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More problems with TrueCredit - Site frequently down

I recently re-activated my TrueCredit account, on 11/15/2008. Since ~11/28/2008 (4 or 5 days), the site has been frequently not operating properly. I had been pulling my credit reports and FICO scores (actually FAKO scores) daily around 9am.
Then it was not possible.
Yesterday I did not get to pull all day (I tried a few times).

Now I just tried again, it says I got a report within 24 hours (wrong. I did not.)

10 minutes later, it says 'TrueCredit web site is not available'. This is not the first time that TrueCredit is down.
I think they mask it sometimes by pretending that I 'recently' got a new report.

Also, someone who uses their web site only once a month, maybe won't notice it.

TrueCredit is frequently not available
The screenshot was taken December 2nd, 2008, look - their copyright statement says 1998-2004.
If the web site has really been operating since 1998, it should be more reliable.
Or maybe they layed off their IT team in 2004?

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