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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

Letter 16:

Hi  mine  dear Peter! Have good day! I think. That we should not worry
concerning mutual understanding. I perfectly understand that you write
to  me!  I  now try to improve the knowledge of English language. I am
glad, that my messages pleasant for you. How you feel yourself , dear?
I  - ok. I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was
grasped  with  an  idea  about  to our meeting. For me and I have this
joyful  event  from  it much emotions. Such as excitement both the big
impatience  and  expectation  of this day . You have brought the whole
sea  of  emotions in my life Peter, and it is difficult for me with it
to  consult,  but  I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push
and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us
to  arrange  our  meeting  so  that  there  were  no  difficulties and
inconveniences  in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have
some  days  free  for me. Peter, and your work will be to allow you to
make it? Probably you have the intense schedule with the work also you
should be absent. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could
arrive  to you on some days. For me there is no problem to make longer
travel.  If  such  way  more  convenient for you and my arrival to not
create  inconvenience for you Peter, let's choose this plan. It for me
even  it  is  more good, because I can see as you live , your friends,
you  can show me the city and various, , that you can loved for you, a
place.  And  if for you it is necessary to visit the work. My work not
so  important  also  can  manage  without me, therefore I do not worry
about  the  affairs. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way
for  you  too  I  shall  make  preparations  for travel. My kisses and

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 17:

Hi  mine dear Peter! My dear, fine the man! Forgive, forgive me for my
delay  with  the  answer. I have mad days on work! Really it is very a
shame  to  me. But I hope, that you forgive me! First of all I wish to
answer  your questions! With my mum all is good. she sends the regards
to  you!  I  do not like to drink Margharitas. If it is fair, I do not
like to drink alcohol. Though I sometimes presume a glass of red wine.
My  favourite drink is an orange juice. I very much like to sleep! :-)
But  I  work  since morning and consequently should rise early. In the
working  days  I  wake  up  approximately in 6 o'clock in the morning.
Though on days off I like to luxuriate in a bed. Generally I the night
person. As, for example, I can watch on TV till late night interesting
transfer or till the morning to read the book if it is pleasant to me.
I  very much hope, that your problem with rent of your house safely to
be solved. Here in Russia too it is a lot of people who lose sometimes
for last money. For example I am not the hazardous person. By the way,
I  looked  your album of photos. They have very much liked me! Thanks.
To  me  also  it is very pleasant, that you are interested in my city,
that  it is interesting to you to learn about that place where I live.
I  should  you tell, that Kazan is big city with ancient history and a
lot  of  historical  monuments.  Recently  to our city it was executed
1000!  Photo  where  I  am on a background of blue spruces it has been
made  in  Kazan.  At  us  many such trees. But they do not grow in our
woods in a wild kind. They are brought and grown up here as decorative
trees.  Now  concerning  travel.  Your  offer to meet in Germany so is
unexpected.  I  am  not assured, whether I shall have time to legalize
all necessary papers to have time to arrive to Germany. I will need to
make  out  the  visa. I already thought of plans of travel. I thought,
that if I shall make out a trip to you to America I shall have time to
make  it  approximately  to  the  middle  of  November. I do not know,
whether  I shall have time to legalize all necessary papers for a trip
to Germany. But I can learn about this. You as want? Understand, month
November is month very convenient for travel as at this time I without
effort  can  take  holiday.  In December and January it will make more
difficultly  as then I shall be occupied on work. It will be connected
with  New  Year's  and  christmas  holidays.  You know, what in Russia
Christmas celebrate on January, 7th? I very much wish to meet you. And
if  it  is  fair,  I very much would like to make travel with you. Let
small. I now am afraid to state all of you the feelings to you as I am
afraid,  that  it  can confuse you... But I shall not hide that I very
much  wish at to meet you! What do you think concerning my ideas Where
you  wish  to  meet?  By  the way, fur-trees you are excited with this
question  with  my parents there should be no problems. I told it{him}
about  you much. They consider you as the fair, open and noble person.
They  trust  you  and  consider, that I with you shall be in safety. I
already spoke with them about this. Eventually, I already adult woman.
You are not shocked with my boldness. I do not want, that you thought,
that  I Silly the girl who is simple so can depart on a meeting to the
unfamiliar  person.  Simply I courageous, I trust you, I wish to trust
you!  I  want,  that  a line with me was the person whom I shall love.
That  you  will tell about my ideas. We should solve together where we
can meet. I with impatience look forward to your reply.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 18:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter.I ask to excuse me for absence. My grandmother was
unwell  also  I should visit her. I very much hurried up and could not
inform  you about it earlier. Now with my grandmother all is normal. I
think  you  do not become angry with me for unexpected absence? I very
much  missed  without you! Today at night remarkable dream has dreamed
me....  It  was  fine  dream  about us with you. To me has dreamed, as
though  I  and  you walked on quay. We had a bottle of champagne and a
few  fruit. We for a long time walked at territory of the sea, then we
have stopped in one very beautiful place where there was no person. We
have  settled  down  about  the  sea...  We  have  opened  a bottle of
champagne...  Small  balls  of  gas  of  champagne  played as if small
luminous  moths... They were poured on the sun, everyone by the color.
It was magnificent. And during that moment we were the happiest people
in  the  world.  To  us  was so well, that us all world around did not
interest...  Our  hearts  fought  on  one  frequency...  We  embraced,
kissed... We were close on so much, on how many it only is possible...
I  was  happy  that was very good us. But when I have woken up, I have
understood,  that  it  was  only dream. I did not want to wake up.. ..
Because  I  know,  what you are not present now with me beside, but it
will proceed not for a long time as we soon shall together?

Letter 19:

Hi  my Dear Peter. I studied English at school, from the most 1 class.
Then  I  studied  English when studied for work. I from the very first
class liked the English language it very soft, I tried to study German
but  it  has  not liked me, it little bit rough. I can easy talk but I
think  that  English which I studied not such which you speak. I think
that  a  pronunciation  at  me  not  so  good.  Yes sometimes I do not
understand some phrases. Then I should use the dictionary correctly to
tell.  Last night I long looked at stars and thought of you my gentle.
I have named your name the brightest star in the sky. And now if to me
I  become sad simply I leave in the evening on street, I shall see the
necessary  star  and  to me at once it becomes easier love mine. Now I
frequently  shall look at stars may to be to me it will be possible to
think  of desire. I already know that I shall think. It is very a pity
to  me  that we are divided with thousand miles. I so want to feel you
all  body.  I would like to embrace and kiss you. When I close eyes to
me  it  seems  that your hands concern my body. They slowly slide from
the top downward on my gentle skin mentioning intimate places, Leaving
pleasant  sensations. To me near to you I very much would be desirable
to be lovely. I sincerely want to make you the happiest the man on the
ground.  Also  believe  me I can make it because I love you more life.
You  my ideal you the most fine and most gentle person for me. On it I
shall  finish  the letter. I hope you pay attention to these words and
on  my recognition. I shall look forward to hearing from you my gentle
prince. My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 20:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter! My dearest. I am very glad to receive your letter
and  very glad, That you at me are. Your letter will calm me and makes
by  stronger.  Last  days  I  thought  of us and about our life. And I
understand, that our life leaves also we do not notice it, my love. We
feel like young and we do not notice, that to us already more and more
years. It may very good, that life goes so quickly. But she flows away
as  water in the river and back it to not return. I am very glad, that
I  have  you, my second half, my heart. I want to tell, that only your
letters  support  Me  and  my  good  mood  because I without you so am
lonely.  I  live  ideas  only about you, my love. I so do not have not
enough your embraces and a kiss. But I know, that we shall be together
and  I  very  much  wait for this time, my love. I wish you to lead to
Germany  well.  Send  the  regards to your parents! Happy journey. You
will  write  to me. While you in Germany? Love only for you. My kisses
and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

I had queried Google for the phrase " that to us already more and more" and found this: Letters from Russia. Then I decided to post these emails here.
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2006-05-17, 19:03:37
anonymous from United States  

Do not send any money to Elena Popova.
I think her e-mail address is PARFEN333@RAMBLER.RU
I think she lives in Kazan.

Peace, Joseph Z. In duluth, Georgia U.S.A.
2006-05-18, 07:16:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
just to let you know that your elena popova is also called irina popova.
and she lives in the city of kazaz as well
i recievd letters from her as well. and ive replyed to her then i got very suspcious when she asked for money, so i told her i was a tramp living on the streets, and that she could sent me money to a p/o box and i will come over to russia and be her husband lmao. and i wonder why ive not heard nothing from her :D:D:D:D:D

m.j united kingdom
2006-05-22, 11:33:48
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone had contact or emails from this person? From of course her name is Tatyana also. Anybody ??
2006-05-22, 18:53:44
anonymous from United States  
Hello M.J. from the United Kingdom.
This Elena Popova got my e-mail address from the website CATHOLIC PEOPLE.COM
I thought this was a real nice girl who was very interested in me.
I even sent her some money to pay for the visa and airplane ticket.
Today (may 22, 2006) I recieved a letter from her stating that she needs 3,000.00
U.S dollars so she can get into the UNITED STATES. She saids she needs this to prove
to the customs officials that she can support herself while she is in Atlanta , Georgia
for her 3 month stay. She said that she would pay me back when we meet at the Atlanta
airport . She 'is' suppose to meet me at the Atlanta, Georgia, usa airport this Tuesday,
May 30 in the evening when the plane arrives. A few weeks ago she even told me the
airoflot and the Delta airline numbers and the time of arrival at the airport.
I checked out the information she gave me and it turned out to be real information.
Now, I find out that I was 'scammed'. I sent her 1,500.00 US dollars. But, I will Not send her the 3,000.00 that she is requesting now.
I have to admit that I am a little depressed right now and feeling kind of sad.
I am a church going kind of guy and feel almost 'let down' by God.
Maybe I should e-mail her back and tell her that what she is doing is a very bad and
evil thing to do. I think I will pray for her so she will stop the evil that she is doing.
Maybe I can help save her soul.
What do you think I should do now ?

Peace & God Bless from Atlanta, Georgia ( I actually live in Duluth, Georgia which
is about 25 miles northeast of the city of Atlanta) ,

Joseph Z.
2006-05-23, 01:13:23 from United States  
Dear Joseph,

I have been in Russia and met people there in person and found many to be very religious. Even young people go to church several times a week and confess sins. However, the person who took your money, most likely lied to you, because a Russian woman cannot simply get a visa to anywhere, and the US won't let her in. Please read this one:


You asked what you should do. I would try to look at it as an expensive lesson for life. You could write back that what they did was wrong, playing with people's hearts and so on, but I seriously doubt that your letter will be read. Let go and don't repeat the mistake.

2006-05-23, 07:10:47 from United States  
Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for the advise. Several weeks ago before I found out that
elena popova is a scam, I sent her my home address. Will this turn out to be a
problem for me in the future ?

Joseph Z. from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
2006-05-23, 07:15:56
Peter from United States  
I don't think that they will do anything with your postal address. Sure, it is an uncomfortable feeling that they have your address but you don't know theirs. But keep in mind that they have probably 1000 or even 10000 such addresses of single men.
Now that I think of it, they could even sell those addresses to some businesses :-)

2006-05-23, 09:20:10
anonymous from United States  
Dear Peter,

Thanks for answering me so quickly.
I got an e-mail letter from Elena Popova this morning.
She did not get an e-mail letter from me yesterday.
She wants to know that I am well and wants a letter from me very soon.
So, I basically told her in a 'round about way' that I have figured out that
she is a scammer.
We shall see what happens next. I'll let you know.

Joseph Z.
2006-05-24, 01:59:17
anonymous from United Kingdom  
The best thing to do when dealing with a scammer is NOT to let them know you are aware of the scam. Play along or drop them. But if you let them know they can just get new name , new photos, new e-mail address and it is harder to find them on a 'google' search. That is until someone else falls victim and reports new i.d.
2006-05-24, 07:29:35
anonymous from Canada  
I found this interesting web site that you might be interested on visiting...


Read and learn...maybe then men will consider to date local North American ladies!

Also, read some articles from Elena Petrova...she has some good advise on Russian Brides Cyber Guide. It's worth a millon but it's free to read.

I am Canadian
2006-05-25, 07:40:23
anonymous from United States  
Dear Canadian,

I read the article at http://www.newcrimi..87786563.
It is very interesting. Thank you !!!!

Joseph From Duluth, Georgia, U.S.A.
2006-05-29, 13:09:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
katya,, writeing to me for weeks,,im 44 divorced,,18 yr old son,,get real would some one like a super model go for me,,,not in the real world,,shes a scammer,,,must avoid,,,,,be carefull dudes

2006-06-02, 00:11:46
anonymous from United States  
Hello gentleman,

This is Joseph from Duluth, Georgia again. I am drinking a beer right now and am
enjoying it !!
That Elena Popova from Kazan, Russia is still hoping to get that $3,000.00 from me.
She said that she went to her attorney and her attorney said that the 3,000.00 is what
she needs to get into the U.S.A. Of course this is all 'Bullshit' !!!!
I'm going to 'play along' for a little while longer to see what she saids next.
I am hoping she will soon 'get the Picture' and realize that the 'gig is up' and
she ain't getting no more money from this guy.
In case you are wondering what beer I am drinking, it is Killian's Irish Red.
In Duluth, Georgia, it is not expensive and it taste great !!!

Peace & God Bless, Joe from Duluth, Georgia, U.S.A.
2006-06-02, 13:59:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
how many beers would you buy for $3000?
2006-06-03, 12:39:44
anonymous from United States  
Dear Anonymous Beer Liker,
For $3,000.00 I can buy a whole hell of a lot of beer !!!!!!
Now, I am drinking another Killian's Irish Red.
It's less filling and taste great !

'Beer Peace' & God Bless, Joseph from Duluth, Georgia, U.S.A.
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