wood. Yes it is direct in
my city there is a pine grove, in the winter there it is especially
beautiful. I am pleasant to you winter? What weather you have now? I
have finished university of our city and on a speciality I the
teacher. I love children and I work at school. Yes, I even was
surprised, because did not think that I can write such big letter, but
I feel a positive charge from you and I hope that it will be
interesting further. Once again I was glad to receive from you the
answer so soon and I hope that from you I shall receive the following
letter as quickly. I shall try to send you a photo in this letter and
very much I hope that to you will be it is pleasant. I shall well
finish the letter, once again thanks For the letter, I shall look
forward to hearing bye!

Your new friend from Russia Ekaterina!!


2006-09-03, 11:00:23
anonymous from Denmark  
to Red_Akira i have also been recieveing Letters for a while from a OKSANA VOLKOVA with same picture and this pic too.

2006-09-03, 11:05:56
[hidden] from Denmark  
OKSANA VOLKOVA email: she says she is from city of Cheboksary

2006-09-03, 11:14:43
anonymous from Denmark  
i have seen this Oksana Volkova on
her profile is http://www.weblovef..t&id=24942 i also get this pic
her email is

2006-09-04, 05:29:31
Red_Akira from United Kingdom  
Thank you for your info, Seem's like this OKSANA VOLKOVA is getting around a bit now,
I have just received a Letter today as follow's

Hello my Lovely

Lovely, I also now constantly think ' And that would be, if I was now

near to you. ' And when I try to find the answer to me there comes

only one idea, that to me I would be never good and cheerful and

possible would want to be separated from you.

I did not think that I would like to live for you and for the sake of

you, but now it seems to me, that I actually want it. It seems to me,

that people not always understand, that they want, and I think it

because they think only a head. All people are concentrated on

trifles, but do not see, that actually now it is necessary for them.

And I try to think sometimes and my heart and it to me speaks, that I

want to be with you.

I even cannot present, than it can end, but I in fact and do not

learn, if it will not be, so, lovely, I want it and I want to divide

with you my ideas. I want to be near to you and I hope that you will

not be against it.

Dear, I want to arrive also to you, but sweet, I do not have means for

it... To me it becomes very sad only from one idea, that money can

prevent our meeting... It simply kills me. If I had they, yes the god

with them, I would give all.

But I actually do not have any hope to receive money, even on loan to

take there is nobody. The variant is possible to take them on credit,

but I all the same cannot take off at it from the country. Simply I

already heard such history, at us in city even in newspapers it wrote,

that one girl has departed to the to the man abroad, has taken money

on credit, but to it did not give to depart. It is insulting, but that

now you will make...

Dear, tell to me fairly, you do not want to help me with these

problems? I shall not count you guilty, you simply tell at once to not

waste time and not suffer...

I with impatience shall wait your letter!

Your Oksana.

Keywords: brunette blue pullover white teddy bear
2006-09-04, 05:37:47
Red_Akira from United Kingdom  

2006-09-04, 06:01:12
Red_Akira from United Kingdom  
2006-09-04, 13:56:14
flemming from Denmark  
i just get this today.....

Hello my new friend

I am glad, that you have paid attention to my structure. To me also it

is very pleasant, that you have decided to write to me. If it is fair,

it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. I also do

not know how correctly to write letters. I still badly print:) but I

hope you understand that I write to you. And so... What to write first

of all??? I think to you it will be interesting to learn about me

little bit more. My name is Oksana, this very rare name at us in

Russia. I was born on August, 21st, 1982. Studied Cheboksary institute

. I studied as the psychologist. And now I have a higher education and

I am very glad to it. But after study I could not find work of the

psychologist. And now I work as the seller, in sports shop. My city to

be approximately in 800 km from Moscow, if you will want to look it,

where it is. I live with mum in a two-room apartment. The father at me

is not present, is more precisely, but my parents have divorced, when

to me was only 9 years. I was absolutely small. And me mum, for what

to it brought up many thanks. I very much love mum and I help it. Tell

to me, something about your family.

Likely it is interesting to you, why I have decided to find to myself

the husband in the Internet? :) Well, I shall answer... I little bit

modest girl also cannot so simply to get acquainted with the guy. And

to communicate through the Internet to me is easier. I wish to find

here the man of the dream if it is possible. To me have told, that on

the Internet it is a lot of people who simply wish to communicate. But

I search here for serious attitudes, probably if I shall find the man

which I can grow fond in the Internet it will be very fine!!! And who

is searched by you? And with what purpose? It is very interesting to

me :)

Well, it is time to me to go...

But if you not against I shall set to you some questions that I could

learn you little bit more. You not against?

1) tell to me about the family

2) tell about the city

3) that you like to do at leisure?

I need to go... I shall wait for your letter, my new friend
Send the regards to the family :)

Your new friend Oksana.

This image was also posted here:
Letters by dating scammer Oskana Zagaynova at

2006-09-27, 12:10:46
anonymous from Italy  
2006-10-26, 13:48:41
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys, I was taken by a girl in Odessa Ukraine. I actually sent flowers to her apartment. I think she really got into trouble with her man. He sent to me a letter written in Russian. I had a local girl here translate it for me. She would not give me the actual words because she was standing with her American husband. However, she did say the girl in Ukraine was in big trouble and possibly was beat up.
2006-11-14, 01:26:17 from Germany  
Hey dudes,

It is kind of funny. I quit my subscription to yesterday morning and received a letter from a russian email address in the afternoon. Of course, can say it is just a coincidence, without insider information, there is no way to prove anything.

The people behind it seem to be smart enough to change the email address for every new scam. They just can't change the server.

I wouldn't get too mad at the girls. You don't have to be a girl to put a girl's photo on the web. And you don't have to be a girl to flirt with a guy. Since Russia is so far away, there is also no reason for the people behind it to worry about someone finding out that the person doesn't exist. And it is also not so expensive to pay a cute Russian woman to go with you and have her picture taken.

So, dudes, enjoy the flirting, but don't have any expectations. And some of the texts look like they are being produced by babelfish. ;-))
2006-11-24, 03:20:43 from Germany  
Hello again,

I would say that you should just basically forget about mailing with the girls if you have the idea that they are a fake. You may find this out, for example, if you successfully google for parts of the mail.

If I were running this scam, I would offer 15 young women $10 (or less) for a photo session and get some pictures of them in different clothes and with their hair done a little differently. And then I would write some serial letters where I just have to copy and paste some basic text (name, age, location of the guy getting scammed). And if I send out 100 of these letters and get paying responses from just 3 of them, I've made a big profit.

I know it is flattering, I told the person mailing me that I was sure it was a scam (sure because Google found parts of the letter), but I was still a little unsure that maybe there were some sincere attempts behind it.

My advice: when you get a mail like that, just picture the movie director in Borat sitting down at his computer, writing that mail to you.
2006-11-25, 19:14:51
anonymous from United States  
I believe I have received letters from Oskana Zagaynova. She looks close, but I am not sure this is the same person. She goes by the name Julia Ivanova@ She sent me sad letters about how she was an orphan. and how her grandmother found her at the orpanage. She told me that she loves her grandmother and that she has taught her how to cook and that she really wants to cook for me. After corspondance toseveral of her letters she asked me to help her pay for a visa, and then a passport; and then she wanted me to buy her a plane ticket; and then she said that she will need 1000 dollars to put in a personal account just so she would be allowed in the U.S. Said that the U.S. has a law for people cumming to the U.S that they have to have money in a bank account. I sent her 2300 Dollars. But If she only new she could have married me and devorced me in two years and received close to a million dollars. So oh well I hope this helps someone.
2006-11-25, 19:42:14
anonymous from United States  

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