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Dating scammer Kim/ Brittany from Lagos, Nigeria


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Kim or Brittany. Email is kim_brittany001@yahoo
She is from Lagos, Nigeria and claims to have been born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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2006-12-23, 18:18:43
anonymous from Belgium  
2006-12-26, 21:16:52
anonymous from United States another scamer
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2007-01-09, 11:41:24
anonymous from United States  
Well it seems to me they are every where and trying to scam people no matter what. I thank God for falling for this kind of scam but, I did came close to it and saw all RED FLAPS in those e-mail. I have encounter with one and I have enclosed her e-mail. Key words to look for is that they are in highly professional field, from USA, working over sea, bcos, want to get married right away, looking for husbands, want to small children, victims, theft of articles or money, help me, transfer money, western union, and big one that they want you send western union to NIGERIA. Well these are some RED FLAPS to look for when you correspond with these people. Be aware of this one she or he and here is the e-mail from her or he Katherine Adejoke <>

I was very happy when i read your mails and it is very nice to hear from you .So, i will like to introduce myself. my name is Mary Katherine Adejoke, originally from Cyprus.My father and mum are both late.We are two,I and my elder brother who's now in control of my father's company in Italy.I live in Cyprus,Lempe .I am single and divorced. My hobbies are reading,watching movies,swiming,travelling,listening to soft musics, long driving,.I hate delay,that is slugglishness and procrastinating,I hate lies.I love some one who is trustworthy.I love nature and sometimes I wish I owened a house in the country not far from a city.You wake up to fresh mountain air,gaze the green senery,see green veges growing in your little garden and so much more.I am looking for a long term relationship that could lead to marriage and not just ordinary relationship.i will appreciate people who are always nice and honest with their woman.I wish we both have a wonderful andpleasant journey of friendship that has no end.well i believe friendship is all about knowing each other better,so if you would'nt mind could you tell me about your past love life.I will like to know becos i will know how to take care of youi will like to hear from you ,get to know you better, your hobbies and what you do for living,I will like you to send me your pic.
Hope to read from you soonest.
with love,

Hello ,
Glad to read your mail again.I really appreciate that alot.
I felt touched when i read your mail about your past love life,well i believe that is one of those things in life cos life is all about up and down.I have to run away from my father's land becos i wanted to run away from my past,my past i meant was mainly my past and last relationship which was nothing to write home about, it all happened that i and my ex boyfriend were both in love for years and that was in Cyprus. We met shorthly i got admission to the university It was during our relationship my parent died in an auto accident which my elder brother took over the company with the aim of me joining him in control of the company after my graduation from the universtiy cos i was already in 3 hundred level remaining a year to graduate.During our courthship i never had any negative things in mind towards our relationship cos am a kind of person that do things openminded with whoever am dealing with tothe extent that i had turned down many men's offer who wanted my hand in marriage cos of my so called boyfriend.There was a day i went to his house without informing him and i did so cos of the negative attitude had been noticing in him,getting to his house, his door was locked, i entered with a spare key of his which is always with me,getting to his room i met him on bed with another girl.After all that, i forgave him when he came to apologies cos am kind of person that easily forgive and forget things cos i believe relationship is all about for better and for worse,later after some months he did some thing which broke the back of our relationship.
He travelled to germany with all the money in our joint account which i had the largest contribution,and you would'nt believe it was all the allowances my brother did remitte to my account monthly out of the total profit of our father company i did transfered to our joint accound which my ex b f travelled with all my sharemoney in the joint account, not that the money was painful to me but the must painful thing was that i so much trusted and loved him that i never believe he could do such a thing cos of money and how i wish he knew how much i loved him but he took all he did to me to be the priority.
Shorthly after he did that i was in need of some money for my final project in school which my brother had already paid all the money i would be needing for my project into my account in advance which i later transfered them all to the joint account b4 my ex travelled to germany,so i could'nt go back to him cos he would be wondering what happened to all the money in my account,later he got to know all that was hiding to him how my ex b f betrayed and duped me.He felt embittered and said all sort of words to me that ,was that how i would be managing our father's company by the time i join him,spend money lavishly cos up till now he never believe my ex b f duped me cos he knew i could neverdecensed so low to that extent of putting all money in a joint account with my ex,but then i was badly in love that i did everything to make i and my ex b f became one but to no avail i was paid with eveil.
Furthermore you would'nt believe that after all that my ex boyfriend did to me, i never gave chance to be loved and love for good six months cos my heart was badly wounded,it was later i decided to came down to the uk for my master programm in which after i finished my master programm i secured a job as a seller in a store were boats part are been sold and i thank GOD life has been going smoothly for me and my past has been wiping away from my memory gradaully.This just my second year in the uk and i thank GOD have been coping with the life style here,despite i don't have any intimate friend ,only my colleagues at work .
Presently am on official quiting from work becos i have to travell to africa to take care of late dad's charity home.Becos i had a call that theplace was not like before so i have to leave here and go there so i can take good care of the kids.nice knowing you.
lastly if i may ask what has ever been your greatest achievement and dreams in life..
look forward to hearing from you.
I will send to you one of my recent pics i snapped in africa in my next mail.and i think you will like it.Bye for now
Hope i hear from you again.

Hello ,
Thanks for the mail.I was very happy to hear from you again.How're you doing?Hope you are cool.Great to read your e-mails again.Your prompt replies makes the spirit of friendship dwells in me for real.Good to read about your greatest achievement so far in life and i pray may your achievements in life contiune to grow .Furthermore,about mine,firstly, I suppose my academic achievements aren't bad, got a decent job.Secondly i'll say it's great achievement being 27 years of age and i thank GOD for keeping me alive in good health up till this very moment cos many are not opportuned to get to this age of mine before they gave up the ghost but here i am today still alive with good things of life,good job,i get whatever i wanted anytime anyday. i think this a great achievment on it's own .Moreso i see one of my greatest acheivement on earth to be the number of people have been opportuned in my life to bring happiness into there life cos i love to seehappiness and laugther on people's face .I think this's all i can refer to my greatest achievement in life so far and i pray there should'nt be a limit to be my achievements in life.About my dreams, One of my greatest dream that has'nt come to reality is getting the rigth man cos it is the wish of every woman that loves peace, joy and happiness to get married to the rigth man and not the wrong person cos it takes two to tango, someone that will forever love me,that will be close to me like my parent,and that will appreciate me being his wife. Furthermore one of my dreams in life is to make far above the sky to be my limit.To always be in a postion to bring an end to any existing or forthcomming wars and also be in a position to always bring happiness into people's life.
bye for now
Hope to read from you again.

Great to hear from you again.How are you doing today?Hope fine and okay.About mine,life has been a total place of hell for me without the rigth man cos it's great thing to have someone one could confide in,someone that will give in return true love,someone that will be there to share with one the ups and downs of ones life cos it takes two to tango in life and moreso it's a great thing to love and be loved.
Infact i must confess life without the rigth man in my life has been like a car without wheels ,how do you think it would get to it's destination in life ,it can't cos i so much believe one having the whole wide world at ones feet without having the rigth person as a partner in ones life is nothing to me cos true love is more precious and priceless than anything other material thing on earth.
However,i have the strong believe that i shall surely find the rigth in my life oneday cos am born to make it in life and surely i shall win.
Ched,IFI MAY ASK YOU,IF YOU WERE GIVEN FIVE MINUTES GRACE TO MAKE ANY WISHES,WHAT WOULD YOU WISH FOR?.. I dont Care about your Age - Love is the Most immportant things in life.
Hope i hear from you again

Great to read from you again.I was very happy to read your mail again.How are you doing today?Hope fine.I was about going to church and i turn back to check if i have receive i nice mail from my nice friend again and that was right your mail have been awaiting in my mail box since.So i have to reply it before going to church.You know what i think we just have to keep the ball of this relationship rolling and see where it will lead us to,Maybe married.
Ched,Nice to read about what you would wish for if given 5 minute grace,wow,that tells you are a man of great mind who cares alot about people.You sound funny saying you are being selfish wishing to meet your soulmate someday,to me i won't call that selfishness cos it's a great thing to love and be loved and moreso given out the true love in you to your partner is bringing happiness into that partner of yours life.It's actually what you wished for i would also wish for if given that grace and that waswhy i called you a man with great mind cos great people with great mind do think alike and i see myself to be one of
It's really nice knowing you .Am deriving great pleasure reading your answers to my questions.Here i go another question for you,IF I MAY ASK CAN YOU DECRIBE YOURSELF IN FIVE WORDS.Bye

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2007-01-09, 11:42:59
anonymous from United States  
More pic

Keywords: black girl bikini
2007-01-09, 11:43:41
anonymous from United States  
2007-01-10, 09:48:16
anonymous from United States  
More Pic
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rose Kimberly in Africa

Keywords: brunette green top
2007-01-16, 18:36:32
anonymous from United States  
I got this picture asking for use to to get together have this picture ever been on a date scam?

Keywords: black girl white top
2007-02-11, 16:50:37
anonymous from United States  

2007-03-04, 10:31:24
anonymous from United States  
i have ben talking to a girl 29 jessica william i have checkted all stories from lagose nigeria and theres nothing on here and even did a pic shurch check and her pics have never ben on here iam hoping very much she is for real but after reading all this i have got to check to be shure shes not asking for anything she calls me all the time with a phone card from a pay phone but i got to be shure iam really falling for her
2007-03-09, 21:09:10
anonymous from United States  
i also found out a scam from nigeria telling me shes a only child and her mother died her in the states and she lost 1200 dollars by thieves i was about to send it but i was skeptical about it because we chatted only three times her name is tricia owen2013@meonyou.comim glad i cheked this out thanks for the inormation
2007-03-12, 11:08:21
anonymous from United States  
She goes by caseyoak on okcupid claims to be in lagos nigeria needs $290 to get out of the country.

Keywords: brunette black dress holds pillow
2007-03-20, 17:00:23
anonymous from United States  
I WAS SCAMMED BY THIS MEN he says he is working in Nigeria and he needs money to came to the states, he says he lives in college park in Georgia, and claims to be very religious. about 46 47 years. old he told me he has a daughter 19 years old going to school in Spain, of course after a waile he says his daughter die an a car accident, and of course after i send him money now he don't answer the phone. I only have to go on with my life and be more carefully. I just can believe i was so stupid. His accent is american.

Keywords: man
2007-03-29, 13:16:28
anonymous from Ontario in California, United States  
As ashamed as I am to admit it,I was very naive about the internet when I began doing this internet dating about 6 months ago and I definately learned the hard way that you can't trust ANYONE!!!that you meet on line! Through a series of elaborate scams by the same person' Sandra Marcus',Actually she goes by at least 3 other names because I've seen her on other websites,she or he or whoever the Hell it was,scammed me out of more than $23,000!!!! I'm not an idiot! Quite the contrary!But this scam that was pulled on me was so believable,and I really thought that I had all my bases covered!After speaking with her everyday on IM for about 3 months,she asked me if one of her clients(She told me that she was starting some kind of fashion business)She said that she was a model,and a fashion designer,She asked me if one of her clients from the US could 'deposit '$20,000 into one of my credit card accounts,and then I would wire her the cash to her address in Nigeria so that she could pay off some of her employees,so that she could leave there and come here to meet me!Be my wife,have my children! I let her use 2 of my accounts to do this.After she emailed me confirmation of the deposits,($10,000 into 2 different accounts) I called my credit card issuing companys to make certain that the money was there.They both told me that the money had been wired into my accounts,and that there was no way that anyone but me could access it,and it was wired into the accounts so it was definitely there! I talked to at least 4 different people at 2 different companys,and they all told me the same thing,that it was definitely in my accounts! So I told them to send me refund checks in the amount of $10,000 each because of the credit that I now had in those accounts.So I took my own money,and wired it to 'her',because I thought that I would be receiving those refund checks! 12 days later,I received letters from both companys saying that they were unable to issue me those checks because a stop payment had been put on those checks!! At the time,I was still in contact with'her'everdy on IM.I told her about the stop payment,and she told me that there was some problem her client had with transfering some funds!So she told me that she would have her client send me cashiers checks to cover my losses.She also told me that the checks would be for more than what I was out,and I should take my money out,and wire her the difference.The next morning I received 6 $10,000 cashiers checks FedEx! So I went to my bank to deposit the checks,and I was informed that they were counterfeit!! Part of some elaborate international counterfeiting ring! The scam went on after that!(Part2) I started receiving emails from someone else in Nigeria telling me that the money that I had received was stolen from her Father,and if I didn't wire it to an address that she gave me,they were going to take legal action against me!!Unbelievable right?! Then part 3 of the scam went into action,'Sandy' emailed me telling me that she was very excited because some gold bullion that her Father had left her in his will was in a bank in the UK,and she had named me as her husband,so that I could meet her in london to collect this money,and spend some time there with her!And I should get a flight To London to meet with this overseas pay agent to sign some documents! I started getting emails,and phone calls from this pay agent in the UK!! He told me that I needed to sign some documents,or hire an attorney to act on my behalf if I couldn't make it to London!He told me that the sum that they wanted to wire into my bank account was $3 million doillars!!! I told him that I couldn't make it there,so he told me to wire the attorney $3800 to cover his fees. I just stopped answering his phone calls,and replying to his emails.After about a week the calls finally stopped.Can any of you guys top that one!! I feel like I should write a fucking book!I've posted a picture of 'Sandra Marcus'with this letter
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2007-03-29, 13:19:37
anonymous from United States  
2007-04-05, 17:06:06
anonymous from United States  
I've seen this one and tried to e-mail her back acount does not exsist
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