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Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana


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Osei Kwesi Box ms 395,
mile seven-Achimota,
Accra Ghana 00233,

more info to follow with pics..


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2008-12-31, 09:16:00
[hidden] from Canada  
asiibi akamiti.23 from ghana
2009-01-01, 15:47:14 from United States  
Chuckie_the_Man If you didn,t read what i put just above your comment then read it. Other words.... Find you some one here neer you you will e a lot better of. I,ve said this once... Now i will say it agai... If it looks like a fish hummm and if it smells like a fish huum then surely if you have ever seen one then its a fish... Leave those Bitches alone.. They are nothing but a man behind a desk laughing at you.. Don,t make a fool of your self by talking to him.. You will soon be telling hom you love him with out knowing that she... the girl that you think youare talking to is a he. One more time... Find you a woman here in the states and gether to talk to you on the phone notice her area code if possible and where she is from... Even then you cant be to sure... Just check her out... Thats al I am asking you to do... I have been scamed really bad... Just don,t do it...... Robin
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana

2009-01-02, 21:10:38
anonymous from United States  
Peggy Osei, Atlanta, Georgia, Dalton, Georgia, Parents died in world trade center. Took over fathers business, acts very naieve needs the help of a man with bank account in USA. Goes to Accra Ghana to buy gold. Asks for bank account information, so her financial officer can deposit money for when she needs to withdrawl, money to get home.
Very sweet sounding on phone, very convincing at first. But forgets to say good bye, after phone calls. But she is so much in Love and you are the only one she can trust. Etc.

2009-01-04, 14:59:59
anonymous from Romania  
Another scammed dating guy:CALIS MORISON.,from LONDON UK,28 bow cellphone:0044/703 174 6763.He 'works'on,;the same history:he is business man in jewelry,heard that in Ghana is cheap gold,went there in ACCRA for 2 weeks with his son of 10 years old,to buy gold....he arrived in Accra -Ghana in 22 December 2008,waited 2 hours in airport to come taxi from hotel they must stay,and because it did not came,he took a taxi from airport.Through the way to hotel,the kid was cry he is hungry,he asked taxi driver to stop;then he get out from taxi with son to buy him snakes and in that time the taxi went suddenly,leaving him and son without nothing:no card credit,no adress book ,no phone ,no money no laptop,photo cam..etc.At the hotel,the hotel manager say that can not stay there till paying bills...the kid was hungry....bla,bla,bla...and to help him trying to send him some money for paying the hotel...if he dont pay he would be arested and kid could die hungry.I am the only escape,because he dont know any contacts(the adresses agenda was stolen) and he needs 2,400 $ to send him through western union to name 'solomon cotie'the postman of hotel Palm Beach from Accra. He use this helping man for receive money,because he have no documents(they were stolen).he was to embassy of UK and they promise him to help finding man who stolen his things,but can not give him a place to stay.the police begun looking for those taxi driver;in 23 December the son has a car accident,he was hospitalized in youth hospital,and doctors ask him from 3,400$ to make a surgery operation,;without that surgery boy would can die.he asked me today 4 january 2009,for this 3,400 $;;to send him through western union.l never can send such a sum of money,l said him,but he insisted that l am bad because l leave his son to die....l show you the photo..from,but l do not believe is his photo.

2009-01-11, 12:18:26
anonymous from Germany  
2009-01-12, 10:38:44
anonymous from United States  
2009-01-16, 21:00:16
anonymous from United States  
This lady comes on to you and tells you that she want to marry you , then she wants wants wants

2009-01-17, 12:19:47 from United States  
I met a lady on goes by the name of Sarah Dickson,and she did all the things that are written about. Wanted me to immediately go to Yahoo IM, asked me to close my profile on BlackPeopleMeet, write my lovely letters and we IM'd a lot. Says she doesn't have a phone and asked me to send her one to PO BOX 70 ALAJO-ACCRA, GHANA. Currently uses email of Says she lives with her mother and 20 year old sister, has no phone and does not work, but want to come to the US and marry me. I'm very suspicious and I told her so. She played like she was so sad that I didn't trust here. I also saw her posted on under the name 'Trust_Wanted. Does anyone recognize the name? I'll post her picture.

I was going to send her a cell phone, but caution gave men 2nd thoughts. if you recognize any of this.

Also. I have gotten IM for a few other suspected scamming ladies, I have the photos and I've seen them on this board.

Thanks, Jake

2009-01-17, 21:37:19
jcameron from United States  
Update: Supposedly has a desktop computer in her house, but NO telephone; mother has a clothing shop, but NO phone there. alkims house has no address, Has no dirver's license, passport, car, lives with sister (20). Wants me to write her Love letters, and send her a cell phone and IPOD. Sad story about ex cheating on her 6 years ago; denied putting of more than one profile and photo, but I found TWO, one on BlackPeopleMeet and one on Adult Singles. I gave her a chance to fess up, but she clammed up instead. Said I made her cry ASK ME IF I CARE.
2009-01-20, 10:46:52
anonymous from Canada  
2009-01-20, 11:01:27
anonymous from Canada  
These storys sound very similar to the GLORIA LARBI storys..Be careful,,its a scam..
2009-01-22, 12:59:49 from Pakistan  
i lived in memphis tennessee i received daily this type of email from african and Russian countries its comes from some marriage site,s .
every one asking money or transaction of money from africa to other country .
memphis tn

2009-01-22, 18:49:21
anonymous from United States  
2009-01-23, 09:14:39 from United States  
Has anyone heard of Bervlyn (Philomena) Baume? Address is 15 Kanda Street, Accra-Ghana, zip code 00233. Please find photo attached. She was looking for money to repair/replace her webcam. She'll tell you she loves you, and has been burned in bad relationships.

2009-01-23, 23:33:10
anonymous from United States  
I GUESS MY THING IS DONE HERE,SAD FAREWELLS,EDDIE,BE WELL ,YA DONE GOOD!MARK ALSO, IVE NOT SEEN MY GIRL HERE,YET,SHE ISNT AS GOOD AS MOST HERE,SEE SHE DOESNT HAVE TOanyway all crew@ top of world all be well,we might see delphi someday,as reality,and you change internet web addys,by just a little,ok good seems free advertising isnt free! so fellas,gals all seek enjoyment as needed,Fulfill fantasies,BLING YA ASS OFF!BUT JUST KNOW When its over its over?Learn akan,twi,if want to play here bring game![effort] before me noone would give web addy,zero for thousandsNOW ALL HAVE NO FEAR OF THIS So i broke ground here on []Most brag,some whimp,cry,some do opposite,want to pay [girl,unicef]just to play,ALL GOoD,read god with a o added! all seek love, bar love is cheap love,kyere kwan[show plainly]onipa nea[person who]koma boa adamfo[helps friend]in heart? soul and mind MPENA DC HU[OOPS] NYA KWAN CDCFO MPENA[FIND LOVE[ER] FOREVER BE WELL!ALL !mO YE TUMI,KA,TC PITI[FADES FAST] NKRABEA[FATE] HAPPENS ,AYAN ME GREGCBARIMA WAPCW,E AYENDONT NEED TO KNOW,GOD WILL SEPERATE ALL,COUNT FINGERS AND TOES,FIND ALL YOUR FRIENDS?bE well!!![be well]Greg, aseda,yo nyinaa[thanks you all in world!]
be well,bow to elders,[akan] see ya,wouldnt want to deflea ya,DOGS!Greg writes!

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