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Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams)


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The following text was submitted by Eddie from Sweden and the links at the bottom come from OJAS in the USA.

Welcome to any newcomers who find this thread, for Christ's sake.. READ THIS!
...and save yourself a lot of homework and/or grief


The vast majority of Russian dating scammers are not women at all, but actually men, mostly working in small gangs in or around Yoshkar Ola, in Mari El republic, sometimes in Chuvashia. It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in these scam pics aren't involved because the scammers steal their pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for them, or buy and exchange them on scammer websites. (Once a scammer even admitted to me that he stole all his pics from and ).

Most scammers are VERY lazy and looking for quick cash. They use email extractor programs to get your mail addresses (if you don't have a profile on a dating site, that is)...
and copied form mails and spam programs on automatic reply, very often the BAT!, which can personalize small parts of each letter.

They mostly won't read your letters until after the money letter because they don't have time, ie because they're scamming, or trying to scam, as many guys as they can (economies of scale).....and also because they're semi-literate losers who can't speak much English anyway. IN OTHER WORDS, you can write any crap in your replies and they won't react, they're only interested when they're curious to know if you've taken the bait after the money letter. A girl is only involved either occasionally to phone a guy up, especially if he's suspicious, or to pick up the loot at Western Union, with a false ID of course!

More recently, the majority of Russian scammers have started using proxy servers or forged IPs to hide their locations so ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IS TRACE THEIR IP ADDRESS!

If, by any chance, you don't believe any of this, please read:

So....if several or more of the following scam signs apply to your Boris (the beautiful Russian 'girl' that is supposedly writing to you), resist the temptation to help 'the poor girl' by sending her money. You're really writing to a sleazy Russian guy sitting in a smoky room in Yoshkar Ola, with a bunch of other sleazy guys spamming indiscriminately on laptops .

  • 'girl' writes to you first on a dating site...especially a free one (or an email appears out of nowhere in your mailbox). Real Russian girls are rarely so bold as to write to you first. (unless you're obviously very attractive or rich :))) They will often reply to your mails, but rarely take the initiative. It's the man who does the chasing in Russia. Plus, if they're looking for a partner, they generally prefer him to be Russian speaking and live in Russia. Much more convenient!

  • doesn't answer direct questions (sometimes factual mistakes in the letter). Her replies should be exactly that...replies...however short they are.

  • girl's much too young for you (or too good to be true/looks like a model/porno star)....although I have noticed a recent tendency for some scammers to use photos of slightly 'less attractive' girls as well.

  • girl has some far-fetched excuses for you not visiting her in Russia (criminal city, not the Russian custom, terrorism, it's her dream to come to your country, etc). ALL BULLSHIT!! Actually, the normal way to meet a Russian girl is to visit her in her city first. Russian TV is full of documentaries about Russian girls who have emigrated and got murdered, abandoned, etcetc. They should usually want to meet you first before they gallivant off to your country.

  • scammers rarely have children, but most of the real Russian women I've ever met on the internet did (except for Moscow career girls). It's often the reason that they're looking for a partner.

  • photos are too revealing (can't be a respectable girl). Respectability is very important to most Russian women (especially Moscow career girls). They're hardly likely to send a half-naked photo to a virtual stranger on the internet. Think about it!

  • most of the pics are old and a little bit faded with a curiously grainy quality that soon becomes quite easy to recognise (overuse?). Again a scammer admitted to me that low-quality photos are a key factor in his scamming. I found this curious because a serious Russian girl who's looking for a partner very often saves up and goes to a professional to have a studio set done (often corny ones posing with a chair etc), and/or borrows a digicam at least (dates should also be on the photos you receive). My fiance did it. Russian girls aren't all that poor anymore, and if they seriously want to leave Russia, they know that posting cheap pics will only attract cheap guys.

  • GIRL CLAIMS NOT TO HAVE A MOBILE PHONE. Very unlikely!!! fer f***'s you know a single girl without a mobile phone? Even poor Russian girls can't do without one, they're much cheaper than in Europe and a Megafon telephone card doesn't cost that much either. You should be able to call her whenever you want. On the other hand, not having a landline or a desktop/laptop is very common.

  • very long rambling/ecstatic form letters with a strange format, punctation and layout written in scamlish. (world's worst Babelfish translation)

  • writes long letters everyday in English. How does she have time to write those long letters if she's working? And if she doesn't have a job, how can she afford a computer + internet connection? Even Internet cafs are relatively expensive in Russia. Anyway, most Russians outside Moscow can hardly speak a word of English. (What's the point of finding a girl you can't communicate with, at least on a basic level?) PLUS.. if she can't speak English, why does she have a non-cyrillic email account like gmail or yahoo? Most real Russians use, or hotmail and yahoo are acceptable if she'll chat with you on messenger (preferably with a webcam).

  • falls in 'love' very quickly. Don't let your ego, kind heart, loneliness or lust pull the wool over your eyes. She doesn't really know you. You could be an axe murderer for all she knows. As I mentioned, Russian TV is full of documentaries about Russian girls who have emigrated and got murdered, abandoned, etcetc.

  • uses a proxy server to hide his/her location, ie a SOCKS server / GPRS Internet. if you can't trace 'her' IP, it's 100% scam.
    THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO IS TRACE HER IP ADDRESS. In fact, it's the only thing you need to do really.

    MOST IMPORTANT...if you get this far:

  • she asks for money for a tourist 'visa' and/or maybe tickets, ignoring the fact that IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE, POOR RUSSIAN GIRL TO GET A TOURIST VISA TO A WESTERN COUNTRY!
    Most Russian girls outside Moscow and St Petersburg are quite poor, and immigration control would consider them an overstay risk. They would never let be let into your country without a healthy bank account.

    She can get a SPONSORED visa with your help, but then she needs a personal letter of invitation from you, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in your home country, a completed sponsor's application form (also from you)....not including the documents that she has to fill in herself. She also needs a job in Russia, a letter from her employer and insurance. All of these documents she has to drop off at your national embassy in Moscow WITH PREPAID TICKETS and wait about 10 working days. These are the rules for the Schengen countries anyway...the USA and Canada are almost as, if not more, complicated. Anyway, a normal TOURIST visa + travel costs + hotel rooms would set her back 2000+ US dollars for a trip to the US. She should be asking you for a lot of money! Why should it be so easy for a gorgeous sexy Russian girl just to jump on a plane and fall into bed with you? Anyway, no respectable Russian girl would ask directly for money, but might accept some if you insisted. should check your national embassy website in Moscow for visa prices and procedures.

There are many variations on the scams, some quite slight. Some scammers claim to have a visa already and need money for tickets, a last-minute medical examination, etcetc. Some claim that their mother needs an operation, etcetc. A few more patient and professional scammers will take months before they hit you with the money letter (though if you follow my tips, you should be able to spot the scammers before then). There are even a few real girls scamming, and professional gold-diggers (mostly in the Ukraine). One or two of them are very bold, and not even afraid to use their true identities. These scammers are harder to spot, and there is no easy way to identify them, all you can do is use your instincts and common sense, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

and, of course, a golden rule: DON'T SEND MONEY...unless you're 100% sure she's real.

Another ground rule: if you are looking for a Russian wife/partner, you must be prepared to travel to Russia to meet her. You also need to behave generously towards her; after all, you need to prove that you can support here (and her kids) if she migrates to your country. But if she turns out to be a professional gold-digger, which has never happened to me personally or anyone I know (but I know it does happen), you should try to be philosophical and treat it as an exotic trip to a foreign country, have fun anyway, and try not to waste too much money on her.

There are actually hundreds of perfectly nice Russian girls in Russia but you have to be prepared to go and get them. Chercher la femme. It certainly worked for me.

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2013-05-29, 04:41:34
from United States  

2013-05-30, 02:27:30
anonymous from Australia  
2013-05-31, 01:07:15
the picture 'was probably stolen from behind and Blueyed cass but' this one man, a con man who uses photos and videos of pornstars uses, for movies using a fake web cam, and 'present with different profiles and photos on tuttto or network like face book, badoo, ovoo and skpe, if you can write more, in paticolar way his email and phone number if he acted alone thank you very much
2013-06-11, 01:47:52
attention I need information on a face book and 'present a profile of cassandra lewis uses photos of cassandra cass blue yed pornosta uses, and has about 400 friends, writes to live in the USA, I have doubts about this listing if any friend has some information thanks
2013-06-17, 23:03:28
~Bax! from United States  
Featured Article, Susan Thomas...
Preliminary findings contain 10.2kb TD + 12 photos of,
various findings, friends/contacts, unrelated parties/persons
one porn connection,

One confirmed scammer;
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Find Selinamoyor830 and
female - 25 years, New York City, United States

Selina Moyor, posted @ Ghana IDS +
NigeriaMasterWeb... photo of,
Brandy Douglas AKA Ann Bryan found.

Selina Moyor,
Scam Warners posted Fri. 6-29-2012, 6:06pm

2013-06-17, 23:06:13
Bax from United States  
Twoo find...

2013-06-21, 04:04:54
anonymous from United States  
I met this lady who called herself Gifty Odum. AFter discovering the Delpi site, It seems this same peraon may have several other names. Very convincing was this person. She appears to be work with an international network of fraud. Beware.....she is very convincing. This cost me dearly.....they will tell you anything to get your money. They promise you riches, but only end up taking yours. Beware.....none of their words ever come true, they promise, and promise and promise, stringing you along while taking more and more of your money. They will even swear to their own hurt that they are telling you the truth, but beware.....they have and excuse for everyghing, and answer for everything, and will curse themselves saying if they lied, they will die etc. away, as fast as you can or all of your money will run away from you, cause they will have it. Gifty Odum, remember that name.....Could also go by Raven Riley, or other names. Also Joseph Boateng, or Gifty Boateng, or Kwame Chodolo, or Rick Mahue could also be associated with them. Beware.......
2013-06-22, 20:22:16
~Bax! from United States  

I have watched my existing IM contacts constantly become less active for about 8 weeks.
I thought they may have just dropped the profile and moved on after no success with me.
These basically include many of the old type porn-girl pics which I first began posting here.
I have been wondering what happened to them and watching the news within Ghana and Nigeria.
Last month unknown bait-pics also began to surface. Today's IM check showed that nearly 50
old contacts, have all been online at yahoo IM again. Using the same old photos and profiles.
This happened over night so I have no explanation now but post this warning of heightened
activity. I think that we will no doubt see many old reports revisited, with new postings
of old pics in the coming weeks. Many of these use multiple accounts, photos and names.
Maybe we will be able to gather more info. and pin-down those that are already here...
I'll try to see if some will chat with me and ask them whats been happening.

Now they're also using photos like this...
Admission to the Nursing Program - Chabot‎ 2576 × 1932 - Apr 17, 2013 – 2) Module 1. a) Exercise 1.1. b) Exercise 1.2. c) Exercise 1.3. d) Exercise 1.4. e) Exercise 1.5. f) Exercise 1.6. g) Exercise 1.7. h) Exercise outlook nursing image search‎ × 1932 – Related Searches. career outlook nurse practitioner · career outlook lpn · careers nursing · what are nurses · career outlook rn · career outlook retirement · salary ...

2013-06-23, 12:37:59
~Bax! from United States  

Militants in north Nigeria force thousands to flee
By HARUNA UMAR | Associated Press – Sat, Jun 22, 2013

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Islamic extremists threatening a bloodbath forced thousands of people from villages along Nigeria's northeast, where refugees said Saturday the fighters have regrouped following a monthlong military crackdown.
People who escaped the bush near Nigeria's border with Cameroon fled to the Borno state capital of Maiduguri said militants from the Boko Haram terrorist network also have written letters warning government workers to resign their jobs or face death. Other villagers left for Cameroon.
'They warned government officials and civil servants in Bama to resign or else face death in the next seven days. We are all scared, this could be more deadly, so we ran for our dear lives,' said Abba Fannami who fled to Maidguri with six family members.
A police officer said Boko Haram fighters were ransacking homes in neighboring Gwoza district, forcing residents to hide in caves in the rocky hills.
Soldiers and police on bombing raids with jet fighters and helicopter gunships have dislodged the insurgents from camps in a game reserve. But the refugees confirmed reports that the fighters have regrouped in the mountains and rocky hills of Gwoza and Bama districts.
In recent days the extremists — whose name means 'Western education is sacrilege' — have targeted schools, killing 16 high school students and two teachers in two attacks.
The militants also have attacked primary schools, burning down at least 50 in the past year, according to Borno state commissioner for primary education, Tijjani Abba Ali.
In a separate operation in Kano state, west of Borno, police said they rounded up 400 migrants on Saturday and are deporting those who do not have the necessary documents.
'This is a mop up exercise of illegal immigrants to complement what the Federal Government is doing in the states currently under the emergency rule,' Kano state controller Hamisu Maishanu told reporters.
By late Saturday morning, he said screening of those detained had revealed some 150 people from the neighboring country of Niger who did not have the right documents.
Kano state is not in a state of emergency. The emergency covers the northeastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, an area encompassing 155,000 square kilometers (60,000 square miles).
The emergency and a military and police crackdown since May 14 has failed to crush the extremists blamed for the killings of more than 1,600 people since 2010. Boko Haram and splinter groups want to create an Islamic state in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation and the continent's biggest oil producer.

Associated Press writer Ibrahim Shuaibu contributed to this report from Kano city, Nigeria
SHORTCUTSSearch queryCloseLoading...
2013-07-01, 03:45:55
anonymous from United States  
she is using this photo now

2013-07-01, 07:35:20
~Bax! from United States  
Stolen photos used as scam bait-pics.
Image size:
376 × 550
No other sizes of this image found.Search ResultsPages that include matching images

Carla Brown - Page 11 - › Picture Posting › Babe Pictures‎199 × 300 - Oct 14, 2012 – 58 Images / 19 MB /

2048x1360 zip.FreeGirlies - Only Carla's Nude Pictures and‎

708 × 1066 – Presents you Only Carla nude gallery. You can always find more galleries of Only Carla model at the bottom of this page. If you like Only Carla ...Carla cox from cuckold sessions - Free Porn‎

736 × 1109 - Sep 18, 2011 – Shane diesel and carla cox cuckold sessions. Cuckold sessions cum eating photos. Fuck my wife black cock cuckold sessions.Carla Brown - Her Most Intimate Moments [Pictures + Videos] -‎ Oct 15, 2012 - 15 posts - 1 author

199 × 300 – 99 Images / 32 MB / 2048x1360 zip. Visit my thread with previously unreleased movies:Carla Brown - Her Most Intimate Moments - Page 10 -‎ Oct 15, 2012 - 10 posts - 1 author

199 × 300 – 111 Images / 42 MB / 2048x1360
2013-07-01, 15:14:40
2013-07-10, 19:11:36
anonymous from Canada  
On June 23, 2013 I met Marvin Lopez on Badoo, and same story. He is a widower with a son Benny, is a staff sergeant major in the US army, in Afghanistan for the last 2 years but coming back in July to be with me and his son. I admit I fell in love with the fantasy but after 2 weeks of communicating he told me that the friend he left his son with lost his job and has no money to buy food. Well, that was my wake up call, like an icy shower, so I told him it was a scam and then came his manipulation like 'he loves me, I should trust him to do the right thing for us but he needed my help (money) with his friend so that he could take care of his son. I refused to send money and that's when I broke it off. I reported him to the RCMP and they told me I wasn't the only on in this situation.
I hope that this very very handsome man is aware that his pictures are being used to scam women. Be careful ladies, he is a smooth one.
2013-07-10, 21:35:21   (updated: 2013-07-10, 21:36:46)
Bax from United States  
Friend @ Canada,

Have you searched DelphiFAQ yet, to see if the photos that
they are scamming with have been reported here before?

Please, feel free to enter your gleaned pics at Red-Tab... below.
If they are found please add to the report but if not found,
you may wish to begin a new scam report.

As you know this is a community of like minded, caring people.
All shared information helps to stop the propagation of scams.
2013-07-11, 03:29:27
anonymous from United States  
it always comes down to money, do your selves a favor an don't respond to these ,make you feel better pussy adds. I talk from experience, not one copper penny left my checking account. man look at there surroundings, they live better then you for Christ sake. open your eyes.
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