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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2009-01-23, 19:47:12
anonymous from United States  
if you become a member of beware this is a hotbed of the nigerian 4-1-9 scammers.

out of the 4 girsl that sent me letters all of them had a sob storys requesting money
just join up for free & make it & they will come to you..

<Make it & they will come>

her email: 'Elizabeth Jones' <>

[img] http://www.soulma. jpg[/img]

her email:'Narshater Hamllin' <>

[img] http://www.soulmate..jpg[/img]

these 2 both different profiled members at
sent me the EXACT same long ass email sob story letters but
2 completely dif profiles & elegid members of the site.

((fake profiles)), whatever...

strange thing is the day before one of them narshaterhamllin started a long yahoo messenger chat with me and seemed to me very kind person..

but i guess thats the plan though lie & scam people out of money right?
2009-01-24, 00:22:59 from United States  
Thank You Morris Sons MD You will be missed
I have written a few things on here and have seen results directly connected
to my comments as of late. On page 56 & 57 in this listing Osai Williams
and Dorcas Appiah page 2 I see just above your message the picture posted by
anonymous Canada, He gives the name Celestina Amevor for who, He has been talking to. Also the scammer admits to the picture is of Melissa Midwest. Then claims to be Melissa Midwest. Sorry but that is probably my fault in a way. I confronted my
scammer with the truth and they just finally gave in and admitted the truth.
But then sent other pictures claiming to be the real ones. Those turned out to
be stolen also. But, I saw today that happened to someone else also.
Well its obvious to me now they are getting desperate to cover their tracks.
So now they are using the lie they are the porn star. As, I have noticed these
scammers are reading what we post on here. Just Like, I know they will read
what You and, I just wrote. Melissa Midwest is still in America go to her web site
she hasn't gone anywhere. I got hurt and taken for money. There is no reason
for anyone else to suffer loss. Evil only triumphs when good men don't speak up.
I'm no Saint but, I am not a dirt bag thief and liar. As long as lonely men go on
dating sites unprepared for the real world. Scams like this will continue.
More people need to speak out to people they know now and warn them before
they make the mistake. Unfortunately most find out after they have been screwed.
These ass holes in Ghana are nothing but Cowards and thieves.
They feel secure where they are. Well pay back is a bitch.
Their day is coming sooner than they can ever know. I do not hide who, I am
because only a coward hides. You guys that post stuff on here and don't show who
you are make the scammers bolder. Think about it. Get some stones between your
legs and do something. You others that think this is a dating site get a life.
For those dim wits that contacted me and think, I will be intimidated or fall for
some bullshit story your trying to be my friend from over seas to hook me up
with another blood sucker from Ghana good luck with that. LOL
I'm not going anywhere ever. I paid my dues at the door and want a piece of these
jerks even if only one person starts thinking with their head instead of their lonely
heart or dick. Get real guys the money we send these ass holes can be going
to kill Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan. Most of these scammers claim to be
Christian and believe in God. Right and I'm Daffy Duck A Christian Woman would
never send nude photo's ever no exceptions. So they use pictures of Our Woman
and say they believe in Our God. Well most are christian in America.
They have no moral limit they won't cross to lie to You. They have been doing
this for years. Ya think they might know how to lie to just about anybody now ?
If Your communicating with anyone in Ghana, Yellow, Black or White. Your most likely
are being scammed. Unless You see them live on cam and see their lips move
as they talk to you on the phone at the same time. Who are You kidding ?
Even if You do that are they real ? Just like the dumb ass from Sweden trying
to hook me up with a girl with a cam all on his recommendation. Oh yeah,
He did mention her store had been robbed and she would be asking for money to help
out. I'm supposed to believe that isn't setting me up for another scam ? How Fucking dumb is that ? I'm a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and I have a lot of attitude and I'm tired of America getting screwed by people who won't work for their living. This site can do a lot of good if You can get people to read it and get their head out of their ass.
Kind Regards Jerry \\'^o^'//

2009-01-24, 18:57:03
anonymous from United States  
Anybody seen this 'Ghana' girl...think she's a scammer

2009-01-24, 19:56:55
anonymous from United States  
I had another Ghana girl contact me using the name Juana
2009-01-24, 22:47:01
anonymous from Brazil  
The blond cute girl,, her 'real' name is 'Tiffany Teen'. Look on Google
2009-01-25, 01:28:39   (updated: 2009-01-25, 02:28:34) from United States  
Hello Anonymous from the US Sorry but everybody has seen the girl from Ghana
in the photo. It is a stolen photo of Raven Riley a Porn Star. There are plenty of her
pictures on this site clothed and unclothed. I suspect your talking to someone
from Accra Ghnana. It is a scam do not believe anything they say. They will try
every lie in the book to keep you hooked. Raven Riley is in the US and did not go
to Ghana if they try to tell you different. If You look at listings from Ghana on this
site you will see for yourself they are full of shit. If they admit the picture is fake
when confronted and send you another photo claiming it is their true photo don't
believe that trick either. It was pulled on me. Stop sending any personal pictures
of yourself to them and stop sending any money immediately. If your stubborn and want to try to prove they are telling the truth demand they go on a web cam live and talk to you on a cell phone at the same time. Do not believe them if they say they are unable. There are Cyber Cafes everywhere in Accra. There is no excuse for them not to
appear live for you. Plus do not send money for cam or phone you will just lose it.
Break it off now and save yourself some money and dignity.
read what else, I have posted above. Just look for my E Mail address it is posted
on all my postings. Page 56 & 57 & 60 Plus you can see another of my postings
by looking up Dorcas Appiah page 2 The name of your scammer may not be listed
on this site. But just like the picture you posted. That was the first time it was posted.
The scammers change their names all the time. Cosmos Dorcas Faibi was the name
used by mine but, I can at least 100 other scams done by the exact same person on this site. Using different names. Favorites used Mensah, Faibi, Fobi, Dorcas, Cosmos
Dorcy, Angel, Williams, Rose. They will tell you anything to keep you paying.
Just remember there are no white woman in Ghana looking for a date or anything else.
No sob story about some accident or someone dying or someone is sick.
You are most assuredly talking to a man pretending to be a woman. Or you are talking
to bunch of different people working shifts. Ask personal questions that makes them
mad. They cant remember everybody they are talking to. You may even notice a
personality difference from time to time. Please break it off now. For Your sake.
I will post another Raven Riley photo here with this. I got it from this site.
You can even look at a listing in the top 40 of the list. Just look for Pictures of Raven
Riley there's a ton of them naked and clothed. Plus other stories of guys scammed
from someone using her pictures.
Kind Regards Jerry \\'^o^'//
Another photo of Raven Riley is on page 57 next to my other posting
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Inna Golubok
Dating scammer Dariya Tryhina
Dating scammer Svetlana

2009-01-25, 07:43:26
anonymous from United States  
Thank you otter....saved me in time...she started off wanting a phone card but i'm sure it would have got worse!! Funny, she doesnt seem to want to chat anymore???..thanks
2009-01-25, 07:56:36
anonymous from United States  
Thank you otter....saved me in time...she started off wanting a phone card but i'm sure it would have got worse!! Funny, she doesnt seem to want to chat anymore???..thanks
2009-01-25, 07:56:48
anonymous from United States  
Thank you otter....saved me in time...she started off wanting a phone card but i'm sure it would have got worse!! Funny, she doesnt seem to want to chat anymore???..thanks
2009-01-26, 02:25:09
anonymous from United States  
this another one that wants me to help get her a webcam. she goes by the name of Ramatu isaka might be a fake

2009-01-26, 04:54:29   (updated: 2009-01-26, 05:04:12) from United States  
I don't know if, I am speaking to the same anonymous American above.
The picture directly above this posting is a porn star or
same person. I was told this was Cosmos Dorcas Faibi or AKA as Dorcy
She later told me the last name changed because of a error to Fobi.
I confronted her with the fact the picture was a porn star and asked how is it
possible there are pictures of you with Hulk Hogan. Plus photo's of her walking in snow
in New York. She finally confessed the photo's and video's that she gave me were not
her. So she sent what she said was her real photo's. I found that they were fake
also. What ever name she is going by now is fake also. If your being contacted
from someone in Accra Ghana then it is a scam no question. Julies pictures are
all over this site. more than 100 of them. Clothed and naked.
Most likely she says she has a Uncle. Plus she may or may not have a son or even
a daughter. But when, I confronted her about the photo's being fake she admitted
she had no son. She can be very Religious saying she believes in God.
Trouble with all this is the fact your most likely talking to a man pretending to be
a woman. Or if you are talking to a woman. It can be different woman taking turns.
It is a 24 hour scam operation. I called one time at 3:00am Ghana time.
It sounded like a very busy office not a home. Do not fall for this no matter what
the story is. It is a scam Guaranteed. They use many E Mail addresses, names, photo's
The Porn Star Julie is not in Ghana. The E Mail address I was given was Accra Ghana 95 Kanda Highway
Cosmos Dorcas Faibi Phone # 011233249823212
She will ask for money for her sick mother, or Dorcy is sick, or they are starving.
Right does the photo look like someone starving ? Besides that's not even her.
Demand she go on cam. Then when she says she can't she is lying to you.
I have said it before and will say it again. There are White, Yellow, or even real
black girls in Ghana on line. They may even ask for money for phone card or
a new computer. I was asked if, I would use a Credit Card the number of which
they gave me. To obtain money from it and send it to them. The Card was from
someone in England. I refused. They also were going to send me a check from
a friend of theirs to cash. Right ! LOL Remember they have plenty of suckers
they are scamming at the same time. They are making one hell of a lot of money
every day. They don't care what happens to you at all. Your just another sucker.
If this one contacted you after you dumped another one. Guess what its the
same scammer that contacted you again using different information.
You must stop getting hooked up with them. They usually contact you through
a dating site. Suddenly a gorgeous babe contacts you out of the blue.
Yeah and I'm Daffy Duck. LOL Its not real its a illusion they put in your head.
I personally have way over 100 photo's of the woman in the picture above Julie.
I will give them credit as, I have not seen that particular photo before.
But there is no mistake that it is Julie. Get ready to be scammed again if
you break this off. They don't give up. look back through this entire section page 1 - 61 look at all of the pictures of Julie in just this section. Then go to the main list of names and look at any that mention Ghana, Nigeria, or even Russia. Julies pictures are the most used by the scammers World wide. Please read my postings pages 56,57,60,61
Its all there you should be able to see the similarity between the scam's and how
they work. Please save your money. OK Do not send any to them.
They make fake Pass Ports the works. There must be 60 or more with Julies picture
posted on this site. I hope this saves you from a big loss of money and time for
nothing. Kind Regards Jerry \\'^o^'//
Just to be clear I am talking about the photo above with the name Ramatu Isaka
2009-01-27, 14:05:25 from Sweden  
Please guy´s , dont buy any webcams , there are webcams on 9 out off 10 internet cafe´s , so get there phone number and tell then too go to a cafe , it cost 1 cedi($1) for 1 hour , when you see them then call her so you know its her .
2009-01-29, 15:22:16
anonymous from United States  
Michael Essien is apparently from Accra, Ghana and is trying to get me to accept money into my bank account in inheritance of a fake relative I don't have. He found me on skype. He keeps asking me for personal information... my age, location, phone number.
2009-02-08, 11:03:07
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hey guys!

Be careful, if a girl is saying that she loves you already after 2 emails, then you have to be suspicious. How can you fall in love with someone you have never met!

Kind regards,
2009-02-08, 12:35:39
anonymous from Canada  
If its from Accra Ghana it is most likely a scam ..Dont be fooled..Dont send them money
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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