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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2008-12-30, 15:11:41
anonymous from United States  
mutiya issaka and so called uncle abdul aziz ali

2008-12-30, 18:15:24
anonymous from United States  
2008-12-31, 05:20:20
Nanou from Belgium  
about scammer from Accra, Ghana : JOHNNY M GLADSTONE

So sorry about this 'bandulu business'
Scammers works in the cybercafe... Great Accra, Ghana.
They have 15-25 and chatting with few women in the same time ! I think so never girl but only man !
Poor people ! The life is so hard in Ghana !
Please stop to believe is white people, nice young women or businessman from US or Europa, LIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a shame for the honest and courageous ghanaian people : very peacefull and friendly...
I go there and meet some of them, and search my scammer.American businessman, deals in cars, containers blocked to Tema port, credit card no work, cannot pay bills hotel, police custody, .... blah blah blah................. he told about God and Bible everytime, and he cry very easy !
If you will stopped the scammers, please give all informations about them.
One of them are super star !
For receive money by Western Union or Money Gram, he use his real name, he 'work' on the net since longtime, with team.
His victims are american, canadian and some european.
He speak a perfect english and a good french.

Be carefull :

JOHNNY GLADSTONE (Johnny M. Gladstone) M=Mawuli
Johnny Mawuli Gladstone is real name, He live to Dome (Great Accra) 32 years, married, daughter. black little man... no white. just young ghanaian play with your feelings to get money !
few nicknames, e-mail address, and phone :
in and : scripture2nesia; kudonesia; kudonoo; blackcoffee661; jonny_smith41.
mobile :
+233 243 531 266;
+233 207 566 943;
+233 276 770 598.


Take care of yourself.
2008-12-31, 12:09:50   (updated: 2008-12-31, 12:15:12)
[hidden] from United States  
I was searching everywhere and finally found my scammer on pages 21 and 28. On page 28 she is the 6th & 7th pics down. This one has been trying to scam me for about a month now maybe 5 weeks, we met on They are using the line that they are a 29yr old virgin and have described the rights and everything to a T. Lives with mum and little bro supposedly. They are patient until they think your going to get them money then they get pushy but the whole time they tell you to let nobody know of your love. lol Now that I wasn't able to get the money, lol , to bring them here they are having problems with their computer, gee I wonder what's wrong, lol. Have fun with them but don't fall for their B.S. good luck all.
This one uses some pictures of a real nubian cutie and plays the virtuous part all the way. All pics are fully clothed and I tried to get them to tell me how we would do it and they stuck to script. They told me I would have to guide them because they have never experienced making love, didn't even want to use they imagination, lol.
I was actually starting to think I was wrong but kept searching pictures and finally found them.
Thanks delphi

2008-12-31, 15:12:12
anonymous from United States  
Can anybody check on Vanessa Williams from cape coast, Ghana
2008-12-31, 16:05:20 from Sweden  
Hey guy´s I am now back in Sweden after 5 weeks in Accra, I had hope that we victums could help eachother , i send a request too this site too get some small finance help, so i could have stayed there fore 3 too 4 weeks more, maybe i could have catch the scammers who scammed me fore around 40,000 dollars , you maybe think that how can i be so stupid too send so much money, well i have alot off bank documents and my own bank in Sweden couldnt help me and the same with the bank of Ghana , the Western Union are not too any help. When i apply too this site fore help the webmaster deleted my message off help, so now my scammers have free too find a new victum. And that is bad. Then will i just tell all your guy´s one more time there are no white women in Ghana. Get there´s phone number and tell them too go online with a webcam, call them when they then are online so you can see them talking too you .
I want too go down there again too catch them
2008-12-31, 18:46:35
anonymous from Sweden  
I have the same photos of ' Mutiya Issaka, but to me she sad she was from Denmark. Not so smart when Danish and Swedish allmost are the same, the language i meen. She had a translater (she thought). Well it was Swedish words but all in a big blurr. And to me her name was Mary.Thats not all my friends. I have done some research and the pic is from a pornstar named Zafire. The goal must be to keep this site uppgrade because it helps alot....even me. Thanks all and a happy new year. May the hunt start :)
2009-01-02, 14:05:58
Does anyone know about this girl? She contacted me on Myspace name is Dora
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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2009-01-03, 02:18:50 from United States  
Hello I just ended a 6 month relationship with who, I now know thanks to this site
must be one of the biggest and most skillful scammers in Ghana, Accra, Africa
She goes by Cosmos Dorcas Faibi
She had me call her Dorcy also.
She told me 12/31/08 That her real last name is Fobi now.
So she may be listed as Cosmos Dorcas Fobi
After looking through this entire sites every listing. I believe she may be listed as
Osai Williams also. To many similarity's in the story's to ignore. Also any listing using
Angel, Rose, I have been taken for well over $1,000.00 USD She asks for food money.
Medicine, She Has Malaria ? In and out of the Hospital
Telephone minutes, I paid for a new Lap Top. She wants money for Visa, Passport,
and Airfare to come to the US. She supposedly lives with her Uncle Charles Faibi,
Mother Madam Ama, Sister Sarah,and her son Emmanuel or called by Junior.
She accepts money through Money Gram and Western Union. She prefers Western
Union as she Say's she has no ID. She can get the money without ID from them.
But got new ID recently ? She claimed a mistake
was made and because of that her last name shows Fobi now.
She said that mistake cannot be corrected either ?
Her Email address right now today is
Telephone # 011233249823212 Her Uncle answers it most of the time.
I have two different Birthdays for her July 12,1974 ( 34 yrs old )
December, 29, 1976 ( 32 yrs old )
No sense in giving height,weight, or measurements They all are fake ?
I honestly do not know if, I was writing a man or woman ?
The voice on the phone never matched the photo.
She uses photo's from or A famous Porn star.
She also sent 3 photo's of herself after being confronted with the truth that the
Julie photo's were stolen. She uses the phrase God is with me God is with me
on the heading of her Yahoo messenger The last photo shown at the top of the
page was Jesus holding a Lamb. Her father is supposed to be dead.
She contacted me on singlesnet. Giving me her E Mail address. That profile
vanished immediately after making contact with me. It said from New York
Age 99 complete phony. I never should have answered that.
At first she was talking about being a Christian seeking who God has for her.
Fell in Love with me in two E Mail's. Sound familiar ? Always wanted to chat on
Yahoo Messenger. Falling Hearts in the back ground. In the beginning loads of
information. Then as time went on, I noticed a split personality from one chat to
another. One seemed to spell better than the other. Then, I could not get answers to
everyday questions. She would get angry and threaten to stop talking if, I asked
any questions. Finally she got to where no mention of God at all. In fact wanted
me to get her cum as she masturbated. This became the only contact after awhile.
Me writing about having sex and her just listening. She rarely said anything more
than 3 words to me in several hours. She said she Loved me and that we would be married. At first she sent photo's very G rated but as time went on she started
sending nude photo's. Look I am 55, I have been alone for over a decade.
I should have known better. I am new to computers and the Internet. No one
warned me about on line dating sites. I have paid dearly monitarily and emotionally
as well from this. I have come to the conclusion to never do on line dating again.
I have been contacted by no less than 6 of the scammers shown on this very site.
I will go back to what, I see in real life right in front of me.
Cosmos or who ever really this person lied to the very end. I had a friend contact
me month's ago and said, I was being scammed. I saw this very site. I allowed
myself to be lied to by Dorcy she said it was all lies. Someone stole her pictures.
She had been a model. Since, I did not see her name attached to any of the
reports, I believed her. Stupid !!!!!! I was fooling around a few day's ago and
googled my own name. Then for fun tried Cosmos Faibi. Was, I ever surprised.
Same photo's and name. Then, I really read things. Only to find the photo's were
of Julie. So, I confronted Dorcy with the truth. Overwhelmed her in facts.
She actually tried to maintain that all this was wrong. I mentioned, I had seen
photo's of Julie walking in snow and with Hulk Hogan. She finally said she was sorry.
Then sent the other 3 pictures ? I believe them to be stollen also ?
I tried to find others like them but no luck. They do look like possibly of the same
woman posted on this site. But no positive ID ? She refused to go to a Internet
cafe and go on line on a cam. She said she would if, I sent her some money to
buy a cam. Also asked for food money. That was today January, 02, 2009
I told her, I would send money only if she first proved to me who she really is ?
She say's she cannot go to a cafe and gives no reason why not.
I know deep inside myself if, I were to send any more money it would not be spent
on a cam. I was told 5 lies today alone. Please if your hooked up with her ?
Stop right now and save yourself. Never send money to anyone overseas unless
You know exactly who they are first. No sad stories or any other bull shit.
See them live on a cam and then good luck with that also. As for me, I'm done.
I hope this help's someone just one other person even. I caught Cosmos on Christianmingle Whenever, I found her,
I would just say hello if possible for free. She paniced every time and pulled that
listing within 24 hrs. There are more names that she uses. I could fill a page with
them alone if, I could remember them all. She had more than 20 listings on Contact me if wish at I have no reason
to hide from anyone. My name is Jerry Just mention under subject Cosmos and
I will check what you sent me. I will answer all credible E Mails

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2009-01-03, 02:22:56 from United States  
Here is more photo's of Cosmos Dorcas Faibi or Fobi ?
Let me know if they are of anyone you know. I am unable to positively ID them.

2009-01-03, 02:25:30 from United States  
Another new photo of Cosmos Dorcas Faibi
Jerry see above
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana

2009-01-03, 02:27:00 from United States  
Another of Cosmos Dorcas Faibi
Jerry see above

2009-01-03, 03:30:24 from United States  
Hi I completely forgot to list Cosmos Dorcas Faibi or Fobi AKA Dorcy
address 95 Kanda Highway Accra Ghana, West Africa 00233
Do not believe anything she say's ! Even this address is most likely bogus.
Jerry \\'^o^'// see my other coments above. Plus other pictures.
Please stop this person.

2009-01-03, 06:36:43   (updated: 2009-01-03, 06:37:49)
anonymous from United States  
up date name Hawa Bansi crafty big lier goes under
2009-01-06, 16:22:52   (updated: 2009-01-06, 16:23:53)
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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