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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-09-17, 13:05:14
OJAS from United States  
Clark did not mean to attack you, one of his posts was horribly translated by babelfish. I am sure you will accept his apology graciously and continue your contributions on this, and other threads.

I asked him to continue in the German thread, where he doesn't need any translator.

Hope everyone declares peace on this thread, among us ...
and continue the battle against scammers!
2009-09-17, 13:26:25   (updated: 2009-09-17, 13:45:39)
to OJAS - absolutely my friend / no problem - I accept anyones apology and especially clarks / we all need some latitude and somtimes a new beginning

Mr Clark Kent - I accept your apology 100% ans mine if I myself got flustered

to A-86:
re: anon-Germany - if such is the case of anon / Germany and then what you will say then so be it - I follow your lead

to All:
I accept any ones apologies at any time / because I am not perfect either - we should all be in this together / I make peace without a word - It is the God+ above we all answer too! I personally want to thank everyone for supporting me / so lets get the language barrier out of the way - and move on helping each other - Im past the Clark episode - and I now believe he wasnt trying to intinially attack me -

to: Ojas again-
Ojas is seasoned and helps me and everyone - I believe him as to one who would never want to stear a ship to troubled waters



2009-09-17, 14:01:42   (updated: 2009-09-17, 14:13:31)
Clark,Kent from Germany  
Thanks OJAS for your statement! Thank you so much. I drunk this evening one glass to much because also i was sure to mets good friends here because i really lost all what i had. So maybe typed to strange to the Babelfish and ......troubleing you see that!!! Yes really if you lost friends and you are on research good friend s, than it is really when you find someone in an forum and you feel not anymore alone than you will kiss and give everybody a hug because you are scammed. I appreciate all hands are gived to me!
Thanks by Clark

PS. this is not translated statement of me, by Babelfish or other translator..thats me!!!!
2009-09-17, 20:02:42 from United States  
You had a gentleman,2/10/09, posting on Nawal Zakaria. I had contact with this person as of 6/09. I am persuing a law suit against he & her organization. i would appreciate if you will connect that gentleman to me so I can add all complaints about this Nawal in a law siut. I want them to be arrested. i need to show that this is an on going, deliverate scam operation. Beside this gentleman,if anybody with contact to her,I would like to hear from them.Thank-you for your assistance. Instead of just posting, we ned to stop them. Ihave a plan. Do this for me to set the foundation. If you desire more info., from me too,feel free to contact me.

2009-09-17, 21:13:43
anonymous from Canada  
hey you have to take things more serious on here..your here to try and help each other and help people you havent met yet..we need all the ideas and help we can get to prevent scammers from profitting on unexpecting people..we have to stick is easier in a group then going alone..we need as many thoughts and ideas as possible..dont fight and insult each other..we need your help..
2009-09-18, 09:13:18
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-18, 12:34:57
OJAS from United States  
Anon US, post additional info. Asking money from strangers is a scam http://ladies-russi..t/Scam.php
2009-09-18, 15:03:45
to anon: Canada

I am on here to help people, and have been as well as everyone else. I can tell you whats happening here but I want to be sure. But still no one has the right (as what has happened) to insult anyone. Especailly one helper to the other. I have accepted anyones apology that was given and I have apologized. it is now up to them. Personally I hope they continue to post but if not there are other people that can help...I will be taking a short break for now ... a few days. Im not happy at all some of the turn of events I have discovered just recently. Its a shame. Especially when I know in my heart I have tried and put extra effort in to helping. I need a vacation. I seems a few people have got confused from events of recent history. And that is just what the enemy wants.

Gilligan, TCM

2009-09-18, 17:10:05
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-09-17, 21:13:43
anonymous from Canada

I accept your advices.
Yes you are right.
I respect your opinion about this issue.

Please take a good rest in home.
I hope you had a nice coffee with your family.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Accounts on this web site

2009-09-19, 17:11:18   (updated: 2009-09-19, 17:14:55)
ROCK,STAR from United States  
@ anon above

I know you do not know me or anyone else on this site. But I would like to introduce my self; I am rock star. I have not posted anything until recently on another thread about a russian scammer. I have watched and learned hopefully a few things. I think your last posting about the so called Ravin Riley is very informative. She had even tried to scam me (or he posing as she) but was claiming to live Pheonix Arizona and then moved to Ghana. There was a post here a couple of weeks ago about some old man living in Az scamming people while he was pretending to b a girl. You are right she or he is a terrible scammer. Or whoever is doing it. I think if you look at the IP address origins and the paths, all of those cities are involved in big time pornography. Well so is Accra. It is just something to think about. Do you know more about that?

2009-09-19, 18:24:57
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-19, 11:57:42
anonymous from United States

To bad such a good posting had to have a picture that needs to be removed.
This is dating scam site that minors can access would, You want your
child looking at that kind of photo ?
Think of others not, Your dick.
Please contact Peter the site administrator and ask, Him to just remove it.
Give him the name of this thread [Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana ]
Plus the Date and time and page # [2009-09-19, 11:57:42 Page # 207 ]
Nude pictures are not allowed and it says so in red letters.
Just because others have ignored the policy it gives no one license
to do as they please.
Deal with this, Yourself Man Up and do it.
Or else, I will have, Your entire posting removed what a shame.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart
2009-09-20, 20:44:49
Help from United States  
Hello Friends
I need some help. Can anyone please tell me why when I check someones incoming mail who claims they live in GHANA the path of the Email is this:
Originator from Hollywood, Florida
Goes to New York, New York
Goes to Washington State, near Waxahachie
then to Ghana, Accra
then to me in the USA
I really would appreciate the assistance
Im not asking for anything more, just an answer if you can
Thank you
2009-09-20, 22:23:46
anonymous from United States  
all gina osei wants to do if fuck all the men she can. takes there money and goes to them and fucks them and leaves them with nothing.
naw wat area You thinking about Yours salve ? You area bitch or frend?? Chris
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2009-09-20, 22:24:09
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From: BadDog

To: 2009-09-20, 20:44:49
Help from United States

[Hello Friends
I need some help. Can anyone please tell me why when I check someones incoming mail who claims they live in GHANA the path of the Email is this?]

Your question is most easily answered IF you will be willing to post the FULL email header.

Would be glad to help...till you do would just be an educated guess.

Please post the email address it originated at if possible, the FULL email header and the body of the email WITHOUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR IP INCLUDED ANYWHERE !!!!

The short answer: Someone is trying to make it look like a well known porn star is scamming makes me wonder...who is scamming who here?

I'll just be amazed if you follow through and post the full header. Make my day.

Thank you,

BadDog and the crew

2009-09-20, 22:39:55
help from United States  
Thanks Bad dog
That is exactly what I thought. Im not a trouble maker Im getting scammed by someone. Im on your side. I just wanted to see if anyone here thought the way I did about it. And then why in the hell would someone want to make it look like a famous porn star was doing it? other than someone who knows there ass is in a clink. Your right!!!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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