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Dating scammer Svetlana Semikon


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Name: Svetlana Semikon



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She posts pictures that are professional model shots. There is another girl in Simferopol that has identical pictures on a travel site, interpreters site, and they have the same name, birthdate, graduated from same university, yet she claims that's not her, andshe can't speak English. tried to get me to pay $300 for English classes.

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2014-11-14, 16:18:50
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Svetlana Semikon

2014-11-14, 16:27:25
anonymous from United States  

2014-11-14, 16:59:55
OJAS from United States  
1) Setup an account on this site http://www.delphifa..644.shtml
2) After that logon and you'll see an envelope besides other authors who have accounts on this site
3) Click on it, exchange internal mails on this site as a first step.
4) If you have problems, contact the Admin on the left side of this page

Good Luck!

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2014-11-14, 22:14:07
anonymous from United States  
Ojas, thank's for the info, I should join, but in reality almost all of my experiences with Slavic woman have been pleasant. I really only had the problem with Svetlana, who cost me nothing...thank god. Anna, who is just a supers scammer, and really did a number on far. Tatyana, I just a stupid moron, with a hot body. I never trusted her, but I now see with this other guy, she is dangerous. I felt sorry for her because she was almost mentally challenged, I never really lost anything. I was more concerned with her association with Bridge Of Love, which she was too stupid to figure out what they were doing to her. She probably thinks she makes a lot of money from them, my guess is less than $500 a month. She'll get abused by Ukrainian guys, which is a shame, because she really has a good heart. I want to feel bad for her, because I don't think she realizes that she is screwing people over. Whereas Svetlana, and especially Anna, are cold hearted, soulless people, out to screw guys over. Her doctor turned her into the police. When I go to Ukraine next week, I will report back what the cops did to her. I really want her to do jail time. If not, her reputation will be ruined, so I hope we got a scammer off the street. I really feel bad for her family, unless they were in on it, like a lot of these desperate Ukrainian's are. I think I will stick with Russian girls, I have yet to have anything but great relationships with them. I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards from Ukraine. If Russia turns the spickets off, it's going to be a cold winter there and in Europe...I hope!))))
2014-11-15, 05:35:37
I'm Margaret from Scotland, this man called him self General John Miller also contracted me on skype, we have a wonderful relationship and promise to meet with me, after some months he ask me for 7000pounds for is consignment in UK..i paid..he lied and scam me over 120,000pound, i lose all my money, but some introduce me to the United Nations Compensation Commission..they help me recover my lost money, you can contact them if they can also be of help to you also
2014-11-15, 16:13:17
anonymous from United States  
Margraet, I am really happy for you. How did you go about collecting your money?
2014-11-16, 09:08:06
OJAS from United States  
So-called "Margraet" is a recovery scammer from West Africa.

He wants scam victims to contact him, as them money for recovering their lost money, ... you get it!
2014-11-16, 11:02:22
anonymous from United States  
What a wast of some really nice clothes, PUTTING A WHORE IN THEM
2014-11-16, 20:20:01
anonymous from United States  
I don't know how to do it, but I would like the moderators to remove all material related to Tatyana Braylovskaya. It was discovered today, she was being scammed by Bridge of Love as well. Anything she owes me, has been repaid. Tatyana was caught up with a scam site, and was not aware of emails and messages sent out by the site. She has a problem now, trying to get her profile removed. So if you could please remove my posts and her pictures, I would appreciate it. Thanks)
2014-11-18, 09:32:06
anonymous from United States  
Ojas, I think you saved me, I love this site. That fake visa is a federal offense, and a felony. They are going after her for all the Western Unions, Luftansa, reimbursed the airfares, all monies have now been returned to my account, thanks Bank of America. The internet fraud complaint agencey, and state department will now take over, I have her phone number, Skype, employer, address, email account, tax id # DOB, she's in deep do-do.
2014-11-18, 11:20:25
OJAS from United States  
Thanks USA for pursuing the scammer.

Save all email headers for investigation. Just google email headers, it'll show how. You can also trace their Sender IP by pasting headers (with or without the rest of email)

Become a regular contributor and help some poor newbies save their hard-earned $

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your scammer can do to you--ask what you can do to your scammer.
2014-11-18, 13:06:52
anonymous from United States  
Will do, your ended was lol funny)))) I really need that Tatyana stuff taken down, she wasn't scamming. Any suggestions?
2014-11-18, 16:44:54
OJAS from United States  
When pix are used for scamming, they must stay in anti-scam sites like this, to warn would-be victims; Otherwise it makes future scams that much easier, all they need to do is recycle - old wine in the new bottle.

P.S. Here's the credit for the inspiration to paraphrase
2014-11-18, 18:25:37
OJAS from United States  
Some suggestions:

Replace Anonymous with Gators, Dolphins, or whatever your favorite, scammer will not be able to identify you, but will make conversations easy for delphians

Read some links if you haven't
Articles in
All articles on the left of http://datingnmore...ssian.htm

2014-12-09, 12:12:45
anonymous from Germany  
I am in contact with this woman!
I have already sent her 230 Euro for a visa!
And she wants even more money of me for flight tickets and securities!
Now I do not know.......can I trust this woman?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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