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United States
+1 (315) 849-4959
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External Holding Ltd
26 main street,
Victoria House,
apt. suites 41/42
Trip coordinator in Ukraine
+38 (068) 963-90-15

Fax number:
+1 (866) 290-0526
USA branch:
TwoCon Corp.
1905 E 17 st
New York City
NY 11229, USA

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NEW YORK, NY 10009

Other Comments:
From what I researched through, the original company was Confidential Later it changed (names, owners???) and became UALADYS.COM. Around the start of 2008, this company split in a melodramatic feud between supposed owners in Ukraine! It became 2 identities, and
You will see from the above addresses, the parent company is in USA.
Essentially, these companies continue to operate in a similar fashion.
Clients, either find the site OR are enticed to join the site by ladies (as I was from!) and then you begin writing to ladies in their gallery.

ALL letters are translated, at a cost TO YOU, regardless if the lady speaks YOUR language! Services for the ladies are FREE!
You cannot have personal contact details or be in direct contact with ladies, apart from through the agency!
You pay for letters, photos and videos and they try to get you to send gifts as well, which they supply from their SHOP on the internet site, at 3 times the cost you can buy over the counter!

On the surface, one can feel protected and ensured that the ladies exist! After all, its through an agency!!!
In brief, I visited ladies in 2008 and 2009, via these 2 agencies.
Having written to ladies from both agencies at various cities around Ukraine, I thought that my chances of connecting with at least ONE would be assured!
The agency encourages men to buy their TOUR packages, which gives YOU accommodation, introduction and translation with the girls you nominate...All at considerable costs!!!
The girls put they search for (their age) to 55 or 60 year old men in their profiles, when they are in their 20's??? As an 'older' guy, having YOUNG girls write to me, claiming that I was what they were after as a partner, and age makes NO difference, is quite seductive and the rouse they use, ensuring you write and eventually visit!
This is when things started to go bad! 2 weeks before my departure in 2008, and flight, visa and package are arranged and PAID, I received letters from ladies. SUDDENLY, they found work, in another part of Ukraine, another country...They are finishing their study, exams, looking for work, they are visiting sick, dying or a family member JUST died, or their family member just went to hospital and they need to be by their side 24/7!!! or they are opening their business.....The list continues, and YES, it ALL happened to me in these 2 trips! And yes, I was going to Ukraine to meet...WHO??? So I went, as canceling incurs fees as well!!!
Then if you do meet with a lady you wrote to, then they take you shopping!...for clothes, perfumes etc Or they take you to expensive restaurants...Even if they can speak English, as with my case, they are not allowed to by the agency, who inserts a translator, so the agency makes a profit from that as well!!! And if you go to a restaurant, of course you pay for the translators lunch/dinner as well!!!
This is all 'nicely' written for the unsuspecting male clients in the agencies advert, which also includes spiels about age difference! So the agency can claim that its 'clearly written', both in the internet site adverts, and the agreement you sign BEFORE you meet with ladies...Then the agency will say...Why did you do agree?...

Also another reality for me was that when I met these girls, mostly, they did NOT know anything about me, though I had written to them for months before visiting!!!

Then there are the more adept ones that can lead you to believe there is a future, and milk you for all they a scammer style.....Some will openly ask for money, others allow you to offer, then they put their hands in both your pockets...You will go home with empty hearts and pockets!
If you read the Gallina P episode on this site, it will give you an insight to what I experienced on my last visit. She is typical of the lady I met through this agency, and decided enough was enough! She is listed a s a scammer for good reason!
NOW, I will highlight this episode from the discussions I have had with the agency! They have essentially 'whitewashed' the situation, and now offer me some of the money I gave to this lady (Gallina P) so that I will remove my postings of her!!!
I will post my letters to the agency and their replies of how they deal with a 'scam' issue, and then claim they have a GOOD reputation!

I hope it will enlighten you and save you money and emotions!

So in this, I hope you will learn about these agencies through my experience!

I will post letters soon!


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2009-10-16, 11:01:57
RealMadrid from Spain  
OJAS point taken.

Reading all the posts and forums elsewhere it appears that Olga will never resolve anything so it is pointless wasting time with the site´s support. It is not in her or the company´s financial interest to resolve it.

There are many complaints on forums but nothing has been done by the authorities.

The requirement of of a Fiancee Visa plays into the hands of these 'agencies' if they can really call themselves that. Ukraine should make them pass an inspection that they are qualified to be in this business. In Spain a prospective lady can enter on a tourist visa which means that you do not have to meet her in the Ukraine in an agency which may or may not fleece you. I am sure that in most other European countries entry would be similar.

If the lady is seriously interested you could send her the return airline ticket so it it did not work out her return would be financially secure.

After my 18 month online dating experience I would never do it again - I am worn out.

From all I read the ladies have an excuse for not to meet you, in my case 3 times and I would suspect that the censored letters have been 'corrected', quite possibly without the lady´s knowledge so a meeting never takes place.

Man gets feed up, gives up, and another steps into his shoes until he gets fed up. Lady wonders why she has never found that prospective husband that the agency had promised that they would find her? This of course all plays into the agency coffers.

I sent my lady a letter once, went back a week later and it said that she had not read it. About half an hour later I had an e-mail saying that the lady that lives 50kms from the office that there was a letter. It begs the question are the ladies really receiving our letters. The last letter came back within 2 days of mine and to my knowledge the lady does not have a computer! What I do not like about this business if - Denial of intimacy and open communications.

I hope that the actions that people have put in place will solve this problem.

Un saludo cordial de RealMadrid
If I was a player for Real Madrid player all the Ukrainian ladies would be all over me! I would not have to suffer all the agency´s abusive tactics
2009-10-16, 11:28:30
venezolano from Venezuela  
Hola de nuevo.

Me parece muy bien que hayas colocado el link haya en http://lidiyap8135...452106772

Saludos desede Venezuela y que pases buen día
2009-10-16, 11:41:38   (updated: 2009-10-16, 12:06:49)
venezolano from Venezuela  

The agency will avoid any direct contact from you with the ladies. They are only interested in charging mails, interpreter services, hotel reservation, etc. When you decide to go abroad They already made a fortune from you (you may had fun with her and want another trip there). They will do everything in order to keep correspondence flowing and flowing.

Why would the agency avoids contact with your lady?
Because if you get your lady they will stop receiving your money.

This is how they work.

In this kind of scam we have two mother sites:

1.- with related sites like: (this one always change URL name but always redirects you to

2.- with his child site:

This agency scams deserve a complete article.

2009-10-16, 12:58:00
RealMadrid from Spain  
Hola de nuevo venezolano


I think that this comment is quite fair in the light of what has happened giving the lady at this stage the benefit of the doubt and at the same time exposing the fact (in comments) that we have both received identical e-mails from identical ladies from ualadys/uadreams.

The e-mails purport to having been written soley to you. By sending it to more than one person is deceit which is fraud. I am sure that you and I were not the only ones to receive this e-mails and it will be interesting to see if more people have received the same ones and more importantly reveal the fact. Also I personally would be interested to see if anyone else had received the e-mail on this post. If it was ever reported that the lady was married to a Ukrainian I would have no hesitation in publishing all 80 letters on this blog

You will note from the post that I was a year into remission from cancer when I received this letter and if it is a scam Olga and her crew are the lowest of the low and you know what they will get! 'What goes around comes around'

Que pasas una buena tarde alli
2009-10-16, 16:16:00
venezolano from Venezuela  
Mi amigo RealMadrid.

Sure I will post my mails from these agencies, but first I will start with the ones I have in my mailbox at and then those from

I am still gathering material that I have since 2007.

Hasta pronto hombre.
2009-10-16, 19:05:28
Please see this thread also...It is a little about what I have done to get some action against them!!!
2009-10-16, 18:29:17 (updated: 2009-10-16, 18:55:59)
2009-10-16, 19:25:42
venezolano from Venezuela  
2009-10-17, 01:55:25   (updated: 2009-10-17, 01:57:48)
RealMadrid from Spain  
@Vicoz - no thread on you action.

I have taken mine and the more the better. No good just leaving it on Forums

I think that VISA/MASTERCARD should only provide their services to online dating companies that are regulated in their country of operation and that the company must be registered in that country and not in an offshore tax haven Gibraltar in the case of this thread with banking in Cyrprus (avoiding Ukraine taxation)

To obtain a license to operate their staff should be qualified in this field and that all the address of their 11 offices should be listed on the website.

Have you made a complaint to your credit card company?

I understand that if you wish to meet a lady you must pay $50 online. I note that a lot of your ladies had no shows, just like mine 3 times (working in Germany twice - or was she) and when excuses ran out someone else (probably agency excuses).

Mi abogado said that if you if you have paid this fee the agency is responsible for the lady to show and that they should be responsible for all your costs if she does not show. I am sure that in their contract with the lady they can cover themselves if she does not show, but then I suspect that was not her choice, but that of the agency.

hasta luego amigos

2009-10-17, 12:36:34
OJAS from United States  
2009-10-17, 14:51:33   (updated: 2009-10-17, 14:52:32)
venezolano from Venezuela  
Hola RealMadrid.

Te dije antes que a los bancos no le interesa el uso que uno hace de la tarjeta de crédito. A ellos solo le interesa es cobrar intereses y comisiones. Solo intervienen cuando existe el riesgo de una cuenta incobrable.

No es que quiera ser odioso ni nada por el estilo, pero este mundo es este mundo.

Saludos desde mi hermosa Venezuela

2009-10-17, 15:02:42
venezolano from Venezuela  

If anyone wants translation of what I posted in Spanish, please let me know.
This is an important thread that has to be known worldwide.
2009-10-18, 02:28:40   (updated: 2009-10-18, 02:33:42)
RealMadrid from Spain  
Hola venezolano

Refrán - No hay humo sin fuego

Google - Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 4.760 de uadreams scam. (0,17 segundos)

Yahoo - 4,560 results for uadreams scam:

Como yo he dicho antes aparte de sitio Web, si es fraudulento, su CCP y el VISA/MASTERCARD de la persona estafado son cómplices – IGUALMENTE

Vale pare ser criminal tiene ser “más allá de toda duda razonable”

Esto es cosa de policía ucranio, el FBI y RCMP

John Varley CEO
Barclays Group Headquarters
Barclays PLC

Tiene una copia de mi denuncia

La agencia (Olga) ha pagado Roald Thorsen Que ha gastado con ellos
Diciendo a mi que era un chantaje y puede ser es de verdad por eso la gente deben y por ese motivo la gente debe denunciar a las autoridades CRÉDITOS. Olga no va a hacer nada pero, naturalmente, proteger el nombre de la empresa y tal vez no podemos echarle la culpa del todo como ella es un empleado del propietario. Ella sólo obedecer las órdenes de su jefe, posiblemente, que viven en Canadá o los EE.UU.

Saludos desde mi pais España

translation url -
2009-10-18, 03:47:49   (updated: 2009-10-18, 04:12:59)
RealMadrid from Spain  
Hola de nuevo

Este periódico historia hizo un investigación profundo contra un estafado Ruso este año – Un hombre exhibiendo como una mujer de un cuidad 500 kms este de Mosco. Creo que era esta mujer/hombre que estaba 2 veces en 6 meses conmigo – nombres diferentes y pueblos diferentes. Veas y

Saludos de RealMadrid

Hello again

This newspaper story here research made an in depth invesigagtion against a Russian cheater this year - A man posing as a woman in a city 500 km east of Moscow. I think it was this woman / man who attempted 2 times in 6 months to defaud me - different names and different towns. and see

Greetings RealMadrid

Здравствуйте еще раз

Эта история газеты здесь исследования, проведенного в глубине invesigagtion против Русский мошенничество в этом году - человеком, выдавая себя за женщину в городе 500 км к востоку от Москвы. Я думаю, что это была женщиной и мужчиной, который пытался 2 раза в 6 месяцев до defaud меня - разные имена и разные народы. и увидеть

Привет RealMadrid

otros idiomas aqui - translation url -
2009-10-18, 05:12:13   (updated: 2009-10-18, 05:12:55)
OJAS from United States  
2009-10-18, 05:38:55   (updated: 2009-10-18, 05:54:51)
RealMadrid from Spain  

If you have been scammed I suggest that you also contact the embassy of where the lady orginates in your country

You can also warn all other potential victims by doing a Blog with the lady´s photos and all her letters to you

BLOG TITLE - (lady´s name#lady´s reference

If the respective country´s police FBI CRMP are going to sit back and do nothing about online dating scams we have to do this.

Regarding this post desde 'el venezolano' arriba

1.- with related sites like: (this one always change URL name but always redirects you to

It was that reported this scam here
'A shocking truth about Lugansk Ukraine.........'

Talking about thieves fighting amongst thieves for the market!

Saludos de España

translate into your language
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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