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Letter and photos from scammer


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From: Alenkan
Subject: Hello my dear Douglas!!!

Hello my dear Douglas
How are you?
My loved Douglas, I am very glad, that is possible next week official
registration of papers for arrival to you if you will send money will
begin. Every evening I fall asleep with such feeling, that one more
day is finished also our meeting to become even closer!!!
It's a very easy thing for me to do, you are so lovable and so
beautiful, how could I not love
you, it would be impossible. I am just so happy that you feel so
strongly towards me, I am very flattered and honoured. You would make
me feel so proud if I was walking with you.
I wait eagerly for that day when you wrap your arms around me, and I
hope that will result in a nice long kiss too, I want to taste your
lovely soft lips.
I wish there was a word that could describe you but there is not, the
word 'beautiful' just is not good enough but I'm sure you know how I
feel about you anyway.

I do not think I would need very long with you to confirm my feelings
for you, I already know what the result of us being together will be.
I will love you even more than I do already and I will never want to
let you go again.
I have already told you my only fears about us living together and l'm
sure you understand that, I would hate to lose you to another woman,
who is much more handsome and wealthy than me and with your beauty
there would be many women here who wanted you.
I will think of you then maybe I will get lucky!!
I love you very much and look forward to your next message.
Lots of love and kisses
Your Alena

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2007-01-17, 21:29:21
anonymous from United States  
I dont know of anybody that doesnt scam in way one or another. I was writing to Nadya from Russia for awhile. No i meant Nadya from Washington D. C. USA . That is where her emails to me were actually coming from. Makes sense to me though. Who is the most money hungry people in the world? Well Americans of course.
2007-01-31, 20:40:21
anonymous from United States  
Same stuff guys.Fell in love for me in 3 days.Start her trip from a small town called angarsk to Moscow where she would go to a travel agency to take care of some papers.I was feeling bad for her because i didn`t now about this kind of scam,and i didn`t want her to get in trouble by leaving her small town and came to america without knowing me.I always told her the truth about my life,that i live with a women,and no way i could help her.All of a sudden she stop e-mailing me and i got suspicious,because her love for me would make e-mail me like two or three times a day,and then all stoppped.I decided to google her name(Alyona Podrez)and bingo here she is on the hall of skhame of scammers.I saw her photo with another name that i can`t remember now.
One think i believe guys:These photos may not be the face of the real scammers.These could be just low life girls that would be very happy to give a photo to the scammers for any money.They may be just some victims as all of us.Just be careful.

2007-01-31, 20:51:34
anonymous from United States  
This one,knew me in yahoo chat.The some story about how she loves me.We talked for just 20 minutes.told me that she lives in Ghana Accra.Told me that she likes me so much,but she is so poor that can not afford a phone card.So i asked her how much for the phone card and told me to send her $120.00 on western union.Of course i didn`t because only a stupid can see love after 20 minutes of conversation with a $120.00 request.I saw her photo on another site,that talked about scams.For your information she told me her name was Dela Dei,but you know how they change names and faces every minute.

2007-01-31, 20:55:59
anonymous from United States  
2007-01-31, 20:59:02
anonymous from United States  
2007-02-16, 14:31:29
anonymous from United States  
Alyona Podrez is dutch. Enter the IP address in the search bar for delphifaqs and you'll see what I mean. You'll find her sister.
2007-03-02, 23:09:43
anonymous from Turkey  
Hi,,,to everyone..l just wana tell you few things and it is sad some of you trust to this bitches and lost money...

What l tell you is,,if U wanna fuck russian , just go simply to russia to some kind a course or lesson and spend like 3-6 months that would be enaugh for the rest of your most of you know ,, there are not many man in russia so you can get every time differnet girl couse its real that there are too much girls Who wants to get fucked...

and l can send you some email that l am sure they are scam,,,mostly l found em from lemontonic-badoo

vika-v3@yandex - - - - - - -

so l meet this scamers on Lemontonic ,,, and Why l know they are scam is becouse they come up with a long letter , writing with perfect english...

so always keep in mind,,,,most of russian girls doesnt speak very good english...

so take care all and beware of scams,,,,,,,,,,,,, and as you see they are beautifull

2007-03-03, 06:55:06 from Egypt  
i am mizzo i want girls to friendships

2007-03-30, 19:16:27
anonymous from United States  
Hi I was one of Olga Shurkhno e-mail address suckers,WATCH
THIS ONE SHE IS A REAL PRO!!!!!!!also her translator is involved their e-mail address is they are real pro's. Pictures don't matter they use different photos
of different women to hide her real identity.
2007-03-30, 22:39:58   (updated: 2007-03-30, 22:42:44)
I'm concerned about someone claiming and professing her love within a period of 2 weeks, and not asking for money yet. I will add her pic here. Think you saw her somewhere yet? I can provide her IPs too, she is from 'allegedly' Kazan, name Galina e-mailing from a rambler ru place. I searched through headers and there are 3 Received lines. thanks!

2007-04-07, 08:13:49
anonymous from United States  
What about gay people, I have been contacted and would like to check on some one too, Is there a site for a gay guy to see if the one he has been writing to is for real,
It all sounds good what they write, but i am a little nervos about the whole thing.

As i know that gay people, Can be vary easy targets for this typ of thing, Because we wish to remain undercover for the whole resoning of it all, But if some one could direct me to some kind of help here , that would be great,

Thanks for any help you can offer to me.

my e-mail is

Thanks Jay
2007-04-09, 19:31:32
anonymous from Canada  
The IP address, proves the location the scammer posted from is in
the Netherlands. It doesn't prove the scammer is Dutch or not. It could be a non-
Dutch person posting from there.
P address info:
IP address: (copy)
IP country:     Netherlands
IP Address state:     Noord-Holland
IP Address city:     Amsterdam
IP latitude:     52.349998
IP longitude:     4.916700
ISP:     Ocom B.V.
Organization:     LeaseWeb
Next Section    

Query the RIPE Database
Search for            
Switch to the RIPE TEST Database

% This is the RIPE Whois query server #1.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See

% Note: This output has been filtered.
% To receive output for a database update, use the '-B' flag.

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: LEASEWEB
descr: LeaseWeb
descr: P.O. Box 93054
descr: 1090BB AMSTERDAM
descr: Netherlands
remarks: Please send email to '' for complaints
remarks: regarding portscans, DoS attacks and spam.
remarks: INFRA-AW
country: NL
admin-c: LSW1-RIPE
tech-c: LSW1-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED PA 'status:' definitions
mnt-by: OCOM-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: RIP Mean
address: P.O. Box 93054
address: 1090BB AMSTERDAM
address: Netherlands
phone: +31 20 3162880
fax-no: +31 20 3162890
nic-hdl: LSW1-RIPE
mnt-by: OCOM-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ''

descr: OCOM
origin: AS16265
remarks: Ocom
mnt-by: OCOM-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered
That IP address is also discussed here:
Dating scammer Irina Gennadevna Popova from Angarsk, Russia

2007-04-14, 19:43:43
anonymous from Canada  
this Peron went by Victoria_4_Kenny / this person says their originally from the UK but is working in Africa thy wonted to come and met me but needed money to get hear the company that their Father worked at would send me a check and i wood send it to them i told them don't think so , so thy asked if i would send some money i seed no .

2007-04-14, 21:07:20
CANADA WROTE : The IP address, proves the location the scammer posted from is in the Netherlands. It doesn't prove the scammer is Dutch or not. It could be a non-
Dutch person posting from there.

This does not PROVE the scammer is in the Netherlands. Scammers use anonymous proxies to hide their true IP address. Anyone can set-up a Proxy when using e-mail. In fact if you are writing to scammers it is a good idea to use a Proxy yourself.
You can be certain your 'Girl' is in Russia
2007-04-17, 18:33:43
anonymous from Canada  
This is for the anonymous person     who wrote the comments above me about Vania Bliznakova, a real race-traitor from Bulgaria. What difference what her race is, or
the race of who the scammer is trying to defraud? Are you saying it would be better
if someone outside your race would be trying to scam you, or if this Vania was trying
to scam people outside her race? Grow up pal. This is the 21st Century. The KKK and
Nazis' importance should be nullified not celebrated.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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