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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan


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Name: Anna Ogannisyan


Anna Ogannisyan
13 Garegina Nzhde.apt 74
Ararat 377501
Republic of Armenia

Anna Ogannisyan


Other Comments:
I wanna warn for Anna Ogannisyan from Armenia who is a big and dangerous scammer and lie that she loves men for that she wanna taken theirs money from them.She most be stoped.I have been scammed of her on a very big sume of money.

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2009-08-12, 13:18:19
MAGNUS from Klssbol, Sweden  
Yes,Ojas.I understand that this site not are for personal information on innocent people.The people most been very involved in the scammerorganisation,and then we give the information on them.

I wanna give information on this site.I hope I can give good information soon.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow everybody.Regards.Take care.
2009-08-12, 13:25:00
Hello Wan wan.It was a terrible pictures you sent here.Where have you found this picture?It must been very terrible people who has publiced this picture from the beginning.

See you soon.Regards!!!!!!
2009-08-12, 14:14:07
wanwan from Japan  
Oh!!!! I am sorry to you !!
You don't like this picture(human-alien encounter)?
It is an UFO !!
I guess OJAS,DOC,Agent86 knows this story very well.
American peoples can contact alien species.
This picture is an evidence,,,,,,,(I don't know this story is true or not!).
When I was a child,I wrote to Message for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
But no reply !

And now,,,,,Alien never email me but many Russian Dating Scammers
give me their scam mails,,,,,,,.Oh my god !!!

Magnus ,if you don't like this picture ,I will delete this picture.
Americans believe this picture as an alien,,,,,(?).
But really ?ho,ho,ho,ho,oooooooo,,,I don't know that is real or not !
How do you think of this ,Magnus?

regards !

Former US President met an Alien !!
This image was also posted here:
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2009-08-13, 01:55:19   (updated: 2009-08-13, 02:09:45)
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys !
Idiocy spammer has come and has put non-sense posts on Delphi.
Please Bupkus !Magnus,do you know the word '' Bupkus ''?
Please do ,Bupkus !
1)2009-08-13, 01:19:15
{#file Mail.txt] from Netherlands Antilles

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)

2)2009-08-13, 01:25:47
{#file Mail.txt] from Netherlands Antilles

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)

3)2009-08-13, 01:27:41
{#file Mail.txt] from Netherlands Antilles

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)

4)2009-08-12, 13:33:39 from Netherlands Antilles

5)2009-08-12, 13:45:02 from Netherlands Antilles

6)2009-08-12, 13:45:45 from Netherlands Antilles

This image was also posted here:
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2009-08-13, 04:12:45
MAGNUS from smo, Sweden  
Hell oeverybody.Whos is here?
2009-08-13, 04:21:46
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
Hello wan wan.No,I dont know the word bupkus.It does not something that you have send this alien-pictures.I dont believe in aliens but I have seen a few alien-movies.And movies of Freddy krueger and Jason Varhees,you know.And a lot of horror-movies.And sometimes I like this type of movies.

I just wondering where the scammers has writes stupied things in this delphi-site.Wherw have you seen that,Wan Wan?

See you later,aligator.Regards from Sweden.
2009-08-13, 06:40:38
MAGNUS from Huddinge, Sweden  
hello mmf.I have now writes to the embassy in yerevan and get your emailadress to them.see you soon.
2009-08-13, 06:44:30
MAGNUS from Huddinge, Sweden  
See you soon everybody.Now have Anya try to picked up my money two times and she is angry on me now.Both of the times she not have got the money from the bank.She is a beautiful lady and now I have sent her a new mtcn so she can try to collect the money again.I just wondering what she says to Boris when she not got the money from me.Maybe he fuck her in the as.
2009-08-13, 06:46:36
Magnus from Huddinge, Sweden  
See you soon,everybody.Regards.
2009-08-13, 09:04:42
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
Hello Doc and everybody!
2009-08-13, 09:05:35
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
see you soon everybody.
2009-08-13, 09:08:26
Magnus from smo, Sweden  
Thw women whos collected the money from the banks is not so beautiful like the women on the pictures here.They must be very awful.I think.
2009-08-13, 09:16:14
DOC from United States  
Hey Magnus, this is a photo of Boris' collection girl.

This image was also posted here:
Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams)

2009-08-13, 10:57:16
mmf from Netherlands  
Hi everybody

I just had a new mail from Anya.
She's going to the travellers agency tomorrow, yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i KEEP HER ON THE LEASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-08-13, 14:14:13   (updated: 2009-08-13, 14:18:56)
OJAS from United States  
Thanks DOC, for adding to our Grande Finale collection

i294.photobuc. com/albums/mm81/UCICU2UC/Animals/AnimalsFunny_AreWeHavingFunFunYet.jpg

Pevious link, make it add protocol http://
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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