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Equifax ScoreWatch product is degrading

As many of you may know, TrueCredit degraded recently.
They used to offer daily pulls (24h distance) of all 3 reports.

Then they pushed the 'Comparative Report' - which would only pull the house-internal TU report. I suppose this saves them a bit of money, if people skip the EQ and EX reports.

Then they changed it completely that you can get EQ and EX only once a month. TU you can continue to get daily.

I imagine many people canceled their TrueCredit subscription in that week.

Recently I believe to see a similar degradation in Equifax's ScoreWatch product.
E.g. my Discover card reports on the 9th, statement comes around the 12th.
In order to get a new score reported, my CR needs to trigger an 'alert'. An alert is triggered by an inquiry or by a change in a balance above a certain percentage or $ amount.
I've set $50 or 5%.

Last month Discover reported $0 balance, this month it's $2000. You'd expect an alert now, or? Not yet. 2 months ago I had the same situation. October balance was negative, November balance was $2k, Discover reports around the 9th as TrueCredit's Equifax report confirmed, but Equifax ScoreWatch sends me the alert on the 19th.

It seems as if ScoreWatch does not check daily for events. Maybe it checks only every 2 weeks?

Have other people observed the same thing?

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