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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-09-24, 21:09:54   (updated: 2009-09-24, 21:13:09)
rock,star from United States  
ok to anon USA
thanks for your help but ...
we all know that the person or persons using the pics is a scammer and not ravin riley
if you did your homework and read some of the other postings here then you would see delphi has a no nudity policy
but Im sure you already know that and are posting any way - just put a normal pic of her up there and give the IP / that address I would think is in GHANA - I dont even have to look or at least it will be close to there

please do not post naked pics anymore ok

your info was good ... in fact VERY EXCEPTIONAL AND THANK YOU !!!
but do it without the naked thing ok?


2009-09-24, 22:36:56   (updated: 2009-09-24, 22:38:47)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-24, 20:40:58
anonymous from United States

Either , You request immediately for the nude picture to be removed.
Or, Your entire posting will be removed.
Your choice and it better be fast.
No one has the right to post any nude photo's on this site.
The nude photo's are going away soon.
So don't even try to say there are others here.
Take, Your photo off here by contacting Peter the site administrator now.
Tell, Him the name of this thread [ Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana ]
Date and time and Page # [ 2009-09-24, 20:40:58 Page # 210 ]

Man up and deal with it very soon.
You have been warned and if ignored kiss, Your entire posting good bye.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Thanks Rock Star for telling this poster, His posting of a nude picture is wrong.
2009-09-25, 01:04:27
rock,star from United States  

your welcome and thanks for backing me up on so many things

2009-09-25, 01:09:59
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-09-24, 20:40:58
anonymous from United States

I know you are convinced criminal poster on Delphi.
I am watching you carefully for a long time.
You already have got many warnings by Delphian boys.
They say '' Please don't put nudity photos on Delphi ''.
But you ignored them.
You have put Raven's nudity photos on many threads,
and again you have put those stuff on here.

@Rock star

Thanks ! Good job.
But this anon USA never accept your advices .
Always he ignores us.

from Blockheadsih(?)George VVV Push in Japon.
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2009-09-25, 01:32:26
wanwan from Japan  

Monkey has come again !
Bupkus & cleaning !
thank you,

1)2009-08-20, 18:17:58

2)2009-08-20, 18:51:44
MR-DAHIR-fucker-ABDI-INC-MYYOHO@live.condom from United Kingdom

3) http://www.delphifa..#comments
2009-09-18, 16:46:04 from United States

4) 2009-09-18, 16:56:00
pkhcm-monkey@goitpqpg.condom from United States

5)2009-09-18, 17:02:01 from France

6)2009-09-18, 19:14:02
infwhfucker-d@avdpsjpv.condom from Sweden

7) 2009-09-20, 13:34:05
WWW.MYYOH-fucker & monkey @live.cndom from United Kingdom

8) http://www.delphifa..#comments
2009-09-20, 13:35:02
WWW.MYfucker& from United Kingdom

9) 2009-09-20, 13:39:27
WWW.MYfucker & condom from United Kingdom

10)2009-09-20, 13:41:47
WWV.MYYOHfucker& from United Kingdom

11) http://www.delphifa..#comments
2009-09-24, 09:45:33
anonymous from Nigeria

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2009-09-25, 03:21:28
anonymous from United States  
ok some isp adresses used by the scamers in ghana accra using ravin rileys porn star usa pictures ..... , 41,218.193.145 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . , , , , , , , today 24 sept . ....
last know conected to server joe...
and some names for you all ... vidalove42 , trustfullvida , fauzia osu manu , good_hearted97 , ruthamanue2009 , flora burnett , love_sandra110

any ways as i read some of the e mails from some of you it seems that ravin rileys pictures are stilll around as i got scamed too but they are changing them some ...

but have you notice your e mail isp adresses
from these scamer are never the same
look at your header on your e mail if it is from ghana - accra . all of them start with 41
as for your scammer have you noticed that there are very few e mails from them just ims if they love you they should not be in a different place every night , and did you also notice the time of your e mails as they are tire 1-3am there time why may you ask this they are in the dating sites looking for someone else to scam....
i did notice with one that they try to set you up with another scammers screen name and
yell at you for talking to her as she is the only love for you and if you keep talking to her then she will be gone ... that way you dont have time to call them a scammer
mine seems to be on the run as i see little talk from her two - three days at a time
sends e mails to me when i am on line but she is in hiding ,,,,so the only cure for that is
have another computer on and have her added to that but make sure you use a different names as they d all the time ... say you dont have picture or cam to them
and when you get into the money part just tell them you have no money they will mostly go away but you do get to watch your scammer on the other computer , cause they for got about you ... haha scamers get scamed

now what scamers want money for computers , web cam , clothes , visa pasport , air fair , food stuff internet , phone , sickness and death in the family
you ever notice this that they have worked vary little hours a week and some dont work at all ... but they got your money .... yes they say they have gold it is fake , the check
that is sent to you from someone they know is a fake , as they ask you do you trust them many times ,,, and love you still ... and then there is the copy of a pass port
and visa ... they will not copy there visa or passport ... why they dont want you to see the date on it as thats when they scammed you for the larger amount ..... and they try to rush you in to that passport and visa then the air lines klm well they dont fly to the usa ... as for there real passport is is good but they dont want you to see that as they have to have there paper work in order or they will be fined 2500 - 4000 dollers for fake ones , they know your paydays if you have been with them for some time as the ask you to send it western union ,,,, and then there is still fedex .... please send me ... this and that using fedex .... so keep the money in your pocket and out of the scammers pockets and yes there avage imcome for a year if they work is around 2500 dollers
so take care as my scammers are sleeping still as they stayed up last night trying to take your money have a good day as for the isp address i hope they can help track them down a little more .... as they were from june til this month ..... take care and we will see you all around
medical sick ness and death ,
2009-09-25, 09:57:17
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
dose anyone no or as herd of a pat morrison a thia woman livening
in ghana she says she is a nurse working there glad off the help and
she says she is working for a charity
2009-09-25, 10:10:49   (updated: 2009-09-25, 10:21:32)
rock,star from United States  
with all the IP addresses

What an incredible posting you made!!! Someone will check out these IP addresses for sure - as you already know the 41___ prefix is in the western parts of AFRICA even GHANA - Im saying this only by looking at them - you will get a definite answer relatively soon from someone ... but I wouldnt be surprized if they came from the same sources(s). It is possible that the IP changes when you unplug your computer everytime and turn it off. I have read that from reliable sources (several times) / especially on a laptop.
The scammers may know that - Im sure they do bec they are pretty good at disguising things

Again - THANKS!!! that was an incredible posting AA+


with all the BUPKUS listings
Just what in the H___ is that guy doing? posts and email addys from UK, USA, Sweden, France, etc... it has to be the same idiot - who knows how to change his location or connected of course to a couple / few people around who work together as some game to confuse - whatever it is we can all be sure it is BULLSHIT as you already know

and the pic earlier with the thing in the chair was beautiful - hehehe!

THANKS WAN-WAN if you will permit me to say

2009-09-25, 11:12:36
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i dose anyone know a woman name is pat morrison or sunne she says that
she is a nurse working for a charity in ghana she goes as
and is from Thailand if you know the one im on about it would be nice to no if she
is a scammer i do not know what i p code is if you can help me in enany way let
me know what to do to find out the truth thanks lads keep up the good work
2009-09-25, 11:12:45
not,super,star,in,Japan from Serbia  

Special thanks to you.
Please see my sender IP address.
I live in Japan with my English Beagle.
But I can forge my sender IP.
Yes they are spammer.
For a long time I am watching them carefully.
They visit Delphi very often and try putting non-sense messages on here.
Everytime they put links on here.
So I clicked it but it was 404 not found(their links had gone ,gone ).
They try wasting Delphi's spaces.
I emailed the site admin peter and asked him to block them.
But spammers take open proxy,they change their sender IPs,
so our admin can not block them.
It is very easy for spammers to forge their sender IPs.

When we find spam,we will beat them.
Thank you for your concerning.
I appreciate your efforts and good job.

from Blockheadish Geroge Push in japon ??
Thank you !
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2009-09-25, 14:08:26
anonymous from United States  
From: BadDog

To WanWan & Rock Star

Many thanks for your defense of me WanWan and reassuring Agent 110 that I'm
not to be feared; at least not until Halloween or the full moon. Lol.

Rock Star: That 'THING IN THE CHAIR' as you called it was my Great-Grandfather
Beauragard who fought with distinction for the Confederacy. His service
record was totally unblemished until mistakenly attacked troops of
his own regiment killing sixty-three of them in his passion for battle.

He stopped only due to brain damage from a ricochet from one of his
own bullets. Such bravery was highly valued but the South fell as you

He was confined to the 'chair' and never quite right in the head after
that. Show a little respect for my family history please!

Have a nice day,


Yankee by birth; Southern Redneck by choice.

2009-09-25, 15:43:38   (updated: 2009-09-25, 15:47:27)
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-25, 18:11:46
To anonymous,I would like to share some information about this 'Rhoda Naa'that I have been told of before when trying to find out about a woman that I am in contact with in Accra Ghana says her name is 'Gifty Abedi Arthur'.we have emailed and each other and chat dailey.the plan is for her to graduate a business school then with my help on visa & bpassport her uncle is to borrow the money to pay for the plane ticket to come here.And us marry I have photos of what is suppose to be her including most recent that was suppose to have been taken on the 10th of this month which was her birthday and party.It is at some type of banquet hall by the emblem showing in the background.In the photo it shows who is suppose to be her uncle ,wife and wife's two sisters.Her photo it's self has been photoshopped.Then I have others that were sent to me but they are from the girl in a soft porn site called 'Baileysroom'They look like the same person just a little older.I have been trying to get her to send me some of her at home with or with out her family.I ill try to send the most recent but I'm not real good with doing the proceedure.How ever if you email me back through how I got this message to begin with I will have my daughter help me send them to you.She is wanting me to send more money for the passport and visa.I was hoping to maybe help catch them this way at the western union picking up the money.I wantto know what type of proof is neede for a conviction to make this happen or to at least find out if it is her or not.I have an address cell phone # and her pc text #.What can you do with any of that ?I had noticed that Rhoda Naa had been updated today is what got my attention. Thank you please give me a response If it isn't her I don't want to lose someone that I care about because of this.I just want to know for a fact yes or no
2009-09-25, 18:53:40   (updated: 2009-09-25, 18:57:10)
rock,star from United States  
@bad dog
had i have known it was your family do you really think i would have disrespected you? I had no idea - you should know me better than that - I apologize - anyone that fights for there country deserves honor... i aint a mind reader so I hope we can put that past us here.,.how was I supposed to know ? anyways, ... dont be angry

@ wan-wan - well IP 404 DADADA - what a shame it is not traceable but you are already on the case there is no need for me to do anything --- you are doing a wonderful job and so is Bad dog but I don need to butter him up because of a simple mistake / he does a good job anyway
yes wan-wan that is right / and a person can change their IP even on a non proxy server


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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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