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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-05-16, 02:05:44
anonymous from Sweden  
This is a very crafty scammer.Her name is Dora Akaho, or
She is working with her family.
The mother Patience Asafo and aunt Linda Asafo.
They are probably controlled by a man.
It is probably false names,
The pictures is on her and her mother, aunt, and her son?
All pictures are real and confirmed,but names are not sure.
She using a Post adress: Felix Ayimbila PO-box kt 662 Kotobabi Accra Ghana.
She is very good and have played me as a puppet for 10 months.
They work with many accidents and misshapps.
We had many arguments about all unbelievable things
that happend to her and her family including scamming.
But she always get passed that becouse they really know your weak spots
and yoo wnant to belive her!
Thanks to SCAMBUSTER Ghana i get real evidece of her lies.
So people dont listen to your heart USE THE HEAD.
It had save me 9000 USD
2009-05-16, 02:07:31
anonymous from Sweden  
2009-05-16, 02:08:43
anonymous from Sweden  
2009-05-16, 02:09:59
anonymous from Sweden  
More of Dora Akaho

2009-05-16, 02:11:20
anonymous from Sweden  
Doras fake ID.Card? Works good at Wesrern Union

2009-05-16, 02:23:10
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
mmsrfrd@ from the USA

I am sorry to hear, You were scammed.
But, I believe the scammer really is from Ghana, Africa.
Most likely faked the Washington address to register on
It is done all the time. It is very easy to think there is a Washington
connection because of the false address.
My e mail address was used by, my scammer to post profiles on several sites.
They did not stay of course as, I immediately had them removed.
But the scammer only needs a few minutes of being on a site using
someone else's address to contact many potential victims.
So like, I said the scammer most likely is in Ghana.
I hope, You didn't lose any money.
Keep, Your eyes open as many scammers will try to scam, You again.
They use many e mail addresses. Plus they contact, You with a different fake name,
and more stolen photo's.
Also, please be informed, You should never post, Your e mail address on this
site for any reason. It is watched by many scammers.
Also there is a whack job that sends viruses to your e mail address and they
are in a attachment that is with the message. His messages address, You as
Hi My Princess or something dumb like that. Delete them right away.
You may request to have, Your e mail address removed by the administrator.
His e mail address is near the top of the page on the left.
Just above where it says Tell a Friend.
Be sure to tell, Him the thread name. Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra Ghana.
Plus the date and time and page number. 2009 - 05 - 15, 20:29:52 page 132
Also never tell a scammer about this site.
Good luck out there please learn all, You can about scams and scammers.
Basically one the door has been opened it tends to pour scammers.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-05-16, 04:17:14
LARS from Sweden  
About Scambuster
Maybe we shuold be more helpful with him. He have a hard job trying to help some girls at the same time as he shall find scammers and try to get a living down there.
He is a valuable friend on place! So i think we should give him a chance
2009-05-16, 06:27:50   (updated: 2009-05-16, 06:28:33)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Lars from Sweden

I am sorry if, You do not agree with, My position on scam buster AKA cagekopia
at this time. He is still recruiting people to hook up with girls, He recommends.
Look at the thread Esther Ansomaa from Accra Ghana.
He openly says its OK if the girls ask for money. Playing the same
manipulation as any scammer would. That being we must feel sorry for them.
No amount of money is acceptable. Its a scam and that's all it is.
His girls and, Him get to openly get their victims with, His word that its not
a scam. Well, I for one will not allow a scammer to openly operate on here.
I will not give, Him any chance at all unless, He stops recruiting victims.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-05-16, 09:44:02
wanwan from Japan  
@LARS from Sweden

Thank you for reply and explanations.And Lars, I am very sorry to hear you have got scammed and has been robbed of your precious $$$$$$$$.I am very sad to hear your story.

Lars,you know,there are many great contributors,scambusters on this like Agent86,OJAS,Dirk,Steve_dux,007,etc,,,,,.They support many peoples,save,help,inform.
But they never ask for $$$$$. They never recieve victim's money.A voluntary service.
I think they are real scambusters!!!!!

But your friendly? scambuster has received your money.And he started asking for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!
I ask you Lars,,,,,is he a real scambuster? Why he asked you for more money ?You have lost 9000$$.
And you have given real(?) scambuster 100$,I think it is enough for a real(?) scambuster.But he started
asking you for more $$$$$$$ !. It is not a real scambuster.It is not a voluntary service but a business.
It is a business !!!!
And we don't regard that person as a real scambuster on this web site.
And we don't need business man on this web site.
Lars,please listen to me carefully.Victims have already lost much money.It is a nest egg.
When peoples will lose their nest eggs,they will lose their life,family.
I wonder a real scambuster will ask for money $$$$$$ ? It is a nonsense.

Lars ,you already have lost a big money .Then he has got your money .And you don't have any money to pay him,he stopped helping you.Lars please listen to me,In Japan it is an important proverb,I tell you
''When poverty comes in, love flies out./Money gone, friends gone.''.
If he will ask for $$$,it is not a real scambuster. It is so called '' a business man ''.And we don't need any businessman on here.We need only a real scambuster.

Lars,now I have an african scammer.I show you scammer's info.please take a look.
1)0207628266 phone number
2) janitah from ghana, am 25 years of age and am a student of Archbishop Porter Girls Polytechnic studing Secretaria course
3)Janitah Essien
C/o Madam Felicity De-Graft
Axim Road Post Office
Takoradi- Ghana

4)akyerefa@yahoo. com

If he is a real scambuster ,it is enough info for him.
It is very easy way for him to call her school and ask '' Janitah is your student or not ? ''.
But he never investigate that,and never put his full investigations on here.Why?
Now he gives us an evidence as he is a real scambuster.

Lars,may I ask you,am I wrong?

Thank you for your time,Lars.
Have a good day in Sweden
regards to your mama,papa.

from Japan
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Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana

2009-05-16, 10:55:08
LARS from Sweden  
Agent 86

Well i can only tell what i know. He helped me be certain on my girl. He told me
clear proof of her being a scammer, some things that i could check myself on the new Google Earth with street names in Accra. And i found more evidence when i looked at another way on internet. So one scammer is busted. About the girls i cant say anything, but the idea with secure dating from Accra is good if it real. Many seems interested to date Ghana girls.And its true its a poor country and you need to support the girl with money. BUT and this is something i learned the hard way dont EVER no matter how much inlove you are send ANY money before meeting her in person in Accra. Dont send any air ticket or other travel paper money if the girl really care for you they accept that if not RUN
2009-05-16, 11:37:28
LARS from Sweden  
Wan Wan
Hello again. To set things strait the first 100 dls i send volentary. But when i gat asked about more i reacted as you do. I become very disappointed. Something i have told him, You can see ny other messege here. So i can see both side of the coin here. So i will not judge anybody. I can only say be careful outthere spring is hunting season for scammers, i see that on the numbers contacting me:)
I cant find any about your girl exept the number seems to long.
2009-05-16, 12:15:01
wanwan from Japan  
Thanks !!
I see that you have given him 100$ with your voluntary service.I know I know that.I don't misunderstand what you want to say.

But he claims that he is a real scambuster on this site.I think now he has to bust african frauds,scammers ,and he has to help,save,support victims,future potential victims with no money.
Again I say,,,we don't need any business man on here.Sure we don't judge him.But we watch out him
carefully.And if he is a real scambuster,he can prove himself to be a real scam buster on here.
So we are waiting for his answer.

Have a good day ! Lars.
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2009-05-16, 17:42:54   (updated: 2009-05-16, 17:44:22)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Lars from Sweden
Everyone Else needs to see this warning also !

Lars, I understand all of what, You have said.
I am homeless and being scammed has effected my entire life.
My losing $1,500.00 USD is worse in the impact it has had on my life
than to some of the victims, Who lost much more.
I do not want pity for my mistake. I am only on this site to help as many
people as, I can. There are few people here to help so many.
I have taken the time to learn as much as, I can about scams and scammers.
In that learning process, I paid close attention to other real scam busters.
I am still learning as anyone should because scammers are changing their
tactics from watching this site.
Every scam buster that is on this site, Never asks for money for any reason.
You did what, You thought was a good gesture by giving money to cagekopia.
That was a good deed. The problem, I'm having is the fact cagekopia and
the girl both asked, You for more money.
This site is for the reporting of scams and hopefully helping others escape being
scammed or even avoid it all together.
It does not matter what excuse is given by anyone not just by cagekopia.
No one has the right to post on this site anything that even begins to sound
like, They are recruiting victims. This is exactly what cagekopia is doing.
No amount money is excusable to be asked from anyone.
cagekopia keeps talking about the good girls in Ghana that, He knows.
Fine, he can know all, He wants but to come on here and try to get anyone to
contact him about any girl is completely wrong and has no place being here.
I learned very little to nothing about Ghana from, My scammer.
As cagekopia has tried to say about me. I learned about Ghana from
highly respected scam busters. These men went to Ghana and documented
what they saw first hand. I will maintain, My stand that there are absolutely no
men or woman from Ghana, or all of West Africa. On line that can be trusted.
cagekopia is undermining the Truth with, His trying to convince people there
are good people that can be trusted. Its a lie and, I will not sit back and
allow this kind of shameful behavior to continue.
He may be in Ghana but, I know that the woman there have no interest in
on line dating. The only ones on line are scammers.
I will stop attacking cagekopia as soon as, He starts busting scammers.
So far, He has not busted or reported anything about any scammer.
He must stop completely anymore attempts to hook anyone up with a girl
from Ghana. This site is not meant to be used in that manner.
It is a scam no matter what amount of money is involved.
He tried to infer, I am a wealthy white man.
I am a Disabled Homeless, Vietnam Veteran.
My scammer did not care what happened to me by taking my money.
It is my opinion, He should stop all further postings on this site until,
He starts busting scammers. All, He is doing now is recruiting.
Wanwan gave more than enough information to him and asked a very
simple question of, Him. He now is trying to make it sound as if Wanwan
did not give enough information. From what, I have seen of Wanwans
posting is there is a book of information yet no answer to wanwans
question. cagekopia is doing nothing to contribute to the fight against
scammers. I have seen enough of, His Bull Shit now.
He talks in, His response to, Me just like, a scammer.
Never admitting, He has no business asking anyone to contact, Him
about hooking up with a girl from Ghana.
cagekopia had no reason to go to Ghana to act as a scam buster that was,
His personal choice. It also means, He has no business being there in the
first place if, He needs to ask for money for any reason.
Christian Missionaries Go World wide but they do not go unless they have
the money to do so in the first place. If cagekopis says, He needs money
then, He is at the very least a fool for not having counted the cost before, He went.
He gets no sympathy from, Me for being a fool.
I do not care if Ghana is a third World Country that has nothing to do
with the fact no one should be asked for money for any reason.
It cannot be over looked and ignored. Its a Scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If, He wants to start, His own on line dating service then get the,
Hell off this site. This is for busting scammers.
He has invited, Me to go to Ghana and see for, Myself.
Why the Hell would, I even try to go to Ghana when, I'm homeless ?
Just so, I can ask for money from people on the Internet like, He is ?
Until, He stops acting like a scammer, You can be assured, I will call him one.
Please no body be so foolish as to listen to cagekopia.
He is not at all what, He claims to be. Hes just another scammer !

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

To cagekopia this picture is for, You !

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Most of this site's traffic comes from.. Ukraine?
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2009-05-16, 21:00:33
OJAS from United States  
Well said Agent 86. Like you said in another thread, I have seen this so called scam buster's money letter to someone in China. I wanted to give him an opportunity to realize he cannot use this site as a free advertisement. True scam busters have their own sites, where they advertise their services. It does remind me of quacks make it Boris, showing Russian flag, with statements like ''I know where to find this girl, contact me @ etc.'' Scam on Top of the Scam http://datingnmore...m_scam.htm
2009-05-16, 22:23:08
anonymous from China  
@Ojas : apart from the letter I have posted elsewhere from 'cagekopia ' he sent this one a couple of weeks ago. I also know the following letter was sent as a 'CC' to 'Dirk' and 'Ptiemann' and a few other email addy's which were probably lifted from Delphi


I am in Ghana , trying help some girls here to start there business in Accra , it not so easy as i thought when i left Sweden , i have open 1 store to one off my friends she is selling shoes and sandals. I want too help the other girls too but read this , to open a store , almost every landlord want a 5 years contract that is ok , but then do they also want 5 years payment in advance (4500 Ghana Cedis) and thats a big problem, i have talked to banks here but they want a interest on 25 % on a loan .

The girls want to open a beauty salon ,shoe shop and to sell water .

I am now asking you my friend do you have any interest to maybe help with some stuff all from shoes sandal clothes too kids and adults or hair and body product to sell , or maybe too help with a loan to the girls, 1 store cost around 5000 USD for the 5 years rent and material to the store.

If you can give a loan then pls only take 10 % interest or less, and then let them pay it back in 5 years.

The girls want to employed other girls so its a good thing to help to the development off Ghana .


Claus Sorensen

from [] by via HTTP; Sat, 02 May 2009
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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