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Blacklisted Emails of Russian Dating Scammers


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The following is a list of email addresses that are used by known Russian dating scammers. The list was originally posted by user Mandengo.


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2006-11-06, 12:39:15
anonymous from Australia  
Mariya Vasileva also Elvira . . email

E-mail example is here

Hello my love Marc!!!! I am very glad to your letter lovely!! Has
received your letter, and very much was delighted. I with impatience
waited for your letter lovely!!! I yet have not bothered you the
letters? To me simply very much to like to communicate with you. You
really want me to see? I too very much would like to meet you. I on
work can take holiday to spend with you. It is very a pity to me, that
you and me are divided with such distance. But I hope, that it is fast
to be reduced. Do not worry about my parents, they will not be against
our relations. I the adult person and itself decide, whom to me to
choose in husbands. Yes I agree to live at you, but with a condition,
that we even once a year went to Russia to visit my parents. I for
that my further life has passed with you and treat this very
seriously. And I very much would like to meet and communicate with you
with you in alive, instead of on a computer. I want, that you and only
you became my prince and if we shall like each other I promise to be
to you the true and loving wife. Also I want to be your teacher of
Russian. What for to you to buy dictionaries? When I can learn to
speak you on Russian and to improve the English. I too in the
afternoon all am busy, many clients, and my work, demand gravity so it
is not necessary for me that to me spoke, that I the bad worker and me
can dismiss at once from my work and have to find a lot of time for
work. I receive your letters. It delivers me huge pleasure. I like to
read them and to answer you them. You began me loved by the person, at
me such feeling, that I knew you very much for a long time and now I
do not present, as a vein without you earlier. For such short term, I
have learned about you much and it seems to me, that you that person
who did not suffice me in my life. I am happy, that have found you.
You would know, how I want to take your hands in the, to look to you
in eyes and to tell to you all that has collected at me in soul. I
think the God will hear my prays and when - ieaoou it will take place.
You the unique person who for last two years, could kindle ice in my
heart. I am very grateful to you for it. I feel happy after each your
letter. I think, that you test the same feelings. Lovely as you think,
what the most important, for family happiness? What for you the
family, and relatives relations means? What for you the most important
in life? Whether is at you what be the purpose in life to which you
aspire? Lovely answer please my questions. Lovely do not take offence
please that I set to you many questions, but for me they very
important as I to want to use to know what you, and I shall be very
glad if you will answer them!Lovely, I heard about a deceit on the
Internet much, and I want that you could trust me, as I really search
for serious relations and to not want you to deceive. And that you
could trust me, I want to send you a copy of the international
passport as I really think that you that the man with which will be
good me!!!! Lovely I it is glad that you spoke me the phone number!!!!
I shall try call you by phone!!! I shall be glad if we shall speak
with you. I shall be glad to hear your voice by phone! How at you with
weather? Send the regards from me. Write, your letters bring to me
pleasure. I hope that you will not keep me for a long time waiting and
thank for your phone number, I shall try to call up to you to hear
your voice. With impatience I shall wait from you for the
letter!!!!!!!!!! Your love Mariya!!!!!!! KISS!!!!!!


Keywords: fake id
2006-11-06, 16:07:52 from Norway
2006-11-06, 16:09:51
anonymous from Norway
2006-11-08, 18:48:39
anonymous from United States>>>> AKA Olga Esmeneeva.
Beware she's a crafty lil devil. Asking for money constantly . And getting extremely mad when not getting it. When I asked to talk with her family before meeting, there were a flood of reasons why they could not chat. Thankfully she never got a penny from me, In fact I hope that if and when these scammers are caught they get jail time and fines...IF ANYONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THE PUNISHMENT IS LET ME KNOW? I have a hired professional tracking her down for an arrest, ex military and happens to live in Russia. He found her in less than 1 week !

2006-11-14, 20:27:13
anonymous from United States  

2006-11-14, 20:27:48
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-16, 00:12:58 from United States  
Glad this site is here... found out the first four whores that responded to an ad I just had created on friendfinder (within the first 3 days of creation) were scammers. I'm going back to delete the profile after I'm done here. That was my first, and last, attempt of an on-line match site. If I wanted to pay out 1000's of dollars for nothing in return, I would still be married. I've been divorced over 18 years, and this experience has just been another reason I think I'll remain so till I'm too old to care.

This site is a prime example of why we should never have allowed women out of the house. Keep'em barefoot and pregnant... those were the days when this nation was great (US). Now women vote, drive, work, phucking ruin a man in a divorce (even when SHE initiates the divorce because she met some new phuck on the internet), are in the military, can send a man to prison (even her husband) by uttering that one little 4-letter word r-a-p-e. Now look where we are... a nation of pussy-whipped wimps, looking on the internet for women from other countries because we know all we have are whores, bitches and lesbians. But most men, apparently, are to naive to realize that if it walks up-right and has a vagina, they are ALL sexless money siphons, regardless of what country they come from.

Yea, I'm bitter. Bitter because my father hadn't the guts to stick around after having his fun. Bitter because I couldn't tolerate the 7 years of crap from my ex-wife and had to abandon a child of my own, who will probably end up as bitter as myself. Bitter because all I see amongst my friends, co-workers and neighbors are the games and powerplay going on between husband and wife, the cheating, the lieing. Bitter because I feel there is no chance for any lasting happiness with anyone, no trust, no love and compassion, and because of that hopelessness, I've been without love or sex for these 18 years.
2006-11-16, 22:46:04
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted by via my Yahoo! IM Wednesday Night. She (if that is really her) claimed to be from the African country of Nigeria. She requested if I could help her cancer strickened, dying friend by the name of Maria Johnson with a large settlement. I turned her down. I did my homework on the letter she gave me via my Yahoo! IM, and discovered that the letter was a 6 year old scam. Then tonight, she wanted me to help her with cashing AMEX Traveler's Checks totalling $2500. I kept the heat on her neck by asking question after question, and not letting up. After I asked her what city in Nigeria she lived in, she got 'disconnected'. To everyone here, I got this to say. is not the swiftest person on the net. Be very careful with this scammer. She's a sweet talker, and loves asking the same question over and over again.

Take Care
2006-11-17, 23:53:10
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted by this Lyudmila Timoffeua I belive she's a scamer also. Can any one tell me if I'm right.

2006-11-19, 11:41:44 from Ireland  
hello guys
a new picture from a girl
i am glad i found in the list the mailadresse from this girl
but i dont send money - never

2006-11-19, 11:46:02 from Ireland  
second picture

this was the last conversation whit her per yahoo messanger (nicname annie nicole)

Can i give u the agent email address for u to mail him now?
Darth Vayder: yes
annie nicole:
annie nicole: the agent name is Mr Sunday
Darth Vayder: and your data
annie nicole: my name is annie nicole and i live in Nigeria with my mom
annie nicole: u need my home address?
annie nicole: 37 ayo-alabi street oke-ira ogba,ikeja lagos nigeria.23401
annie nicole: ok
Darth Vayder: and wath i write him
annie nicole: do u know what to write to the agent?
Darth Vayder: not sure
annie nicole: U are in canada now right?
Darth Vayder: no
Darth Vayder: i am in ireland
Darth Vayder: dublin
annie nicole: So tell the agent that u want me to come over to ur place in dublin and u want to know all the necessary document that i will need to come and also u want to know what we will do and everything we will do to get the travelling document for me to be there with u
annie nicole: and tell him ur name as well
Darth Vayder: okay, i make it tomorow
annie nicole: Okay and have u mail the agent?
Darth Vayder: i am sure - you can come whotout papers
Darth Vayder: you are a american
Darth Vayder: and you visit a eu country
Darth Vayder: you dont need any paper
annie nicole: yes but am sure i will need a plane ticket
annie nicole: dont need a paper at all but i want u to ask the agent so that he can tell us
annie nicole: goodnight and when u wake up tomorrow mail the agent
annie nicole: ok
Darth Vayder: k

she tell me her dad died, and then the falily leave america and go to nigeria (very stupid) this county call ikeja

Keywords: brunette black top skirt
2006-11-19, 14:06:13
anonymous from United States  
here another one goes by name Natasha and another goes by name Grace
2006-11-19, 22:18:53
anonymous from United States  
has anyone heard of bill_85ng yahoo? he's really good looking claims to be a model....very nice sweet talker but is already in love with me..........needs money to come to the states, because all of the money he has earned in nigeria has been put on some type of 'credit card', says that he doesn't receive regular paychecks.....if anyone knows of him please post. if i could figure out how to put his photos here i would. he goes by the name mike williams from lagos, nigeria phone # begins with 234 + 802 never seems to be there when i call......thank god i found this site....again if anyone has heard of him please post....thank u soooo much!!!!! oh yeah the modelling agency that he says he works for is called Oly modelling agency, tried to find doesn't come up anywhere.....
2006-11-20, 10:04:56
anonymous from Peru  
My friend don't send him nothing, have you seen him in a webcam, is he the same person of the picture, maybe he doesn't have a webcam, really?. They are never the same, they use pictures of innocent people. Why do you have to send money to a person you don't know. Don't be fool, all of them are sweet talkers, haver you ever talked to him by phone? does he have an american accent? is his english good enough? I think he is lying you. Don't send him nothing. Post his picture here. You can add his picture here just add it below examinar (browse) the picture and click send comment that is all you have to do to post the picture here.
2006-11-20, 13:44:42
anonymous from United States  

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