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Dating scammer DUKA NATALIA


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Russia, Markova, Gogolya 24 street, flat 6

Other Comments:
Thank's for your reply so much!!! I hope soon I will be
able to come to your area by my birthday
and we will meet each other!
I'm not sure why I picked you but I feel something special about you!
This time I will write you more about myself. I think you should know
more about my life and my hobbies
so you will know if we have any common interests.
So you already know my full name DUKA NATALIA. I'm 25 years old, not
that young I think? My birthday
is March 26. I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 51 kg weight (about 120 pounds,
I'm not sure how much
it is in pound but I'm not fat!).
I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements, I don't have a
reason to measure it because
I think it's OK and my body is proportionate )) I take care of my body,
I do aerobics three times a week and
two times a week I go to the swimming pool twice a week.
We live with our parents in 2 room apartment.
The name of my city is Markova, it's near Irkutsk city. Markova is
quite small city and Irkutsk is a large city,
the main city in our district.
Have you ever heard about the lake Baykal? It's near Irkutsk! It's the
deepest and cleanest lake in the
whole world. It's very beautiful!
I graduated from Irkutsk Humanitarian University two years ago,
contemporary dance faculty.
Yes we have such faculty in Humanitarian University!
So I'm a professional dancer. I don't want to have a dancer's career
because I will have not much time
for my private life and for relationship with a man. I work as a dance
I teach children from 12 to 17 years how to dance!
Also I have a certificate of fitness instructor, this is my another
hobby. So it would be perfect if later
I will find a work as instructor or teacher of dances!!! I think it's a
very good job for a woman,
I'm always in a good shape and I keep myself not that busy!
Do you know how to dance? If not I can teach you!
I can dance many different styles.
When I come to your city I will work as a waitress in a restaurant. I
would like to work as a dance
teacher but I think you understand it's not possible to arrange such
work by Internet because they
want to see how well I dance.
Anyway I will try to find such work when I come over there. Or maybe
not a dancer but aerobics instructor,
I think it's also very good job.
I'm sending few photos for you today! I hope you are not tired to look
at my photos?
The first one is me in summer.
The second one is me with my parents.
The third one is me to skate
I'm happy my parents will be not alone when I leave the for another
country. Of course I will miss everybody
but I want to have my own happiness!
In winter I like skiing, although we have cold winters... our summers
are warm usually.
I color my hair to blond. The natural color of my hair is fair. I hope
that's not a problem
for you or you like natural color of hair?
My father is 54 years old now, my mom is 48. You see my mom is much
younger then my father and
they are very happy together.
My mother is a teacher of music in the school. I can play piano also,
she teached me how to play piano.
I finished music school and I still play piano about once a week.
I like classic music, jazz, rock, lounge. I like music at all!
I want to try how to ride a motorcycle someday! I've never tried it!
Do you have an International Airport in your city? Please write me it's
name an code.
Or write me the name of the nearest Airport to you.
I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer.
If you want I can call you when I'm in St-Petersrug, it would be nice
to talk to you.
I will be really happy to call you from St-Petersrug.
Now I'm not at home often and of you call me my father will pick up the
phone and he can't speak any English
and he will be shocked to hear the English speech.
I still didn't tell him about you but I'm going to tell him this week,
I will write you about his thoughts on this topic!
I suppose in few days I will leave for St-Petersrug and start my trip!
There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing
each other.
I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?
My address here is Russia, Markova, Gogolya 24 street, flat 6.
So now you have a representation of who I am....
I just can tell you that I enjoy life and I try to live to the fullest,
I like to try new things.
I'm not that smart.. I was not that good in mathematics, physics,
biology and so on!
But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.
Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's own
minuses and pluses.
I don't look any special qualities in a man.
I just hope he will be faithful to me and ready to create a happy
family with me and
I will do everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate!
OK... it's time to finish my email. I'm sending a kiss by the wind to
you and
if I sent it to the right destination you should receive it by evening
)))) I hope you will catch my
kiss somehow ))) bye! Yours Natalia.

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2008-01-24, 04:54:13
[hidden] from Chatswood, Australia  
Hi Guys seems like this bitch is hitting Oz big time, Heres another email address she is going by
As with you Brad I received the exact travel docs, down to the same date etc, she asked me for $ 1000:00 US, that when I surched the net and couldnt find any travel agency by the name of TR Travel, so then I searhed the name and ,,,well here I am.
These details have been passed onto Australian Customs and Immigration, The AFP and sent to the Russian Police in Moscow, ( I dont thinks they will do F>A thought ) as I to wear a badge and cuffs to work ...Well at least well have the last laugh..

To all be safe thanks for the extra info will come in handy for the right people

Cheers Andy
2008-01-24, 05:23:02
anonymous from Australia  
2008-01-24, 05:25:36
anonymous from Australia  
2008-01-24, 10:42:49
anonymous from Farnworth, United Kingdom  
2008-01-24, 12:01:06
anonymous from Australia  
Damn shame i didnt get the topless one before i told them to piss off lol
2008-01-24, 12:46:08   (updated: )

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Marina Woronowa


7/21 Kotova St
Marinsk. Russia

Other Comments:
Started with 2 other email addresses. You definately have her listed already.
2008-01-24, 12:46:08   (updated: )
Marina Woronowa
7/21 Kotova St
Marinsk. Russia

2008-01-24, 12:46:08   (updated: )
Marina Woronowa
7/21 Kotova St
Marinsk. Russia
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Dating scammer Irina Gennadevna Popova from Angarsk, Russia
Dating scammer Tatiasna Ivanova from Tibelti, Russia

2008-01-24, 12:46:20   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: olga bourimova


flat 28 / 6 Pomushkina st Moscow Russia

Other Comments:
she says she is from Mariinsk Kemerovo Oblast district, she is 26 y/o on november 26
2008-01-24, 12:46:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Elena Sheshina


Russia! Siberia,town Chita

Other Comments:
I got weary when she asked for money and put her email ip address on the net and it came up to this website, why wasn't I amazed when I saw her face plastered all over the place the same photo's and some different one that are already on here.below is the letters I received from Elena, I haven't added in them what I wrote back.
This is the her first contact with me

Hello from a Young Sexy girl!!!! I hope you don`t mind to know each
other better?
I`m 26 years girl, I like to meet new people and open new places!
I live in russia but I`m ready to travel abroad soon for working!
Just don`t know how to introduce myself.. I will send you my photoes
I will be happy if you will like and and decide to write back.
Sometimes I feel so lonely and I want to find a man who will bring
new emotions into my life! I hope it could be you! Send me a message
and I will send you my different photos!!! My heart beats so fast
becuse I`m starting to wait for your answer!!!!!!!
I am writing from my friend's email
address, so please make sure you do not reply directly to this email.
Email me at only.
if you don't use my personal email address then I won't be able to read
your reply and write you back. So it is very important that you get it right.
Ok, I guess it is now your turn. Hope to hear from you today. Bye!!

First letter

Hi dear! Thank's a lot for your answer!only too short one,next time I
would like to get longer letter,O.K?!?
I am sorry that I couldn't reply earlier,just any mistunderstanding
with my add on adultmatchmaker ,they mixed my pictures and now my add just
deleted and I think it is all right because I have met know I
am going to work
abrod( I am nurse)and I use help of agency because it is impossible to
get job and work visa without their help and they created
my ad and mixed my names and pictures.It was any mistake there.
and now I got my personal address and I want to be sure that you got my
letter and just want to know more about me.if you like my
pictures and my description please tell
me more about your life ,your dreams and so on,and be ready to get my
long letters ,I like to write long letters when I
feel well,when I am in bad mood I like to keep silence.
I guess you are astonished to get my letter but to be fair I astonished
myslef because I do it first time.
I am not sure what could I write for the first time, I'm sending my
photos so you can remember who I am.I have many photos, sorry I don't
have any professional ones, just
usual photos. I'm looking forward to visiting your beautiful country
and I would like to find a man over there who will
be interested in meeting me!
I'm looking for a friend, lover or maybe even something serious...I'm a
free bird now, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm
open to anything!!! I would like to have a serious relationship
although I don't know if that's possible in internet so I'm
looking just for a good man who can show me over there and....... we
will see!!!!!!!! I hope you will like my next pics,
I like yoga and swimming! I'm 26 years old. I'm not tall. My height is
I hope it's OK with you and I will receive an answer from you! I'm
responding from my personal email address.Please use
this one!
I hope I'm your type of girl, I'm not sure you like Slavic appearance!!
I hope so! OK, I will wait for your answer. When
I hear back from you I will
write more things about myself and send more pics! My real name is
Elena,just Lena for my friends! you know I live in
Russia! Siberia,town Chita.if you have map of the russia you can look
at it and see where I live,there is a great lake now far ,it named
Baikal and China is not too far is very cold here now!maybe my letter
sounds a little silly but I am lost because I don't know you well and
I think we need some time to know each other better,please feel free to

Second Letter

Don hello,It is me Lena here!!!!!!! Thank you for reply and kind words!!!and I am so happy to see that you can read my letters I can't
believe that we are so far from each other and I think Internet has changed our life.and dear thank you for pic I liked do much ,I will send all my ones for you!!!!
Well,I think I will tell you about myself I want you to know all about me and my life I don't want
to bring any surprices.I want you to be sure that you really want to meet me.I think that in principle I am usual
girl.I think I should tell you about my
interests, tastes and know that my real name is Elena and you know I am 26 years old. My body
sizes are 88 - 59 -88, I tried to translate it and
I have such result I have 34' breast--21' waist--35' hips. My weight is 100 pounds.if it sounds wrong it means I
have done wrong translate.
I have enough long blonde hair and real blue and green eyes(mixed),I know that many women abroad
have a possibilty to improve faces and bodies,and they look so beautiful in films,but it is impossible here we live
so far from civilazation.and I think
that kind smart heart is very important too.I have two sisters , we have a dog also,very small one.and cat ,she is so funny!
I don't smoke,I tried to smoke when I was younger.
I was so silly to think that I look cool.
I try to care of my body and face.I know that it is all I have now I am not a little girl and I know that at first
almost all men look at body ,legs and face.and only later
the soul.
God created men such persons.and I think that sex is very important part of human life and if the partner is good
lover it is possible to get so great
pleasure .and I think that women must have pretty body to make the man happy , for women it is very important
because she has to be very pretty to meet really nice and kind man I think so,I think that
he has to feel joy to see his woman in the morning in the bed because usually it is enough ugly show!
and I do hope you will like my body and the soul of course,because I care a lot ,of course i can't visit very
expensive salons for rich women but I use wild flowers and
my grandmom can use forrest's flowers to make my skin like small babies have,well i think it is
enough about it.Sorry if I am not modest but I repeat I want you to know all about me. you should know I live in
Russia,Siberia,town Zima,it is near big enough city
Irkutsk, home 19 - flat 2.and be kind please tell me more about you ,your
life,free time and so on.And I do hope you don't drink alot???!!!! I don't mind the men smoke but I hate hard drinkers,usually they
can't make even love because of too weak...
I know because many of my friends have husbands's alcogholiks and dear I need to know the name of nearest inter
airport near your town if we want to meet each other.Please give me all the info about it.they tell that there are a few airports and I need to know
the name of nearest one.
Well,I have to stop or I will write without ending.see you later ,Lena and again please don't worry
if there is not my answer,you know sometimes I have not time or just can't visit cyber cafe to send next letter.Just
wait for me and I will answer,just crazy
time before my leaving. p.s.I have pictures to send and i will send all I have but I think that one real meeting is
better than thousand pictures or words .

Third letter

Don hello dear ,thank you for your letter.It is so nice
to get and read and I see you are kind man.and dear thank you for pic
I like to see pic ,and I promise I will send all my ones for you!!!!
It seems to me now I know you better.Today is hard day because of so
many things to do and I just have a few minutes and just want to let you
know that I am O.K.
and just want to send some more pictures I like to take pictures!!!and
I want to be sure that you like my pictures,it is hard enough to send
many pictures for one time and I prefer to send all I have,it takes
because not very modern computers here,I am not sure how it works but
the manager tells that it is the better to send pictures many times.
I will send you few more pics of myself...and I think that I will leave
my town nearest days and I will travel to moscow and from moscow to
your airport.
and I have to be sure that you want to meet me because I am so much
afraid to be alone in foreign city for a half of the year,Don you know
I will work and you know that I am nurse here in hospital and I like
my job very much.
I don't remember if I have told that I'm a nurse. And I'm going to get
a special work visa for
nurses and come to your country and work there for at least 6 months!!!
I like my job so much!!!!! I like to help people!
I'm not sure for what kind of relationship I'm looking for, you know
I'm open to anything ,
it's not easy to communicate by writing emails only! Although I feel
something special about you.I want to tell you about things I like:I like
to make
barbecue and I so much want to have my own home with fireplace. usually
I make very tasty ones and in principle I like to cook and it is not
problem for me to cook
something tasty. I have never been married and I have not any
children.Don dear you know I have told that I have not boyfriend because
I didn't meet the man of my dream till now !
wow.can't wait to meet you in person and dream about our first
meeting,I think I am a little silly to be so excited but
it is just my nature and I always want to get any adventures I think I
am brave enough to barrier all the problems and I so much want to work.

P.S.!!!Don you know I think that good sex is quite important for
successful relationship!!!!!I send a few new pictures and do hope you like
wow,I have to run,too much to do today.
p.p.s.and much more I would like to meet just kind man because it is
very hard to find kind man in modern world! Lena with love.

Fourth letter

Hello Don dear,me again, something is changed and I will leave town today to travel to moscow and it is my last letter
from here.Thank you for new pic,I liked a lot!!!!!Honey I even have not
time to read all your last letter and comment,and the big part of my letter I am sending now I wrote at home and now
just put it in my letter to you,and Don dear I do hope that our meeting will
be the best new year present ,do you agree?????Tomorrow I will be in moscow and do hope to get your new letter then.
Don dear my Maybe I tell too much about myself but I think that is very important because I want you to know whom you
will meet soon and if you don't like me I prefer to know
this before my travel .I just don't want to
create any problems for you and for me. you should know that I am very kind and I can forgive almost all ,you know I
hate only drunkers and
rude men.My favorite activite is swimming.I like to swim very much.
My favorite films are Titanic,Forrest Gump,Matriza,Kill Bill and many others and sometimes I like to watch erotic
films and relax,I like to listen Pink
Floyd,Madonna,I like Queen,and to be fair I like almost all kind of the music.Also I want to tell you about my
dislikes:I hate lazyness and people who likes to be
late.I hate people who can't keep the word.
I do hope we will spend free time together when I am there and I think I will be able to improve my
english,you can learn Russian and I think it will help us to learn each other better,who knows.Have you big bed?I
think the big bed is very important place
for persons in love,how do you think??? I love sex but only with someone I have feelings for.I don't have sex with
someone just to have sex. I like to be
adventurous when it comes to sex. I hate boring sex.and I think that if we really like each other a lot (I am sure
we will) we will make love as often as possible
,to be fair I think that much more depends on man because of nature law and of course I am not crazy sex manjac but
I repeat that i think that our life is too short to
miss this important part of human life and even
doctors in hospital where I worked tell that regular sex is very usefull for health! wow,how clever I am( joke). I know I will
work hard but I am not afraid to work because I know that if i
work hard I will earn
money to live and to save some to bye`something,to be fair I would like bye some france perfume and you feel my
nice smell,right???? they tell in agency that it
takes about a few days day to complete all
travel preparations and I will get all documents ready when I am in Moscow,I ordered my papers in advance and now
they need only to finish a few small
things.Usually it takes about a few months to
arrange so long travel ,get visa and it is so strong travel rules for foreign visitors. In Moscow I will get all the
info about my flight to your airport, and
please tell me your full name.(right
writing in English) and phone number I will call you from airport to inform you that I am there. I don't want to be
lost..I will be able to send next letter from
moscow.and I think it will be
possible in a day or a little later because you know how hard it is to be in so great city and I need time to get
rent room and find cybercafe.I do hope it will be
so funny and nice to meet you.and I do
hope to meet you in a few days.We will kiss just in airport ,right!!???? I will send exact schedule of my flight as
soon as I have it in my hands.Well,
I will close this letter. Now I feel better I know that I am on the way.See you soon, P.S. pLease don't forget that
I am on the way to moscow and I can't send my letters for a
day or so,I don't want you to worry where is me.Kiss you Lena!!!!
picture is my sister paintred,she really good portrait paintrer.

Fifth letter

me again,Don dear if I missed any of your questions please forgive me,just crazy time and I am so exctied.
it is very strange feeling because I didn't know you a few days ago and now i want to meet you so much! I think you
could be able to take my feelings.Lena with love!
Hi,Hi,Hi my love,can you believe I am in Moscow.!!!!!!!!!!I do hope
you got my last letter and know that I left my
town to travel to Moscow and from moscow to you!!!!!!!!

Sixth letter

Don dear, yes,I am here..I am here faster than I thought.It takes only
a few hours to travel by plane.the girls
from agency met me in Sheremethevo inter Moscow Airport .and I have
rent room near undergraund and I live with old
lady,she is so kind and she tells that I have to be careful because of
crazy people here in moscow.Moscow airport is so great one,I thought I
could lose airport consulate room I had
visit to doctor from consulate ,it is the law and I am free of diseases
I have not any problem with health,he has told that I have to eat more
fruits and meat because I am too thin,I think
he just can't imagine how great Moscow is and they
tell it takes a few hours to travel from one end to other one. what a
great city it is. I have no words
to say.and I will book nearest flight. Don if you can't
meet me it is not problem ,I will ask people from agency to meet me and
to get rent room ,it
is their business and I paid for it.and later we will meet,right???or
if you
have not time to meet me but you want to be in airport I can wait in
airport I have a lot of time!
you see too many problems on my poor head.I am afraid to make any
mistake. I am sure we will
meet very soon and it gives me a lot of energy,it is seems to me that
my dreams are getting closer,to
be fair I am tired a little but it is not problem I will be full of the
energy in a few hours and I want to work and I am ready to meet any
difficultes because I know that
easy life is possible in films only.and you know I am not afraid to
and I have goal and I have worked all my life I am not princess and I
don't wait for any wonders ,if only
you?!?!?! Well,I have to run ,please reply as soon as possible! see
you soon! kiss from moscow!!!!!!! Lena with love.
P.S Don please don't look at diferent girls I am the best
(joke)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise ,when we
meet you will see that I tell the can't imagine my
condition,everything is mixed in my head,fears,joy,hopes,dreams,wow,I
am getting
crazy!!??!?!??!?kiss again and do hope everythig is going well with you
and you want to meet
me like I want ! and I would like to say that I am so happy that now I
have lovely friend and I
feel better to know that we will meet so soon.
P.S.I am dreaming about our first night and I have so many different
pictures in my head,I will not
discraibe them now,let it be my secret!!!and Don dear as soon as I get
all the info from agency and consulate I will
resend to you and they tell it takes time and maybe tomorrow I will get
it, and please don't miss me i am very busy and may just have
not time to visit cyber cafe to send new letter,please don't worry and
don't miss me I will kiss you
in person soon!I will try to take picture here in moscow and send

Seventh letter

Don my dear,me Lena here I have got info from agency and resend to
you.I am so happy to meet you just in a fdays! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------
------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Travel Agency : Long Jorney & Long Life. From: contact manager
Maria Shevsheko to

---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> TRAVEL INFO : Elena Sheshina - private tour.(work visa)
Russian-English variants.ENGLISH SPEAKIGUIDE

---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Travel dates for: Ms.Elena Sheshina
> Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to
> be checked in with your name and where possible your address.
> Suitable baggage labels and
> stickers are available free of charge. In advance of your journey.
> please note the current free baggage allowance included in your
> ticket price. You can find this information in the internet or via
> your Airline contact
> person. In case you booked a special fare please note that it can
> be subject to restrictions. Travel Abroad: When preparing to travel
> abroad for less than 5 months,
> it is important to ensure entry to another country . Depending on
> the country to be visited and the student's nationality, it may be
> necessary to apply for a
> visitor visa.The student must have: a valid passport or travel
document, valid visa .
> Furthermore, page 4 must be signed by the RO. No special
> permission is needed, but it is important to have a valid
> passport,valid visa and all travel documents.

> Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey. Kind regards.
Travel Agency : Long Jorney & Long Life is a licensed and officially
registered travel agency.

> phone: 7 (495) 421-8441, fax: 7 (495) 421-8441. Moscow, ID 83243

> Contact e-mail - Our goal is to
provide quality services for group and individual travel.
------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please use our service .Managers: Ms.Maria Shevsheko. Ms.Natalia
------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

>The nearest possible flight is - Saturday, January 26, 2008.From
Moscow Sheremetyevo Inter Airport.

> Moscow to Brisbane Saturday, January 26, 2008 Travellers: 1
> Flight 1 Saturday, January 26, 2008
> Departure: 23:35 Moscow, Russia -
Sheremetyevo International, terminal 2
> Arrival: 12:50 +1 day(s) Bangkok, Thailand -
Suvarnabhumi International
> Airline: Aeroflot SU551 Aircraft: Ilyushin IL-96
> Time between flights = 3:55
> Flight 2 Sunday, January 27, 2008
> Departure: 16:45 Bangkok, Thailand -
Suvarnabhumi International
> Arrival: 20:05 Singapore, Singapore - Changi, terminal 2
> Airline: Thai AirAsia FD3505 Aircraft: Boeing
> Time between flights = 1:00
> Flight 3 Sunday, January 27, 2008
> Departure: 21:05 Singapore, Singapore -
Changi, terminal 1
> Arrival: 06:35 +1 day(s) Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane,
terminal I
> Airline: Srilankan Airlines UL2432 Aircraft:
Boeing 777-200/300
> Operated by Emirates

>Price: foreign passport,visa,tax,consulate fee,ticket Eco.class. AUD
1. 00+
---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

>This reservation will be automatically cancelled if the order is not
purchased until Saturday, January 22008

------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Don my love,I have got all the info and resend to you,
you see I am after visit to consulate and agency and I am so happy to
say that we will meet in a few days!!!! I am
really lucky girl to meet you.Honey the thing is that I booked nearest
possible flight .I need only your help.
there is only a small problem but I am sure we will be able to solve.I
wanted to ask you to help me and to send me tickets but they tell that
I can't use your help and ask you about sending me tickets because I
have permission to use the help of agency only because they do all travel
things and it is their
business to arrange all travel things for my jorney,it is the law.and
it is not possible to get work visa without help of agency,too strong
I was sure that my mom will help me becasue she promised but now she
sent letter that it is possible only in a few months or so because of
family problems.and she can't send transfer now.I was in the bank to
try to ask them about loan but they tell I have to have something to stay
and I have nothing to stay because I have only a few dress and
things,some perfume and it is all I have,and small gift for you from russia
with love.and I think it is not great problem for you
to help me.I even think that maybe it will give you the pleasure to
help me because you are my knight,right?
after all payments here and travel by plane from moy town I have about
350$ my own money and I need about AUD 1350$ from your side,because I
have to pay for ticket and a
few thigs yet,and I have to pay in advance about 1350$ . when we meet
I will return this sum from my first or second salary.and some extra
money because to send thransfer costs money too.I have to
be sure that I will be able to book it or I will lose all the money I
gave them in advance.I'm not going to ask one more time for your
help,you see I am in hard situation.Don,Don,Don dear my I will be
waiting for your answer .I know it sounds like I am pooroutsider but you see
I have not
time or somebody to ask about help,you know my mom gave me all that we
with mom and sisters could collect for my travel.I hate to ask but
now I don't have any other choice.I believe you I have done almost all
here and now I need some help from you,please help me to leave Moscow
it is all I ask now and you know I am full of the love to share with
you.Don I Kiss you, counting days and minutes before our
know it is only money ,and I think that
it is not too hard for you to help me ,you see I have such chance only
once in my life.I know you are kind man and I do hope you will be
able to help me.I promise I will return all the money .and I will earn
money because I am ready to work as hard as possible!
Million Kisses, Your poor Lena you know my rent address here is Russia,
Moscow, Nekrasova Street,home 143
flat 28. Remember that my full name is Sheshina(last name)
Elena(first name) it is right writting in English, and you should put it on
western union list and you can choice any bank in moscow,they tell it
is international service and I can get money in any bank of
moscow. they tell I can get only western union transfer because I have
not any bank accounts in moscow and I have only passport and it is
enough to get it! Don you know I will have rent room ,job and I
want to say that you don't worry that I want to use you just for my
goals.and I am sure that when we meet we will not regret about
it,promise,and I hate people who imagined so many silly rules and
laws.and I have only small suitcase with me.and I dream about our first
meeting,our first night and I have some sexy night dress with me! and
I think that now
everything depends on you I will check my mail as often as I can and
if there is not my reply just very fast
it means I leave cafe to sleep a little ,and if you have any questions
please wait a little.,please dear don't leave me alone i have done so
much and I am almost near you.
and Don dear,I can stay longer,it is possible if we fall in love and
going to marry.But I think we need time to learn each other.
they tell in the bank you should send me transfer number and I will be
able to get transfer then. and this is my new picture from moscow. the
sum is
in australian dollars .

I just got her IP address and put it through an IP locator and she is currently in the united states in a town called wrightwood.

2008-01-24, 12:46:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
Elena Sheshina,
Russia! Siberia,town Chita

2008-01-24, 12:46:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
Elena Sheshina,
Russia! Siberia,town Chita

2008-01-24, 12:46:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
Elena Sheshina,
Russia! Siberia,town Chita

2008-01-24, 12:46:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
Elena Sheshina,
Russia! Siberia,town Chita

2008-01-24, 12:46:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
Elena Sheshina,
Russia! Siberia,town Chita
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