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How do I set up a cron job?


How do I set up a cron job? (compare to the Windows scheduler)


You can set up cron jobs with the "crontab" command from the shell.
  • crontab -l will show you your currently set up cron jobs on the server.
  • crontab -r will delete your current cron jobs.
  • crontab -e will allow you to add or edit your current cron jobs by using your default text editor to edit your "crontab file".

If your web host does not allow you to use the crontab command and / or you do not want to (or cannot) edit the crontab file (which is usually /etc/crontab, then you might find that there are subdirectories


where you can add your job as a shell script in the appropriate directory. (This is the case if your host uses the ensim environment.)
This still requires that you have write privilege in these directories.

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