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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2009-07-24, 10:49:38
Fred from Germany  
2009-07-24, 01:57:40
anonymous from New Zealand


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2009-07-24, 11:28:55
wanwan from Japan  
2009-07-24, 15:46:25
anonymous from Denmark  
to: wanwan
Thanks for valuable comment on my post @2009-07-24, 07:54:12
She/he responded tonight again (24th July). Will see, can I get the name of Orphanage Home? There are some 6-7 in Ghana. In my earlier mail this morning I asked her (decently) to send some pictures of her with orphan kids, she said sorry - no pics of kids. Below is another picture of her, from first mail yesterday.

2009-07-24, 22:14:12
wanwan from Japan  
@Hi Denmark!!

Do you see this message ''Guys, this girl is one of the models from ATK Exotics''?
This is an important info.
This picture is stolen by African scammers.
It is a 1000% african scam !!

But we can tease her(he)!!
1)please play innocent !! please don't ask her '' are you a scammer? ''
play innocent and keep playing with her.Then this idiocy African scammer has a
misunderstanding that you have fallen into honey scam trap.
It is a chance to bust this idiocy African scammer.

2)please say '' Do you have a summer holiday ?''
And when she will say '' Yes '' ,please say ''I want to meet you in the near future!''
''Visit Denmark ''.
I guess your girl(?)will say '' I hope but I have no MONEY,so I don't have any passport,visa,etc.''
''I want to buy a tickets so please remit me your money by Western Union ''.

3)Of course we never send any money!!
But it is our sweet bait !!
Please you will say '' I will remit you all flight costs by Western Union ''.
At that time this idiocy African scammer will fall into your trap.
And you will say ''I will remit you money ,so you must send me your passport copy !''.
When you will rob of her fake passport copy,please will post that one on Delphi !!
It will be your victory trophi !!!!!!!
And to make that forged passport,visa is a criminal.

So please you play innocent and keep playing with her.
You can bother her(he).Then it will be very helpful to others.
You can let her(he) busy.Scammers will lose their precious time to scam others.
I hope you enjoy bothering her and busting her.
Please post !!
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2009-07-25, 04:13:30
anonymous from Denmark  
Re my post on 2009-07-24, 07:54:12
Here she goes again ... claiming being from Osu chlidren's home (Accra, Ghana). Send more pictures last night, 24th July, one is below. Seems real one, not a stolen star. Anybody seen her before?

2009-07-25, 04:15:00
anonymous from Denmark  
and closer...

2009-07-25, 09:29:53   (updated: 2009-07-25, 09:37:39)
wanwan from Japan  
@anon Denmark
Thank you for your postings.
It is a very helpful to us!!
And our Fred has so deep knowledge of African scammers.
So right now we ask Fred about this suspicious girl.

@Fred !!
When you will find this thread,please come on and join us.
Have you ever seen this girl on site ATK Exotics ?
Please give your comments and support us .
Thank you for your time.

again @anon Denmark !!
See those infos and ask about her ''she is a real girl or not ''



Anon Denmark !! Please listen to me!!
When you asked her for her picture with children,
but she could not send you those pictures ,why? It is a contrariety.
It is a scam sign !
She is not in there so she doesn't have any such pictures with orphan children .
1)you let her sit down on Webcam
2)please you will post her e-mail header on here
3) it is a Osu chlidren's home ,so it has a '' land line phone ''.
So please you ask her about its landline phone number.
It is not enough for you to get a '' cell '' phone number.
So please try to get her '' Land '' line phone number !!!

Be careful !! It is a scammer.Never trust her(he).
Put her email header info on here as soon as you can,and
at that time you must edit out your personal infos!! Never put your info on here.
Thank you anon Denmark!!
Have a nice weekend in home and never trust her,it is a scam !!
see you !!
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2009-07-25, 09:33:17   (updated: 2009-07-25, 09:36:51)
wanwan from Japan  
@anon Denmark

see this picture,
you can find address,a land line phone number.
see this URL!!
you can find '' her '' land line phone number.

2009-07-25, 13:07:47   (updated: 2009-07-25, 13:14:34)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from Denmark

Why are, You ignoring what Wanwan has told, You repeatedly ?
Once and for all no matter how many more pictures, You post here.
The fact is that these are all stolen photo's.
You have questioned if the one really is stolen. Yes it is !!!!!
Please do not waste Wanwans time asking anymore foolish questions.
Every picture is stolen and they all come from ATK Exotics.
Beyond that point there is absolutely not one person on line from
Ghana, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal, Refugee Camp, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast,
All of West Africa they are all scammers. NO EXCEPTIONS
There are no White or Black, Woman or Man on line from West Africa
that are not 100% Scammers of those thousands of scammers less than
1% are Woman.
The other nearly 100% are Men Scammers.
They use Stolen photo's, Fake names, They can fake a webcam
appearance, They have many e mail addresses.
You need to stop questioning the truth that has been presented to, You.
You are being scammed and there is not one reason for, You to think
You should have known this is a scammer on, Your own.
You need to get off the Internet until, You learn how to spot a scammer
in a instant. You either are not believing what, Your being told or,
You have some other motivation in questioning Wanwans information ?
Never tell any scammer about this site.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
You have been warned that, You are being scammed.
So start believing that as fact and end it with the scammer now.
If, You continue to come back and keep questioning and disputing
what, You have been told. Then it would appear as if , You are not
The facts more than prove this is a scammer and a Man at that.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Wanwan my friend Good job in providing so much information.
Mata-ne !!!!!

2009-07-25, 15:39:23
anonymous from Denmark  
Re: girl from Osu children's home (Accra, Ghana)

Thanks, Agent,86!
Yes, she might be stolen, I agree. Don't know much about this monkey business.
It was fast - no love, no pain, no money loss ... No mails from the scammer today. If reappear, will try to find out more details.
2009-07-25, 18:20:15
anonymous from Canada  
These people from Accra..It is a large group of people ,,both male and female that will tell you anything to get you to send them maney..They dont care anything about you at all..Listen to what these guys are telling you and DONT SEND MONEY..Turn your back now and walk away..

2009-07-26, 04:40:08   (updated: 2009-07-26, 04:40:48)
Fred from Germany  
2009-07-25, 04:13:30
anonymous from Denmark

2009-07-25, 09:29:53 (updated: 2009-07-25, 09:37:39)
wanwan from Japan

sorry, havent seen this one (yet).
General comment: there are no decent girl (goodlooking or not, black or white or yellow...)
that are dating online.

google for osu childrens home and you'll find many stories. some good some bad.

whenever 'she' pretends to do volonteers work there, ask how much 'she' is paying to do that.

Volunteers are welcome to participate in our program for as little as a week to as long as suits their schedule. The pricelist below outlines the cost of the program is determined by the length of your stay with us and is inclusive of a non-refundable deposit fee. The deposit fee is used to cover administrative and staff costs while the remainder amount goes to cover the cost of your food and accommodation, as well as to support community improvement projects within the community you are working in.


1 week $450
2 weeks $550
4 weeks $900

$200 per each additional week

*price includes cost for room, board and transportation to and from placement as well as administration fee and community support fund.

Price does not include airfare to Ghana or any type of travelers insurance.
2009-07-26, 05:02:14
wanwan from Japan  
Thank you for your great supports.
It is very useful,helpful to us.
When you will find '' her'' ,please tell us,thanks a lot !!

When you will get '' her '' personal infos,
give us as soon as you can,thanks.

Great comment,thank you very much.
I could not explain him in Good English,
but you have translated my horrble words to excellent English,thanks !!

My boys !! Good jobs,appreciate you !!!!!!!!!!

Denmark,,,please call that home and ask about '' her ''.
Or you will email there home with her picture.
2009-07-26, 08:56:27
anonymous from Denmark  
Re: girl from Osu children's home (Accra, Ghana)

Thanks Fred and wanwan for comments!

Yesterday I get in contact with a volunteer lady working in Osu children's home month ago in June (same time with 'Liz'), she said never met her, but she was not working in school, so was not sure, she forwarded my mail and picture to friends in Osu. No answer.

Have response from “Liz” this morning again (26th July, my name replaced with xxxx):

'Good morning too my dear xxxx...Ohh no you are not going too's always good to Express how you feel..Because if i feel something about you i have to say it and shouldn't have hide it...This pictures was take by my colleagues...If we meet someday you can take this pictures by yourself..haha if only you will like to..i will be always there for you to take me pictures...No one know's where Love comes from...You meet and love peoples in many ways you know my dear xxxx..Anyway i have to do some house work b4 getting ready to church...have a good morning onece again until i read from you later when i come back from church..keep it real and stay safe..liz'

One more picture received earlier:

2009-07-26, 10:43:05   (updated: 2009-07-26, 10:43:34)
wanwan from Japan  
@Denmark !

You let '' her '' do same like this picture,please see below!
See again !

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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